WeWorks CEO might be out but the WeWork next to our office is moving in.
WeWork's CEO is OUT, but WeWork Capitol Hill is moving IN. Nathalie Graham

Slog PM is brought to you tonight by: This glue stick, which I am currently using to glue down my brows. I have a drag show tonight and I have to start getting into face while I type out this PM. Multitasking! Millennials are great at it!

While the holidays look very different this year (thanks Covid), we still have shopping to do.
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Elmers Glue, the root of drag.
Elmer's Glue, the root of drag. Chase Burns

"Does WeWork work?" That's the leading question in a new Bloomberg piece out today about whether the company's business model makes any sense. As Slog commenter "Purrls" pointed out yesterday:

Fueled by YOUR obsession with WeWork (which I'd never heard of before) I went to its Website to see what it "sells". After I was done gasping at the cost of a single "hot desk" for a month, I kept wondering why not just work from home? Hell, then you don't even have to shower or wear clothes? Or, do as many others do and work from a local coffee shop or even a public library? Heck, there are two coffee shops in my 'burb that each have a free small conference space that can be reserved.

Maybe there's something about WeWork's space mongering that I'm missing. If someone could explain why renting space there as an individual is advantageous, please do so.

Meanwhile, I won't be requesting an offering prospectus.

Okay, okay, on to impeachment, the real big story of today, tomorrow, eternity: Let's check in with the president's personal lawyer.

That clip was from last night, but these words from Judy Riuliani could really help out his client: "Keep your lying mouth shut!" Today, a report from the Washington Post published earlier today claimed that the acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, threatened to resign if he was barred from testifying in front of Congress tomorrow regarding the whistle-blower complaint. The White House denied that report. Whose mouth is lying here? IDK.

Two big impeachment-related events happened this afternoon, among all the chaos: First, the whistle-blower complaint was transmitted to Congress. They weren't pleased. Schiff said the complaint was "very well-written" and "exposed serious wrongdoing."

Second, Trump had a press conference (at the exact same time) in NYC: He's calling his conversation with the Ukrainian president "wonderful." It certainly is a wonder. More on that transcript from Katie Herzog here.

Let's take an intermission on impeachment news to check on my brows: They're purple.

Look, it dries clear. Id tell you what the show is but its in a shed and definitely NC17.
Look, it dries clear. I'd tell you what the show is but it's in a shed and definitely NC17. CB

MSNBC went so far as to cut away from the president's speech: A few years too late, but whatever.

Oops, the Ukrainian president didn't think his side of the phone call would be released: Reuters is calling it "a far-reaching diplomatic disaster" for the Ukrainian president. “Unfortunately the main consequence of this is that Ukraine could become toxic,” said the director of the New Europe Center in Ukraine.

Pivoting from impeachment to toys: Amazon had a big devices event today where they announced a rundown of upcoming products. GeekWire reports they announced the Echo Loop (a "smart ring"), an Alexa-enabled dog collar, a smart oven, a glowing orb, a celebrity appearance from Samuel L. Jackson, and these things...

The Alps are cracking, calving, crying: A glacier on the Italian side of Mont Blanc could collapse at any moment. Authorities say a "staggering 250,000 cubic meters (8.8 million cubic feet) of ice could break away," and the glacier seems to be moving 20 to 24 inches a day. Glaciers are melting all over the Alps due to rising global temperatures.

Boeing's board wants change: Just a light "revamp" after the 737 MAX controversies. Maybe like the "revamps" WeWork and Juul just had? It doesn't look like it will be that drastic, but the Seattle Times has more here.

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Not all Seattle hackers are the same: Some steal your data, some are patriots.

Big Democrats are headed to Seattle for fundraisers: Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and Amy Klobuchar are coming to Seattle to fundraise for the 2020 election. Harris's visit includes a stop at Chop Suey where you can pay $2,800 for a photo and backstage reception. Isn't Warren's photo line free?

Okay, makeup is done: See you tomorrow, babies!

See you at the club, ladies.
Catch me at the club.

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