Slog AM: Washington Woman Quit Job to Find Lost Dog, Nevada Towns Under Siege from Alien Enthusiasts, the Global Climate Strike Is Here



"Berlin where initial reports say over 80,000 people"

So just over 2% of the city's populations.

Pretty sure the Area 51 attack will be a bigger draw.


1 So 2% means they are probably all MINORITIES, amiright? And therefore... BURN THEM.
Back on Earth 2019, NYT has an excellent analysis which comment 1 plays into wingnut fear parade very well:
"Republicans appear to be in the grip of a [post-Confederate] panic today."
Which 'justifies' all the incomprehensible behaviors.
Levitzky, Ziblatt


Two ad hominem attacks, no rebuttal of 2.2% number.

Expect an even smaller percentage in Seattle today.


Imagine Slog if Ed Buck had been a Republican donor...


i see a lot of people calling me an idiot yet none of you have rebutted my assertion that chewbacca lives on endor


"what pride points do you get by declaring a percentage"

@5 Apparently carbon panic and accompanying hysteria isn't as widespread as the media touts.

Ergo, I, like most, will continue to ignore the opinions of children and gas up my SUV for a weekend trip with the family to Eastern Washington.


@8 please enjoy a nice juicy steak for dinner as well


it’s a known fact that the only people who care about an issue are the ones who are willing/able to skip work and school so they can huddle in the street with thousands of people


@9 Of course, washed down with some great Washington State wines. Second night might be trout night though.


I do not believe that technology will solve climate change within the next decade. The solution to climate change is population control. If the world could somehow come to a zero population growth (at least close to it) and allow the present population to die off (in a natural manner) to a sustainable level that would by a lot more time for technology. Perhaps a youth movement pledging not to procreate for a time might help in this regard.


@10 Conversely, people who don't skip work or school aren't susceptible to hysteria and panic.


"neither party is going to do anything about it"

@15 Didn't you hear? Woke Socialism will reduce carbon output to zero, we'll all be well off, racism/homophobia/transphobia/misogyny/patriarchy/ableism will vanish, and everything will be free: housing, schools, healthcare, transit. Plus there will be bullet trains everywhere.

Don't want to work? Not a problem, here's some free money.

It'll be utopia, plus no new taxes on the middle class. Promise.


@12 - Are you being sarcastic in that last sentence?


What percentage of Berlin do you suppose Exxon-Mobil could get into the streets for a Hydrocarbon Pep Rally?


Well yeah, but one party is hell-bent on making the crisis worse, and the other already took steps to do something about it which are daily being undone. Try again.


@8 - please stay in Eastern Washington.


@12- You're exactly right. Too damn many people IS the problem. And kids agreeing not to procreate until later in life (late twenties/early thirties maybe) would help with a lot of other societal problems.


" please stay in Eastern Washington."

@20 Must be all that liberal open-mindedness you have. Unlike you, I enjoy both sides of the Cascades. For wine country though, you might be forced to travel outside your little bubble.


@21 Do you know what slows population growth fastest?

Economic growth and wealth creation, sometimes called "jobs". It's why North America, Europe and East Asia have the lowest population growth. Other places, not so much.

Maybe you're the forced sterilization/one child only policy type?


22 - Oh, you cannot afford the big liberal city, huh? Not enough scratch, no marketable skills, makes sense. That's the where the resentment comes from. Fart sniffer.


When will progressives realize that Black Lives Matter???


"you cannot afford the big liberal city"

I said I was visiting Eastern Washington, I live in Seattle. In one of the nice parts where we talk about how much our homes are worth at dinner parties.

But carry little man, on because apparently it's hard for you to imagine someone living in Seattle who is able to travel across the Cascades and enjoy themselves.


"What percentage of Berlin do you suppose Exxon-Mobil could get into the streets for a Hydrocarbon Pep Rally?"

Last time I was in Berlin the traffic was horrible, so apparently quite a few do just that, every day.


@1 what percentage of Berlin held a pro-Trump rally, dude?



Oh look, Professor "I fly 3-4 times a month" History is here to lecture us about carbon emissions.


No. I'm not lecturing you about carbon emissions. I'm lecturing about basic critical thought. math and the fact you're a notorious loser moron.


Oh look, a pro-carbon rally in Germany attended by millions, every day:


@25, The article you shared makes it very clear that the authorities gave buck a pass, likely because he is rich and well connected, even though the wider public was outraged. I would suggest you read past the headline before posting but it looks like you didn’t even do that.


8: You're such a bitter little man. The kids have a hell of a lot more guts, brains and willpower than some cynical, jaded little rightwing troglodyte will ever know.

Shitting on the hopes, aspirations, and survival of young people is the ultimate bitter old crank symptom.


29: You need a lot of lectures because you don't seem to know much.


