I didn't read your full post so forgive me if this is directly addressed... but... isn't part of the point of protests that you're showing you're willing to accept negative consequences because the issue at stake is more important to you?

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, she knew she'd risk going to jail. If she'd been told ahead of time "If you're too tired to give up your seat, then we'll waive the jail time" then, well, it kinda loses its impact.

Not the greatest analogy but you get my point I hope.

If these kids are given excused absences for going to the strike, perhaps they should find a way to protest that still has negative consequences. I'd respect that more (not that I disrespect them now, but it takes courage to face negative consequences).


Students who want to protest should feel free to skip school and accept the consequences. That's part of what "activism" is.


Will they give out Excused Absences when
said schools are three feet under water?


@3 no, but I don't think any are inside our boundaries at that low an elevation. You'd have to be on the waterfront for that to occur.


‘"No, I found out when I received the letter from Sawant about the passage of the resolution," Juneau said. "It would be nice to have at least a conversation when they’re thinking about putting forth legislation that affects us so we can tell them our perception and our perspective and let them know our limitations and there might be things we can do in partnership."‘

Yes, it would be great to have a City Council which accepts input from affected persons and entities prior to legislating. But that is not the City Council we have.


@4 -- you mean, like Florida?
Or New Orleans
or Osaka
Rio De Janiero?

True, they are very . very .. far . . . away ..........


Comparing schools excusing student when the Seahawks won? Not even close to the same thing. One actually happened for a fact.


Meaningless strikes on a pretty day all for the sake of a self-indulgent "activism" badge on the issue du jour is always catnip for guilt-ridden liberals and woke sautéed students.


@7, 8, 9 -- PRECISELY the attitudes that got Greta
so fucking Depressed and spurred her on her way to

Will she reach Catastrophic Climate Change deniers?
Not the point.


Christ. Figures you'd hit on15 year old girls.


@10: Oh please, as if the volume of how loudly one professes to be concerned with climate change (or anything else) actually alleviates the issue. While some will go out and hold candles in the rain and chant, the rest of us don't require such theatrics and address the issue just as constructively with our involvement financially and otherwise.


Hey folks focused on unexcused absences being the "sacrifice" needed for a strike to be meaningful - guess what, these kids are going to sacrifice enough for our inaction as climate disruption ramps up. The least we can do as adults and institutions is back them up for fighting.


(Fighting for their lives, that is)


"Principals have the power to excuse absences on a school-by-school basis."

This is one of the most bullshit things in SPS. You have 100 schools and 100 principals who get to decide what is and isn't an excused absence? Great.

Also to note, this issue is in the hands of the Superintendent. The Board can certainly say something (and may be at this very minute at the Board meeting) to the Superintendent but this area is her domain.

Also, the Board voted 4-2 to install Brandon Hersey the new school board director for District 7 (formerly Betty Patu's district - she stepped down early). Hersey is African-American and teaches 2nd grade in the Federal Way SD.


@12: So, you honestly believe @11 is currently a student in the Seattle Public Schools?

You must really be impressed with that young whippersnapper’s geezer impersonation, eh, Prof?


@1 Urgutha Forka and @2 The Shadow: Agreed and seconded.
@3 kristofarian for the WIN!


Just as I feel that pharmacists who don't want to prescribe abortion medications should go work at a Catholic hospital (instead of whining at the CVS), I think that the kids who want to take part in this protest should be willing to have an unexcused absence on their "permanent record". Not only is it an important lesson in activism, it will irk the dreary trolls and Angry Old People who seem to have taken over the internet.

And just what are the consequences of an "unexcused absence"? Is it something like detention? Then make that a global warming teach in.


mrb-, you're projecting, again


Greta should smile more. She’s a wholly unpleasant child.


@25 -- Would YOU be sportin' a shit-eatin' Grin, if your entire Generation (and your Progeny, and theirs) were facing Mass Extinction?

Like Great says -- don't leisten to HER, listen to Scientists. (NOT the Koch's "scientists." They have about as much 'credibility' as "our" [fully bought-and-paid-for] Legislators.)



There is no consequence. It's not a big deal.

Keep going kids! Protest works.


Who gives a shit? If anyone tells you your high school attendance record matters they are full of shit. Your future employers wont even ask for college transcripts so they sure as shit don't ask for high school records.
Skip school, go protest or smoke weed or whatever because it wont affect your future.


Why on earth did they pick the same day as Storm Area 51? Sorry kids my attention is gonna be all over THAT. Hopefully they wrap this up before the event stalls pm rush hour traffic, spewing extra carbon into the air.


I had like 5 unexcused absences beyond the limit in high school, and all they made me do was sort books in a library for 4 hours of "community service." TOTALLY worth it. Kids can tell them to excuse deez nutz


@25: Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap, TeeHee, before your head caves in.
@29: Down, muffy, down. Still pearl clutching as usual. Take a nap.


The Amazon has been on fire, and a buncha "I'm not Republican, I'm conservative (or "Sensible Centrist")" whiny dads who got lost while looking for the Puget Sound Business Journal website are moralizing about kids walking out to march (whether or not any of you ever skipped school yourselves). No wonder Seattle is and always will be a souped-up suburb.

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