Pelosi Announces Impeachment Proceedings



"No one is against the law" is one hell of a typo, Katie.


You kids are going to be so disappointed.
It's like you just love working your expectations up for something that is never going to happen so you can be disappointed.
Life is hard but it is way harder when you are Stupid.


Can we keep track of what his defense is somewhere? First it was "the deep state is after me, I didn't do anything wrong" then it was "I just called to talk about corruption" now I guess its "I have every right to withhold money congress appropriated to one of our allies until they fabricate a story about a political rival". I'm sure it will change a few times before this is over.

Side note, constantly changing my story was how my mom knew I was lying.


I'd like to see the Imposter In Chief boiled alive, then spoon-fed to his family, who'd then be boiled together and served with a sprig of parsely to all the members his administration and his colaborators in congress, who'd then be boiled alive and fed to pigs. My prefered venue for this extravaganza would be the 2020 Superbowl halftime entertainment. The ad revenues would be TREMENDOUS!


Alright, well, let's see where this goes I guess. I don't have high hopes. Nixon had to resign because there was undeniable evidence he'd agreed on a plan to have the justice department to end their Watergate investigation (aka, he agreed to obstruct justice).

Donnie's case though? It doesn't feel so solid. Bad, yes, very bad. Where's the smoking gun though?


@4 His story is that he withheld the military assistance because he was seeking financial contributions from our European allies. They haven't been paying their share for European security. No doubt France and Germany will step up to confirm his story...


Lets Benghazi the shit out of that old bitch. You love to see it folks.


@7 That doesn't make any sense so it must be his new story. Log it and wait for the next one.


To be sure, a lot of the particulars of this most recent allegation remain opaque.
We are likely to get some clarity soon however.
Apparently the whistle-blower's lawyer has been in touch with both House and Senate Intelligence committees and is willing to testify.
So good.
The sooner the better.


And while the Democraps have a zero percent chance of removing The President thru impeachment that is still a better bet than that one of the clowns running for the nomination could win in November.


Inquiry into impeachment holdings, right?


Good times.


Maybe it will be too much for that fat old whore and he'll resign to be a Fox News contributor.


@Katie, here's some inside baseball on whether there's a tape to be heard instead of a transcript:


Ding dong, the bitch is dead!
(Which old bitch? Putin's bitch!)
Ding dong, the wicked bitch is dead!

Oh, and hey, Donnie? It's either breaking news or it's a witch hunt. Can't have it both ways.


I'm still putting all my eggs in an aneurysm basket. The half-sentient lipoma in the Oval Office is going to stress-rage before the Senate has an impeachment vote.



It's ITMFA-o'clock, motherfuckers!


If a Dem is elected in 2020 you now can expect a hell of a ride. Revenge is a dish best served to the other Party's winner.


@19 Depends, doesn't it? If Democratic President is elected in 2020 (!), it is unlikely that Republicans would retake the House. And there would be a fair chance that the Dems would win the Senate. Republican vengeance would then have no stage.


No, not pigs. Consumed by Steve Bannon (remember him?) sounds like a way worse way to go.


@3: Pffft. Gullible MAGA morons like you are a dime a gallon. Begone, before somebody drops a House on you, too.
@16 spunkbutter and @18 Reverse Polarity for the WIN!
@21 Knat: I'd love to see Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey and the rest of the GOP fed to alligators right there in the DC swamp. Methinks they're getting awfully hungry........


@5 Agreed and gladly seconded, but feed Trumpty Dumpty and its Evil Empire to the alligators (instead of pigs). And may the alligators take over Mar-a-Lago with a razor-sharp vengeance. Republikkkans are going down in flames. Ukrainegate, baybee!!
@20: We can all only hope.
@21 Knat: Steve Bannon sure looks like a pig, though.