I thought all of those tech workers were the root of all evil - the ones keeping us from that Seattle of yore.

I just can't keep up with the narrative these days.....


1000 people! During their lunch break!

Seattle Times says another 2,500 marched in Seattle, or 0.35% of the city's population!

Expect at least 70,000 at Century Link this Sunday for the Seahawks against the Saints.

Go Hawks!


How many tech workers are there in Seattle? 100,000? 200,000?



Thousands of students participated as well, just in Seattle proper. The reality is that young people are overwhelmingly open minded, progressive and liberal, the antitheis of worthless old fucks like yourself. In ten, and far more so in twenty years, they'll be the ones setting the national and international agendas. Your only hope for success is to destroy any sustainable planetary resources before they take over. Here's my advice for getting a jump on that... Spew as much waste and carbon into the atmosphere as possible! Even right now, you could simply go into your garage, start up your car and sit there in the drivers seat, crankin' the radio and listening to some classic rock for a good hour... Own the Libs, my man!!!

And please let us know how it goes.


You're hilarious.
You are making a joke, right?

The reality is that young people are overwhelmingly naive, credulous and easily manipulated (see; Nazi Youth, for example)
The worthless old fucks you despise were, twenty years ago, the Youth you so admire.

These pretentious self-satisfied ignorant little fucks might as well be lemmings marching into the sea for all the actual good they will do.


The passion by everyone who 'went on strike" today is indeed noteworthy, and it's important for a student to feel motivated for their chosen profession of rewarding work in combatting climate change.

But that doesn't mean the ones who are silent or who stayed inside today to work are any less passionate than their chanting fellow citizens. Unfortunately by not being as vocal they risk getting mischaracterized as climate change deniers. That's where it gets obnoxious.

And don't expect everyone to ooh and aah over Greta Thunberg. Shirley Temple would be a better cast.


Hahaha. Feebs is really going overtime today on this one. It must really get his panties twisting.

What was the percentage of Seattle that marched in support of Trump, again?

Since, you know, apparently the percentage of one given city’s populations participation in any one socio-political event is the metric we’re using to judge the worth of said movement.

Oh. Right. President Treason McBonespurs had ZERO marches in support of him in Seattle with ZERO participation. So. I guess... that means he has zero support in the US? Or something. Who knows.

Ok. You know what’s weird? Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. But apparently this dipshit troll fully embraces the symbolic representation of the electoral count.

Poor feebs moms must really be having to serve those chicken tendies down to the basement today.


Some people are going to get a lump of coal in their stocking at bonus time.



"These pretentious self-satisfied ignorant little fucks might as well be lemmings marching into the sea for all the actual good they will do."

You're talking about rural rednecks voting for Donnie Trump on his promise to 'Make America Great Again', right?


we see what you did there.
actually, looking at the judges being put on the courts and the economy, and finally seeing some attention paid to enforcing our immigration laws, and how we are no longer letting the world push us around we rednecks are pretty tickled about how our votes for Our President have paid off, and are SUPER excited to vote for him again.

when you exclude the tainted results from that corrupt dystopic third-world shithole California Our President won the popular vote.
And of course, he won the Electoral College by a wide margin.
we fully embrace the reality of Donald Trump being President.
embrace it, grab it by the pussy, finger it; the Full Monty....
it must really suck seeing Our President going forward full speed and things happening and all the deplorables thrilled and shaping the country while knowing that Seattle gets zero input into it.
frankly, we don't know how you fight the impulse to let it reduce you to a bitter impotent babbling doofus.


@10 - Isn't a dystopian world more like, for example, one where there are fewer and fewer birds, a shortage of bees to pollinate our crops, that is only exacerbated (for no good reason) by the Trump administration relaxing rules against the worst pesticides?


@10 "Trump would have won the popular vote if we'd exterminated the most liberal 12% of America's population" might not be as persuasive as you seem to think, Feebles.

@12 Next we take down Nixon's Clean Air Act. Suck it, hippies!


@10 California is actually pretty nice. You should visit sometime.


I think it's sad, how conservatives are so terrified of protest. But they're terrified of everything, so I guess it makes sense.

(personally I blame their mothers. It's not natural for a woman to be a republican. It perverts their maternal instincts, and they raise fearful children with bathroom fetishes and sex problems.)

trump will be dead in a few years, and the world will be much better off. He's the last pitiful fart in the foul toilet bowl of white privilege. The logical end to America's simple-minded brand of conservatism. We'll move on, even if it means that a few of the rich (and their halfwitted toadies) have to once again line up against the executioner's wall or the find themselves in the tumbrel of the guillotine.

It's funny, isn't it, how history repeats?



"that corrupt dystopic third-world shithole California"

Are you referring to the fifth largest economy in the world California? That one?


@15: My goodness, Madame Catalina Vel-DuRay Defarge!


@17 Rainier is a hell of a drug.


Raindrop dear, surely this isn’t the first time you’ve seen one of my Madame Defarge posts? She’s one of my literary heroines.


@15 the people who are now demanding that we turn in our AR are also now threatening everybody who doesnt agree with them with "the tumbrel". This is my shocked face. Tell me, dear, how are you losers going to line anybody up in front of the executioner's wall when you all are so painfully afraid of handling anything resembling a weapon?


