Intiman's Board Clashes with Staff, Leaving the Theater's Future in the Air



What a shocker, Woke White Womyn (WWW) drive a theater into the ground by giving away free tickets to plays that tell white people how awful they are.


First rule of Theater: have plays that people want to see, not what you feel like putting on. It's a rule as old as Shakespeare.

Just looking at Intiman's 2019 lineup makes it clear that they were more into doing 'edgy' plays that they were in love with, but were are hard sell for audiences. Let's face it: these plays were downers.

People aren't going to pay to see crap that doesn't entertain or make them feel good. Seattle simply doesn't have that many self-loathing masochists who want to wallow in their White Liberal Guilt.


Turns out Intiman’s "Wild, Wicked, Woke" season left them .... broke.

Maybe try Annie or Christmas Carol next time around. Works for ACT and 5th Ave.


Good god, by my very rough count, this is - what - Intiman's FOURTH time in the last decade or so that they've cried "We're broke! Someone come and bail us out!" There gets a point where people start saying "Fine, go broke - there are other, better, more fiscally responsible arts organizations that I'd rather support." For the staff to blame their board is the height of hypocrisy.


I didn't realize the whole 'Wild, Wicked, Woke' label came from Intiman's own press releases! about an artistic vision that is fairly oozing self-righteous lefty hubris! As I mentioned in my previous post, you have to be a gleefully self-flagellating, self-loathing white Seattle liberal to be able to tolerate two seasons (they did this in 2018 as well; didn't they learn?) of this dreck. I think Intiman grossly overestimated their target market.

People who can afford to go to live theater tend to be well-educated, well-off, and yes, 'privileged'. Still, there's a limit to how long they'll sit there like inmates in a Maoist China re-education camp and put up with what is essentially an endless 'Struggle Session', being told 'You suck and it's all your fault'.

So Intiman is likely to not survive this; that's a shame, because it has a proud tradition. Too bad it had to be hijacked by lefty ideologues.

PS: Intiman's use of the word 'woke' to describe it's artistic vision was a huge blunder. That term jumped the shark in 2016. Now it's only used as a pejorative by people like me to ridicule Seattle's lefty losers.