"I'm a little insulted that they only designated four and a half hours to an issue that impacts an estimated 4 percent of the population plus every member of Gen Z"

This is brilliance in real time, folks; I hope you appreciate it. Reading Herzog in The Stranger is like finding Noam Chomsky's sophomore year history term paper.


It should be interesting, but likely to spawn some eye rolls and cringing.


Actually, I want to know what the party who gave us Don't Ask, Don't Tell and then doubled down with the Defense of Marriage Act has in store for us this time around...


Since they didn't debate Climate Change at the first one, obviously the questions need to be:

How will the South adapt to the incoming influx of gay Caribbeans fleeing climate change enhanced storms, and can they stay in the ground floors of houses that are no longer safe?

Dance parties: should they be powered by a mix of renewables, or are poppers a good mix for transitioning off of fossil fuels and the gays who love them?

Bird impacts by lights and cats: does this mean LGBTQ2 citizens need to stop shining lasers at cats so they don't shred the vat-grown leather divans, or what?


@4: That's an insult, not a comment.


are dem candidates publishing the carbon impacts of their air travel and campaigns and what they are doing to offset the C ? i wish they would. especially Inslee.


lol some serious internalized shame going on here, never a great look

If you don’t think this is necessary that’s one thing but it’s not actively harmful if candidates want to talk about gay issues. If anything it’s a positive thing for queer youth and ppl who don’t live in coastal cities to know that the democrats take our concerns seriously because outside our bubble things are very different.

For too long, not being as bad as republicans was the democrats’ stance on minority issues so their being proactive is a step in the right direction, especially in the current climate where republicans are packing the courts and actively seeking to make life harder for us. Your complacency and i-have-no-virtue-signaling is probably a hit with your extreme-centrist twitter followers but our hard-earned rights and the ones we don’t even have yet are a court case away from being stripped away or outright denied.


@8 inb4 you're complaining that someone is tackling issue X means they're a fascist because they're ignoring issue Y.

If I had any faith in the principles of the far left (which I'm not sure you're a part of?), I'd think your response is pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, I have a strong faith that the principles that rationalize this town hall will also be used to demonize some one or some group down the line.

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