Slog AM: Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Wearing Blackface, a School Shooting Fashion Line, and an Amish DUI



"The [FAA] chief is going to test the plane via flight simulator and personally make sure that all the software fixes the Renton-based plant has made on the plane are hunky-dory."

Ride the simulator. Very Brave, Chief.

Passengers aren't gonna Trust Boeing till they put union employees on their Board of Directors.

The rest of the Free World won't trust the MAX 8s and 9s till the Head of the FAA takes a few trips around the Planet on one. And even then, skepticism, not blind faith (sorry, Fundies) should be the Rule.


Here we go, another cover-up from traitor trump.


Tr666p is just arranging a post-presidency defection to Russia or Saudi Arabia in exchange for US secrets, which shouldn't be worth more than a pinch of shit since the Pentagon and our oxymoronic “intelligence” agencies have proven themselves to be totally corrupt and incompetent over and over again.

Alternatively, he’ll be King Florida Man.


Folks who want to work at Amazon should note that the company only pays it full time employees once a month. So start budgeting for that first month if you're in line for a job there.


The FAA has a chief? I thought he was the "acting" administrator, like everyone else on Trump's org chart.


Betty White wore black face (along with Rue McClanahan) on an episode of The Golden Girls. Should she apologize?

Obviously not and neither should Trudeau have done so. But definitely going forward anyone that does it should be castigated. But ruminating over tone deaf frivolous actions in the past does a great disservice to our humanity and racial healing.


So when does Trump get his Hero of the Russian Federation medal?
He's surely earned it by now!


@7 If the intent was to belittle, diminish or offend, it was wrong then and it's wrong now. If the intent was innocent, it was okay then and it's okay now.


@7 they were wearing mud masks when they met dorothy’s future in laws who were black and the punchline was that it wasn’t actually blackface so this is a pretty dumb example considering it’s not even close to the same context, also we knew as well in 2001 as we do today that brownface is racist


@7 I mean great for you if you’re just figuring out today that brownface is a castigatable offense moving forward but don’t hold it against everyone who figured that out a generation or 2 ago. Welcome to the present!


@10: Yes, that episode is as innocent as Trudeau appearing as Aladdin.


Justin Trudeau and Ralph Northam would make a cute progressive power couple.... (in blackface).


EXCLUSIVE: Video shows Trudeau in blackface in 3rd instance of racist makeup



I did NOT know that Trudeau had an Amish DUI. Back in the day when he and I went hiking, running, and kayaking he only did the green stuff.

I blame the CPC, Communist Party of Canada, based in Alberta, for taking him to the dark side.


@15: lol - Oh the perils of multiple clauses in headlines!



I grew up in the South in the 80s and 90s, one of the most racist places in the country, and even then as a child I knew that blackface was insulting, demeaning, and morally wrong. It was wrong then, it was wrong in 2001, and it’s wrong now.

The question is how someone so smart could do something so stupid. All I can say is that white privilege is a helluva drug, and that JTru has apologized and taken responsibility, so if anything positive comes from this disappointing spectacle, it’s that it forces people to further question and confront the casual racism in our society.


@12 is it innocent because he was dressed as aladdin or because it happened before your official cut off date of september 19, 2019, pick a lane


Anyone else hear Yakety Sax playing in the head as they read the Amish DUI story, when it got to the two men running into the woods?


@18: Impossible to pick a lane while you're shifting the nuance.


@17: Fine. Once again the human condition fails us. We learn, we move on.


20 yeah that seems to be a recurring problem for you


Maybe the two drunken Amish were doing their Rumspringa thing, that would explain the stereo.


Trudeau sure has a problem with his racism. Now he's not even sure how many times he's done blackface. Jesus that guy's a mess. Even as a kid I knew it was wrong.

Sorry, if you did blackface since..hell the 1960's you just maybe a racist.


@22 - You're right, it's a skill when dealing with you.


Wow, this Justin Trudeau story has everything.

It gives Republicans a chance to "own the libs" while saying "see, you guys are racist too!"


It gives all the white kids on woke Twitter another excuse to cluck their tongues, stroke their beards and pretend they're superior to another progressive public figure.

How long is it before we cancel Eddie Murphy for "jewface" and cultural appropriation in Coming to America?
Will that be before or after we cancel Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor for the blackface scene in Silver Streak?
Can we cancel the dearly departed? If so oh, how does that work?

Seriously, let's stop getting so bent out of shape over trivial bullshit.


So the chicken-assed FAA guy is going to test the 737 Max in a flight simulator? I can't stop laughing over this. Until he's willing to put his butt cheeks in the pilot or co-pilot seat of one of these while the damned thing gets airborne, who in their right mind is going to believe any endorsement he or the FAA gives the plane?

I'm very glad the rest of the world has chosen to ignore the FAA's re-certification and will do their own testing.


The 737 Max is fly by wire anyways. Doesn't matter much if the inputs are real or simulated. But it definitely would look a lot better with Boeing suits in the seats.


Just a passing thought about ride shares . . . back in the day (maybe all of 10 years ago), when there were only taxis, when there was a crime story involving a taxi, it was usually about a robbery, attempted robbery, armed robbery, or murder in commission of a robbery and the driver was the victim.

Yesterday, reading of yet another assault on a female passenger by a ride share driver, I was struck by how much the criminal dynamic has reversed with the advent of ride shares. Now, it seems more often the passenger is the victim in ride share crimes.

I can't help but wonder if the regulations, certifications, licensing, taxes, and fees that taxi companies and taxi drivers must comply with incidentally also weed out the sociopaths who are now taking advantage of the lack of ride share oversight. Shrug.


@28 Being IN the plane during take off and climb is the testing that will convince most of the world (that doesn't depend on Boeing to make a living) the fix works and the plane is now safe. You know, real world conditions, not sitting in a box on the ground.


@1 & 30 You do know that 737 Max had hundreds of flights without issue right? They use the flight simulator to perform extremely dangerous maneuvers and will likely crash multiple times to test all features.


@31 -- Yeah, the MAX never even crashed till (just) 18 months after it was first delivered. And then, a second crash, a mere five months later. (WHOA, baby.) Boeing declared everything to be hunky-dory with the MAX, but the rest of the Planet somehow didn't/doesn't see it that way.

But, yes, you're correct, it's better to 'crash' a simulator than a plane full of passengers (or even an FAA acting Chief).

But the real world won't be satisfied with simulated success.