I don't get why Rich says the hyphenated version is misleading. How is it misleading? In my mind, if anything, the unhyphenated version is ambiguous, as it may involve a large delivery vehicle of some sort.


I saw Mary Queen of Scots in theater, and The Favorite on DVD. That was a mistake. They're both good, but the Favorite is definitely the superior movie. Heterosplaining here, but their approach to sexuality was the clincher; MQoS's take was secondary, a bit preachy, and on the nose ("I hope you will be remembered for the Fierce Queen that you are", as if begging Twitter to GIF that), whereas The Favorite's take was horny, animalistic, and connected sex and power in a deeply unsettling way. Olivia Colman deservedly won Best Actress.


I didn't vote, but without the hyphen it could potentially be misconstrued as struck in the cunt.


I like the hyphen-it sounds like the kind of thing we'd see if Shakespeare had written "Ye Olde Porne".


From a practical sense, a hyphen is sometimes helpful if a non-hyphenated word is confusing or looks awkward. But to me, Cuntstruck is neither confusing nor looks awkward. So I don't really see a need for a hyphen here. I vote for non-hyphenated Cuntstruck.


hyphenate that bitch
it's a New word
I was ball-struck
Awesome Hdr.


Well, if one is struck by lunar madness, one is said to be moonstruck. If one is nonplussed, one may be called dumbstruck. Blinded by romance? Lovestruck.

So I'm going with no-hypnen.

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