@19 Shouldn't you be yelling at teenagers you don't like dear? Liberals are really the worse kind of people



You need to stop spending so much time watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh.
Believe it or not, lots of folks on the left own guns.
We own guns.
We hunt.
We're veterans.

Don't mistake the kids on woke Twitter for "the left."
If you do you're in for a very rude awakening.


And why didn't the protesters clean up after themselves Friday? Talk about man made climate destruction.


@15 my next forearm tattoo will read "last pitiful fart in the foul toilet bowl of white privilege"


@22 yes we are so very terrified of your grandpa's biden-approved duck shotgun and .22 squirrel gun that you last handled in 1988. Practically shaking in our milsurp cammies.


@20: I doubt you even have an AR, I mean really, after all, practically speaking, what would you use it for outside of a shooting range?


@26 "even an AR"? What, are you under the impression that they are uncommon or something? Try a trip to an outdoor shooting range and you'll see how "uncommon" they are. You people are seriously sheltered. Practically speaking , i dont hunt. Practically speaking, it's for people like Catalina/Dan and anybody else who fantasizes about putting me in a tumbrel.


Proud Conservative, I'm flattered that you remember that I don't like teenagers. Is this some sort of conservative form of flirtation? (I know how awkward you poor things can be when it comes to matters of the heart)

Rakshasa dear, come the revolution, I wouldn't be so sure that all the skilled firearms people would be on your side. In any event, the gun nuts with the most bravado would probably end up turning their firearm on themselves (either accidentally or purposefully). After all, when was the last time a mass shooter didn't end up either dead or in custody?

But if a Rambo fantasy is what gets you through the night, by all means continue. I'm far too old to try to decipher conservative sex problems. You're on your own - although I'm told that Albolene can be an incel's best friend.


Rakshasa, I'm so pleased to learn that you know the Google! I can just see you, tongue clenched between teeth, typing in, and then typing in "Catalina Vel-DuRay" . How pleased you must have been!

I suggest that you get an extra jar of Albolene just for that!


"Practically speaking , i dont hunt."

Yeah, just like I thought another paper tiger.

Have fun at the range. I hear those paper targets put up a hell of a fight.

If there is another civil war I'm betting you'll get taken out by suppressive fire.


I just wanted to comment how funny it is when the scared, anonymous, and fragile old men in the thread start off-handedly threatening each other with vaguely threatening gun-adjacent language.


@31 So gangsta'


Teddy, I realize that you and I have a history and that you wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity to insult me; but I also know that you are intelligent enough to understand my point.

A firearm is a tool.
Buying an ArmaLite rifle doesn't make someone a warfighter.
Shooting targets at the range isn't like combat.

This whacko has delusions of grandeur and dreams of glory.
He has no idea how to handle himself, let alone how to handle a weapon.

I'm not threatening him, I'm trying to wake him up.
I am frightened.
I'm frightened for his family, his community and for this country.
He isn't the only person that's been tricked into thinking that "the gun makes the man", and he isn't the only person that wants to burn our society down.

You like to come here and stir up a little shit and have a laugh. That's fine, and I understand that.
This is different.
This is serious.


A “Thousand Tech Workers”, then went Back to their $100k+ job. Then Next Year, protest again. All while working for the very company those protesting.


If they wanted a real protest, they would have shut down all but transit during rush hour for a week.

But, hey, you do you, while my peeps drive to Sea-Tac and fly around the world and destroy your future, right? Can't inconvenience people, not like we have guts like those in Hong Kong do.


@30 yes tell me about all those dangerous firefights youve been in with a whitetail deer and a turkey, Mr. Armalite. You do know that nobody under the age of 65 calls it an armalite, right? I know numerous vets and not one has ever referred to their M4 an armalite, you clueless boomer. Nobody cares about that one time you had to handle an M16 while doing rotc service in 1969. As for being super threatened by me, maybe you should direct your concern to Mr. Tumbrel up above who literally invoked a violent communist revolution before i decided to chime in.


@36 You know, that GI Joe pose of yours might be a lot less intimidating than you think it is.

But do go on, tell us all about your "daily carry" and your "bug out bag" and all the rest of the hilarious "tactical" consumer tat you've been buying in anticipation of your "shtf event." Be sure to include a photo with all of it strapped somehow onto your ATV while you prap around on a logging road on your weekend "off the grid."


@37 the left: we'll put you in front of an executioner's wall you know
Also the left: lol you thought we were serious? Pfft show us your bugout bag, Nazi, we'll kill you anyway in the end.

God, you suck at this gaslighting thing.


@34 - Continuing with your observation, then only the homeless are pure enough to protest climate change.


Rakshasa dear, the French Revolution wasn't a communist revolution. Communism wasn't invented yet.

But I am learning how to knit, just for you.....


The M4 is not an ArmaLite rifle.
That's why none of the Vets you know call it that.

Have you ever been shot at?
Has anyone ever pointed a gun at you?
Have you ever had to decide whether or not to shoot someone that was shooting at you?
I can answer yes to all three of those questions.
Can you?

I wasn't alive in 1969.

The French Revolution wasn't a Communist Revolution.

I don't feel threatened by you.
I'm frightened for the innocent people that have to deal with you.

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