Before You Get Too Excited About Impeachment, Remember Who Is Next in Line



There's a 2-for-1 special on impeaches down in the Other Washington. Good while supplies last.


Pence has no political legs past serving out the term.


Pence did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, saying:
"Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy."
And wingnuts did rejoice and did feast.


The concern is not whether pence would be as bad or worse than trump because we already know the answer to that, but how pence would compare to trump after trump realizes he really can get away with anything because those are our 2 choices here. If i had to choose between pence and trump even more drunk on his own power than he already is it’s not even a close call.


Gosh! I mean GOSH! Mike Pence is a fundie Christian who is aniti gay and anti reproductive rights? WHAT? NOOOOO. Why didn't anyone say anything?! Thank god you were here Katie to give us all the 411!
Honestly woman. What is the point of this post.
We all know what Pence is.
We all know that the Senate is unlikely to remove Trump from office.
We all know that.
So, other than you're trademarked performative cynicism, what exactly do you want your readers to take away from this post?


Just the words President Pence make me shudder in dread.

We'll just have to hope that if Trump goes down in impeachment that he takes the entire shit show spiraling down the drain with him.


Please. I am tired of this "but then we have Pence." Pence got his ass kicked out of Indiana. You think anyone will vote for him? If Trump gets forcibly removed from office this mannequin (who cant be in the same room as any woman, so there goes any and all meetings with Congress or world leaders or even WH staff, FFS) will be like a cardboard cutout until the election and then he will be gone. If I wasn't an atheist, I'd support motherfucking SATAN himself over Trump. Enough bullshit. The pathological lying, delusional, deranged, dangerous asshole squatting in the White House right now needs to be removed - by any means necessary. No one and nothing can do more damage than this asshole has. If we're lucky, he'll die first from stroking out about how unfair he's being treated (in his swiss cheese brain).


@7: She's gotta make the minimum weekly Slog post word count somehow, Lissa. And it is Friday, after all.


You can't destroy brain cells from a stroke that aren't there!
Yeah, Pence has as much appeal as - wet cardboard!


He'd be awful, but still better. Dave Davies (Terry Gross' fill in host for Fresh Air) just had on a guy who'd pretty recently written a book about him. Was pretty interesting and worth a listen.


Look, I'd really love to get those kids out of cages and maybe stop giving "Farmers" million dollar checks on the reg but if we do anything the republicans wont like it. Its a really tough spot to be in.
Reminds me of my favorite saying "Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the chance?"


Chevy Chase/Ford was a great character on Saturday Night Live, maybe Pence can get as many laughs? He just needs to be as cringingly funny as Trump was/is.(Alec Baldwin)


If they actually managed to impeach Trump, the Republicans in the Senate would have to give total credence to the whistleblower report, which beyond the Ukraine stuff also mentions that Pence (among a number of others) were culpable in stuffing the recordings of the call down the 'ole super secret server memory hole. That's a crime too. Say hello to President Pelosi??


Random question... If shithead were to be removed, would the Nance then ascend to VP? I guess she'd almost have to (was thinking maybe Pence would get to appoint someone for the role, even as Nance remained next in line to succession for prez, though I guess that'd be rather chaotic.) Pence/Pelosi would certainly make for a pretty funny pair at engagements for which both are expected to attend and be in some manner of mutual understanding.


@17 If Pence becomes VP, the 25th Amendment kicks in: the President (Pence, in this hypothetical) nominates someone for VP, who must then be confirmed by simple majority in BOTH houses of Congress.


@16 schmacky: A big, welcome hello to President Nancy Pelosi!