Buddhist monks had a front for tiger murder? Somehow this isnt even the worst news of today.
Buddhist monks had a front for tiger murder? Somehow this isn't even the worst news of today. Freder/Getty Images

Welcome to the club, Snohomish County: The first vape-related illness was confirmed in a woman in her 20s in Snohomish County. She was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. She reportedly got sick from legal retail vape products.

Impeachment feels, dare I say it, real: Don't worry, I'm knocking on wood while typing this. It's a difficult but necessary precaution. After new reports from an intelligence whistle-blower that Trump directed the Ukraine government to investigate Joe Biden, more Democrats are supportive of impeachment. I can't believe it's still not unanimous, but we are living on the hell timeline I guess, so fuck it. Currently, 151 of 235 House Democrats are in favor. There's also one independent from Michigan in the mix. That's 152 for impeachment. Republicans, guys, what's up? History is knocking (on wood, I hope), and you're on the wrong side of it.

Trump had blocked aid to Ukraine before the call: The president had ordered that his staff freeze more than $391 million in aid to Ukraine in the days leading up to his call with the Ukraine president. The one, you know, where he asked the president to investigate Joe Biden for corruption. That one. Which he conducted after holding Ukraine's millions in aid hostage. Totally chill, totally normal, not a bribey thing to do.

Liz is with it: Senator Elizabeth Warren is the real leader of the Democratic Party.

Megan Rapinoe is the best: The star of the Women's World Cup, the US Women's National Team, and the Reign in Tacoma, Megan Rapinoe, was honored with an award that dubbed her the best women's soccer player in all of FIFA. She used her acceptance speech to beg her male and female counterparts to use their platforms to speak out against racism and inequality.

Boeing flights remain in grounded purgatory: The head of the Federal Aviation Administration said that there is no timetable yet to approve the changes Boeing has made to its death trap 737 MAX airplane. Meanwhile, Boeing is paying into a $50 million fund for compensating families killed by the planes in two crashes. That chalks up to about $145,000 for each person who died in the crashes.

If asking a foreign government to investigate your political rival isn't enough: And doing so right after you just spent two years being investigated for a foreign country rigging the election that won you the presidency? If that's still not enough for impeachment proceedings, maybe the president cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl could do it. This is what Trump, that gas-blowing bottom-feeder, tweeted about Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist who fought through tears to urge the United Nations to act on climate change. Meanwhile, right-wing pundits called Greta a "mentally ill Swedish child" on air.

Me too, Greta: If looks could kill.

Tiger Temple in Thailand was a front for selling tiger parts: Heads-up to all you tourists who played with and fed tigers in Thailand—you may have been duped by a business that's primary mission was to produce animals for the black market. And by animals, I mean the animals' parts. Not the whole, alive animal. Don't get it twisted. The Buddhist monks running the facilities are cruel to their captive tigers. About 74 percent of all tigers in these type of zoos in Thailand are kept in inadequate conditions.

A trailer for that Breaking Bad movie: Wow, it turned out to be great timing that I rewatched Breaking Bad this year. The Jesse Pinkman–centered film will be out on Netflix on October 11.

The US is making it dangerous to be a journalist: Read this op-ed by the publisher of the New York Times about the state of journalism and how the United States is doing nothing to make that better. He tells a story about how one of their reporters was threatened in Egypt and how the US couldn't be depended on to defend the reporter. The Times had to depend on the reporter's native country, Ireland, to step in and protect him.

The weather today will be cloudy: But next week, there could be......... snow.

Boris Johnson illegally shuttered Parliament: The British prime minister is currently under fire for closing down Parliament. Britain's top court has ruled that the move was illegal. The country, which has a little over a month to figure out its exit from the European Union, is fucked.

Lizzo put a delivery driver on blast: For allegedly stealing the meal that she ordered. That was about a week ago. Lizzo ordered a meal through Postmates, and when she never received it, the singer tweeted angrily about the driver, naming the woman and posting her photo. According to TMZ, the woman has been getting harassed and is now living in fear, too afraid to leave her house. The woman also, according to reports, did not steal Lizzo's food. She delivered it to a hotel but Lizzo did not provide a room number. After attempts to get in contact with the singer and 10 minutes of waiting, the woman left.

I don't mean to steal Chase's Slog PM shtick here: But this new Adam Sandler movie (yes, I know, I can't believe I'm typing this sentence, either) looks pretty fucking good.

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