"What Do I Do With All These Uncashed Democracy Vouchers???"



You burn them, as it should be morally repugnant to you to have taxpayers subsidize your civic responsibility and altruism. Volunteer or contribute your own time and money to the candidate of your choice. You'll sleep better too.


Yep, raindrop! Worst policy ever. They did not “democratize” any election, they just justified PACs piling money into races, watering down any imagined gains we might have gotten. A win if you print yard signs or manage robocalls, but not so much for voters or taxpayers. Thanks, O’Brien!


Just another Tax we could do without. The extra unused money will end up being spent on some program that Progressive Politicians will claim is too important to end funding for.


@3, unfortunately this one is on the voters, they signed off on it at the ballot box


Here's an idea. Actually do your own homework and take the time to consider the candidates running to represent you. If you agree with most of what one them says then send them your vouchers. But if you can't be bothered to give any kind of damn then DO-NOT-VOTE. It would suck to live in city where the leadership was chosen by the tag team of apathy and ignorance.


Take 'em to the Muckleshoot.


I thought Andrew already had to many donations.

Can I give them to any candidates who don't want two Seaplane runways paid for by the City in Lake Union? Or is everyone in favor of taxpayers subsidizing an unregulated airport with no plane transponders, no border control inspections, and a free way for rich corporations to bring illegal workers into the heart of Seattle free from customs inspections and passport controls?


Or can't you send them to primary losers you liked (who didn't hit the limit), to backfill what they already spent? I sent a couple to Emily Myers because Shaun Scott was maxed out.