How's Sinclair rolling?


None of those numbnutz at the Ministry of Trash know how to lie about Prezirapist AntiChrist’s latest crimes.

Clinton is dumFux’s Emmanuel Goldstein in their 24 Hours Hate.


5 -The Russkies are known far and wide for the love of their own 2nd Amendment! Why wouldn't they want to endorse ours as well?


Dump trumpfy, the Republican Partay, Oh! what's Billionaire Uncle Snoopy to DO?! Where's the Newt (Grinsrich), when Amerikkka needs him most?! He investigated the Fuck outta Clinton, for decades, seemingly; finally Impeaching him for Lying about an extramarital Affair, which, it seems, nearly all of his accusers were boinkin' a non-spouse too (well, not theirs -- well sometimes theirs and sometimes others' spouses); it was all very convoluted and, being Republicans, quite icky.

And what's this, 'Tucks' Carlson hosting a Wet t-shirt party at FOX? Where's Scary Anne Coulter when we need her most?


@5: Ah, but it's one of those acronym organizations exempt from scrutiny. Now, if they had been like those corrupt, cheating, lying, evil bastards at ACORN, well...


Christopher, one small note: Hair Furor didn't allegedly attempt to extort the president of Ukraine: he allegedly attempted to extort the entire country of Ukraine.
Their president was merely the attempted vehicle. Allegedly. Haha.


Fox News: propaganda arm of the Trump administration. Disgusting and totally unsurprising.


Haha Haha. Great fun. Sad little dipshits.


Suck it and choke, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, FOX-TeeVee ad nauseum. You're all going down in flames, right alongside Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey and their ilk. I'm getting the popcorn and good wine.
@7 kristofarian: Okay, that's it. I just plain love you.


Oh, and Sean? Forget about Joe Biden right now. The image in the sinking ship is really TRUMP and its lackeys, including you. But then, we all know that FOX TeeVee isn't reliable news. Bring on the alligators, baybee! They're coming for ya!


The statements in the "news" article are filled with LIES and very misleading opinionated statements. From the title of the story to the last sentence, nothing but Fake News. Don't take my word for it, just go read the phone call transcript. You'll find there was no "extortion" or anything else illegal. When it comes to talking about Biden's son let me ask this. Is the POTUS supposed to ignor criminal activity just because the criminal is running against him? If he did then we'd be back to more Depp state cover-up like Trump's been fighting for 3 years. This is ALL democRAT BS in attempts to get rid of Trump because they can't beat him any other way.


Honest question. Do people who support all this think the impeachment might succeed and the Reps in the Senate will find him guilty? Or are people just supporting it as a show of rule of law, to do SOMETHING, etc?

I just don't see how there's so little talk about the impossibility of 20 Republicans to break rank with their party. I mean, it seems a tall order to me to get all the Dems on board. But I dunno, I don't watch cable news so maybe I'm missing something that's stirring everyone up?

Like this is the party that blocked absolutely everything Obama ever wanted to do regardless of anything, even if they wanted it, and has stood behind Trump through everything he's done, and y'all think 20 of them are going to break ranks? And even the Dems, in this moment, keep compromising with Trump- I just don't see a world in which 2/3 majority is possible. All the resistance libs keep saying this next thing, this next report, this next investigation, this next leak- all the while folks, the power is in YOUR hands. Not the rule of law, there are no adults in the room- it's YOU. Organized mass movements, leveraging power, through strikes, disruptions, that's it. That's the only hope.


Man, dunno if anyone else saw Rudi G being interviewed by Stephanopoulos this AM, but it was just batshit, antagonistic rambling. Like, I expect that from Donald, as I know that he's a moronic, uneducated shithead who bought a diploma from a nice university back when it was considerably easier to do so (not that it's all that difficult these days, of course) and is incapable of anything else. But Rudi was presumably a successful attorney whose livelihood would've necessitated at least some manner of linguistic eloquence, and this morning he sounded like a half-drunk teenager. I wonder if there's a degree of showmanship there, like knowing that his people are more impressed by loud semi-coherent ranting than by anything resembling insightful, informed discourse. It's sad, regardless.


@15 -- Impeachment means greater access to witnesses; trumpy's stonewalling/instructing witnesses to not testify before Congress/obstructions of Justice will bring his non-compliant Administration head-to-head with Congress, so it'll all boil down to whether Chief Justice John G. Robert's Supreme Court will place ideology above Country.

If not for the sham Kavanaugh "investigation"/Appointment, and the Chief Justice's desire to maintain the last vestiges of Respect for his Court, I think we'd be in more dire straights.

The odds the Senate would vote to convict are currently not good; initially, they weren't good with Nixon -- until Nixon's tapes -- the 'smoking gun' -- were demanded by the Supreme Court.

Nixon was never Impeached, but when Republicans saw the evidence to convict him was overwhelming, they let Nixon know he no longer had their backing and he 'retired' the next day.


As to your other, perhaps Main Point -- as long as We, the People allow OUR government to be taken over by used car/snake oil/fake University salesmen, and hand to them (and their wealthy sponsors) our country's assets on a silver platter, we'll keep getting the governement we so richly deserve.

Like the guy on our hundred dollar bill said --
we have a democratic Republic -- IF we can keep it.

Will we follow Hong Kong's lead?

Stay tuned.


Oh, and thank Gawd for Rudi.

I'm guessing Secret Agent Rudi.
Nothing else explains it.


Here's a great comment in today's NYT on
"How to Win Republican Support for Impeachment

Don’t rush the inquiry, and make it about more than Trump’s Ukraine scandal."
by Elizabeth Drew

"The single most important aspect of the impeachment inquiry to me is that it will shine a spotlight on Trump's immoral, deceitful, and criminal actions. The more specific incidents are spotlighted, the more the public will come to understand how unfit he is, and what a con-man he is.

And that is what's needed to ensure that there's no way that he could win another term. I'm not counting on Senate Republicans removing him from office no matter what he does.

But if their constituents come to understand how unfit he is, and how complicit the Republicans have been, it can lead to a landslide loss for Trump, and the taking back of the Senate by Democrats.

The public needs enough time to understand Trump's steady abuse of power."

--Nancy O'Hagan, Portland, ME


Our current SNL State of the dis-Union
[featuring several dead on look-alikes]:


"But if their constituents come to understand how unfit he is, and how complicit the Republicans have been, it can lead to a landslide loss for Trump, and the taking back of the Senate by Democrats."

And then, a Bernie Sanders and/or Elizabeth Warren might just write their own ticket and catch us up with the rest of the Planet. But why stop there? WE could Lead this Planet again.

We might even persuade afuckovalotta the Planet that war isn't, after all, Thee Answer and we could invest in humanity (instead of blowing it to smithereens) and Reap the Dividends.

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