Two dozen ad hominem attacks, no rebuttal of number of Berliners who've held a pro-Trump rally.


27: Traffic in Berlin is a lot better than traffic here, probably because they have things like transit, dedicated bike lanes, and walkability, and a lot of Berliners take advantage of that fact. We see what miracle car culture did for this country and region every day, so maybe you should bitch about road conditions closer to home before rambling on about Berlin with anecdotes.


The irony of course being that Germany has invested more than about any other western nation in renewables and policies to react to the Climate Crisis there poll much higher than they do here in the US. Of course that lead them to set wildly over-optimistic carbon reduction and emission goals. But those targets were set by popular opinion rather than realistic science. this popularity rather undercuts our feeble trolls litany of logical fallacies to distract from the undeniably popular climate strike.


"Traffic in Berlin is a lot better than traffic here,"

“A total of 154 hours, or more than six days -- that's how much time each car driver lost in Berlin in 2018 in traffic jams during rush hours in the capital, more than in any other German city “

“Seattle commuters waste an average of 78 hours a year stalled in traffic, study says"

Of course, living in the city, my commute is less than 30 minutes. Apparently you haven't been stuck in Berlin traffic the way I have.


"undeniably popular climate strike."

Are you out there with the other 2.26% of the easily-panicked then?


No. I'm spending the next 8 minutes waiting for meeting wasting time typing to some lonely loser who spends every day making up sock puppets to lie about himself to strangers on the internet all day long.

BTW only 75 retards showed up at Area 51 so even that you got wrong. Math and critical thinking. Not really your strong suit.

Still. What percentage of ANY city showed up for a Trump rally? Even a US city? Probably less than 1%. I'm genuinely curious. So, I guess that must mean he's not very popular. Or something. Hard to understand what kind of pseudo-logic you're attempting to use here, so we'll never know.


"No. I'm spending the next 8 minutes waiting for meeting wasting time typing to some lonely loser who spends every day making up sock puppets"

I guess the planet is doomed then. You could have pushed carbon hysteria to 2.000001% but chose not to.


@17.....Well, Phoebe, I admit to a bit of sarcasm in that last sentence but the main point I was trying to make is that if you want to stop climate change it will require a tremendous amount of effort from everyone. The basic equation still holds: over population = over consumption = climate change.

I believe there will still be plenty of orphan children available to people who really do want children.


@40: Wasting time? Come now prof, admit you enjoy reprimanding your naughty students.


"I believe there will still be plenty of orphan children available to people who really do want children."

Enough to meet demand?

May I suggest a retroactive abortions for those who see other humans as the problem? All it takes is a well placed cliff or bridge. Why aren't climate activists doing what's truly necessary to save the planet by offing themselves?


@44; considering your well documented contempt for humanity in general I would suggest that you be careful what you wish for.


26 Yeah I'll throw in another fiver if you really make that chrome shine.


@46 Been sucking the chrome off your ball hitches again have you??


Feebles, I'm willing to help you convey your percentage-of-population-in-the-streets argument to these guys:

I'll give you a ride to their next nearby event, and handle the filming/recording of your presentation. I figure a five minute talk should be sufficient, so you won't need to do much in the way of preparation. I'll even throw in lunch.

Just give me the word, buddy, this will be a good time!


Jesus... what's with the troll's intense fascination with this subject? Clearly triggered, it appears.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks


Katie, the border collie, is a magnificent looking animal. I can see where one could not rest until she was found. So glad the story has a happy ending and that she's back in her obviously adoring, loving home. Congratulations, all.


It's a losing battle. They are obviously sent here to incite you & destabilize information. They may be narcissists: so any attention --even negative attention-- is like honey to them.

“Never argue with an idiot.
They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
― Mark Twain

This has been a public service announcement.


@42 - Thank you.

People who really want children also procreate. As long as the fertility rate for a population stays at the replacement fertility level our Earth should be fine, and we need future generations to continue the effort in combatting climate change.


Quick question: how effective is a strike that inconveniences absolutely no one except the strikers?


@53 A strike, by definition, inconveniences the employers whose workers are on strike instead of at work.

If you want to argue this event isn't a strike, then have at it, I'm sure a merry old time will be had by all who choose to weigh in. But let's get on with the real debate and dispense with the word games, yes?


Seattle Times says 2,500 marched in Seattle, or 0.35% of the city's population.

Expect at least 70,000 at Century Link this Sunday for the Seahawks against the New Orleans Saints.

Go Hawks!


@55 Great. Now let's run the numbers on the counter-protestors.


"The train was probably going somewhere around 80 miles per hour when it struck. Talk about a crunch. No one was injured."

Correction: The driver of the truck was killed, as per the article linked.


Its cool that if 50%+1 of registered voters dont protest we dont do it.