@2 "Didn't do it" to "so what?" in record time.


Impeachment is a fucking afterthought right now.
If we did not live under minority rule we would have buried the dope undernath the penitentiary's latrine years ago.


Should we impeach the most vindictive, corrupt president in the history of our nation? Golly, it could divide people. Let's run around like chickens with our heads cut off instead and see how that goes. Fucking nancy needs to step up and return some degree of order and transparency, this shit show just continues to highlight how weak and pathetic our politicians are. Regardless of whether trump extorted Ukraine or not, obstruction and witness suppression is not an acceptable way to govern the Free World.


@2 if we wanted to read Fox propaganda on the matter we surely would tune in.



The difference with trump is the extortion.


@1 There are something like 400 lawsuits pending against Boeing from airlines, pilots, and others seeking compensation from the 737MAX grounding.

The very first case has just gone to court. Boeing is potentially facing billions in compensation, plus massive order cancellation (with down payments refunded, if the courts so rule). The company could very well end up in chapter 11 before the courts are done.

The wheels of justice are slow, but they're turning.


@7 - exactly. The whataboutism from the MAGAts is ridiculous. Nothing that has come to light from any of Trump's predecessors can hold a candle to this kind of extortion and abuse of office.


@8 the vast majority of the talking points you guys bring up are regurgitated from Fox or Breitbart or some other tabloid like publication the right wing is so fond of.

Avoiding disinformation and propaganda as much as possible is not the same thing as avoiding different points of view. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.


"That said, you can certainly find more factually correct and rigorous non-progressive sources than FOX."
Let's see...
There's the National Review
The Wall Street Journal
Technically speaking, two is more than one, so I guess you're right.

On the other hand, the list of corrupt right-wing propaganda outlets is as long as your arm, and most of them make Fox look "fair and balanced".
So there's that.


@8 While I agree it's a good idea to sample a range of sources, you'd have to be feeding from a very narrow, highly biased trough to believe there's nothing objectionable about withholding the an Intelligence whistleblower's complaint from Congress, or potentially trading away your country's foreign policy interests for the sitting President's electoral advantage.


It's always rich to hear conservatives laud the benefits of differing viewpoints all the while they forced us into an unprecedented corporate media consolidation over the last 40 years. As if having a few megacorps, intent on their bottom line, run our media was conducive to hearing differing POVs. What a farce!


I like to follow UK politics to relax and laugh. The Chief Justice wore a huge spider brooch as she read the ruling against Boris. I wonder if she's a fan of John Entwistle?


How Media Consolidation Threatens Democracy: 857 Channels (and Nothing On)


Trump tried to withhold federal funding for air quality to California.

While trying to make cars and trucks pollute more.


If Biden did something wrong then he should be held accountable too. Start the investigations so we can uncover all the corruption, all of it.


No David, no he did not.
The fired prosecutor was NOT "looking into his son's corruption charges."
This is bullshit. Please do some research.


"... the publisher of the New York Times ... tells a story about how one of their reporters was threatened in Egypt and how the US couldn't be depended on to defend the reporter."

When this illegitimate "president" calls the Fourth Estate "Enemies of the People" he sure(af) ain't gonna be calling on our military -- or anyone else -- to protect ANY reporters. Whom he hates, 'cause who else is gonna call the MF out, these days?

The propaganda arm of the republican party -- FOX -- is doing its Job: mis- and mal-informing any who happen to tune in and those phony, so-called "patriots" are gonna sell US down the fucking River. Much like Putin in Russia, trumpfy's gonna sell off America. IF he can somehow keep his ass outta Jail. Which is looking more impossible every day-oh.


@13 -- the same asshole who owns FOX -- Rupert 'Uncle Snoopy' Murdoch, also owns the Wall Street Journal. His propaganda extends as far as his Reach, which is both vast and Capitalizable, and is proving key in destroying this Planet's habitability for humanity, and Most other living things.

@15 -- BINGO


Hunter biden being in business with pro-Kremlin businessmen is a bad look.

Anybody else do that? Lemme check.

Looks like Trump, Manafort, Kushner, Gates, Flynn and Giuliani all did the same shit.

I'm fine with kicking them all in a woodchipper.


It is looking more likely there will be a full impeachment inquiry in the House.
Important to get all WA St D Reps on board, obviously.
But even more important is to get our two lackluster Senators to finally show some backbone.
We need to let the House know that, even should impeachment fail in the Senate, it will have a spirited defense.


The bar that facts2 set was pretty low. It just had to be a conservative news source that was less corrupt than Fox News.
The WSJ meets that criteria, if only for the lack of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity etc.



"The evidence suggests Biden actually may have placed his son in legal danger by advocating for the prosecutor’s removal because he was widely accused of stymying anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine — replacing him could have led to further investigations into a company Hunter Biden had ties to."

You're wrong again, but it's not your fault.
The president lied to you again oh, and you believed it again.

Here's a quick question though:
If you had been right, which you most definitely were not, that would mean Joe Biden and Trump would have been guilty of the same offense.

Are you turning against Trump?


"Trump has done nothing worse than Obama who told Dmitry Medvedev he'd offer Russia flexibility after he won re-election."

Christ, you are a moron.

First, Obama was NOT negotiating with a foreign government to aid in his own re-election. He was negotiating for current US State Department policy with that country. EVERY president does that, dumbfuck. You have a given treaty in the midst of negotiation and you also happen to be running for a second term. Otherwise no president could have any relationships or treaties with foreign countries.

Not only that you know all this because Obama released transcripts of every phone call, every translator interaction, and every meeting into the congressional record, you mouth breathing cretin.

Trump ended that practice and refuses to release his notes. You have no fucking clue what that drooling traitor is saying. He met with Putin in secret. TWICE. We have no idea — the Senate FIC, the NSA, the CIA has no idea — what was discussed.

Obama didn't extort a leader so that a foreign intelligence service or the FSB would be used without oversight to investigate his rivals nor did Obama withhold money if a leader didn't do what he wanted visa-vis a domestic election. And we know this because the Obama administration practiced at least a modicum of transparency.

for fuck sake Trump literally on video has twice admitted to asking a foreign intelligence agency to supply him personally with information or to interfere with US elections. YOU are fucking traitor if you think this shit is okay.


There's no proof that Trump was engaging in any illegal activity.
So Trump admitted that he talked to the Ukranian leader. Big deal! He talks to all sorts of leaders!
So Trump admitted the topic of Hunter Biden came up in that call with the Ukranian leader. Big deal. It's not like it was a quid pro quo deal or anything!
So evidence has surfaced that Trump was engaging in a quid pro quo arrangement to receive dirt on Hunter Biden in exchange for the money already appropriated as aid to Ukraine. It's not... erm... BUT WHAT ABOUT HILLARY'S EMAILS?! HUH?!

On the plus side, this has finally convinced Nancy to launch an impeachment inquiry. So we've FINALLY found the Rubicon.


@33 Oh. He's American. While Americans are not unique in being stupid, his KIND of stupidity is uniquely American.

And I realize "nazi" is now short hand for "Fascistic Racist Dumbfuck" like Kleenex means tissue, this Dave cretin doesn't have the self discipline to be an actual Nazi. He's just a regular American underemployed racist goober with no life and too much free time.

And because I do have a life my monthly allotment of Slog is now up.


@34 -- what's a 'life'?


I seem to remember trump claiming that the CIA and the deep state was illegally spying on him and trying to sabotage him. Did he drop that shit or is he still fucking that dog?

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