How Life Began With the Wet and Dry Rhythm of a Pool of Water



Charles, you're hardly a spiritual person. So you really have no credence in your disparaging commentary about God.


The world of abiogenesis research and theory is currently divided, with one faction favoring the RNA world hypothesis, and the other favoring the mataboliism-first hypothesis. Information-first vs. Energy-first, roughly.

For some reason, Our Bumbling Mudede seems to be oblivious to the work in the metabolism-first camp. Nick Lane does a good job of popularizing some of the work done by Michael Russel and others, though he's also concerned with the problem of how eukaryotes arose, and why it took so long. Eric Smith writes well on the subject as well, though he naturally favors his own research and theories.

And really, Charles, if you have reached the point where you've realized that God can not be anything special, then it is high time you embraced the idea that there are no gods at all, and the many splendid and terrible things which follow from it.


Fairy tales are special.
God is a fairy tale.
Therefore, God is special.


I just need a bit of clarification: Which god is everyone here referring to?


@5 When using the unmodified singular, God is any and every monotheistic god.

I suspect Charles is in fact a polytheist, but that's a thought for another time.