King County Council Members Call on Seattle Theatre Group to Cancel Al Franken



So the #MeToo moment wants them fired from their job but what are they going to do just sit around on the ground and flop around until they die?

City Council needs their head smacked around because these problems are not worth spending our tax dollars on.

However that is the problem the rich use the middle class and poor class to extract wealth to make themselves more wealthy. Federal and State and City Governments re-enforce this and punish those that step out of line.

P.S. Sure it's possible Al Franken did touch people wrong; did he ask her if it was a good touch or a bad touch?

Touchy people.


I'm not mad they don't like Fraken but is this what they really want to hitch their wagon to? What about the rest of the upcoming events at the Paramount, or Moore, or say...CenturyLink?


Meanwhile Dave Meinert has the keys to the Mecca.


@1, this is King County Council, if you were looking for a City Council pile-on.

Also, let’s spend some money and investigate these claims. I think the Dems got played first time around on this and lost a very effective ally. If we can’t hang out actions on facts and very thorough research, we’re not doing our job.


Anyone who canceled their dreams because a semi famous comic-cum-politician put their hand on the top of your butt cheek for a photo is to fucking soft to graduate 5th grade, let alone do anything else productive in the world. Franken probably did it, but I don't care. Sorry toots. I get my nuts squeezed going through airport security half the time - you ass can take it (or, as it turns out, cannot). I hope you are born to a family from the hood in your next life, maybe you'll grow into an adult with the backbone of a tadpole.


metoo’s basic premise is: a woman or a younger gay man is inherently incapable of lying. Alternatively, believe every victim story you ever hear.

This past weekend, a 12 year old girl told everyone schoolyard bullies held her down and cut her deadlocks hole hurling racist abuse. Jussie Smollett earlier claimed he’d been doused in bleach by magaholes. Even earlier than that, the Duke Lacrosse team was falsely accused of rape. And then threw those Catholic high school kids on a trip to DC who were said to have sneered at a Native American.

Every one of those was bullshit.

Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, two famous actresses with money and power and fame, hijacked a movement from Twitter started by an unfamous (and actual) victim who was genuinely interested in building solidarity. Then Argento turned out to be a rapist herself.

People who would otherwise believe the kid who points a finger at his Catholic priest now doubt him. And lots of people silently wonder if that story of racism or homophobia is real. They doubt because they’ve seen a lot of stuff on the news lately where the accusation turned out to be false. And this means real, actual victims aren’t getting the help they need. They aren’t actually believed, not really. On the surface, we all pretend we believe them. But underneath, we ask ourselves, how do I know this isn’t another Duke Lacrosse story?

Now, if you can actually prove Franken did it, fine, let’s see that proof. If you can’t, well, should we let you destroy a good man who spent his political career aiding with the little guy against corporations and bigots, whose every public utterance since childhood has consistently been in support of LGBT people, racial and ethnic minorities, women’s rights, and the economically disadvantaged?


Think of all the fat ugly women who never get their bums pinched.


We need to stop letting the perfect being the enemy of the good. Good take on it @7.


If there is anyone you can ignore with impunity, it's members of the King County Council.


Government officials calling for the restriction of public speech is a chilling turn of events. It has no place in a free society.

Constituents of Kohl-Welles and McDermott, contact them and make your displeasure known.


Jane Mayer investigated ALL of the allegations against Al Franken that could be identified. This is a new allegation, and it has not been investigated. Did this staff member complain to Murray? Or anyone?


Circular firing squad: assemble!


BTW: Yes, it is established to my satisfaction that Franken was an ass grabber.


What is the mechanism by which your city council can stop a show 2 of its members don’t like? I don’t agree with them either but i’m pretty sure they have no authority whatsoever beyond issuing a sternly worded press release.


Actually if you sell out a theater of people who want to listen to you, then you do have a right to speak at a sold out theater. Who are these jokers anyway? Are they familiar with US laws and norms at all?


@17: Only via absolute and pitiless extermination of all dissent can we ever possibly hope to remain free.


So he innocently put his hand on your ass during a photo... for about 10 seconds? You've been triggered ever since?


I see the me too movement more like a tornado. It hits some people and annihilates them and completely misses others. Seemingly indiscriminately. Franken did some gross stuff. Not horrible but not innocent either. And the me toornado missed his neighbors house and missed his other neighbors house and ran smack into his and flattened it.

Me too did start out as something good and necessary. Now unfortunately (like so many other movements) it's become a pitiable joke.


‘Kohl-Welles said she is "under no illusion" that the performance will actually be canceled, but if it's not, she plans on protesting outside the event on Friday.’

The absolute highest form of political courage consists of attacking persons who were never your enemies, mean you no harm, and can’t or won’t fight back.


A female veteran (who wants to be a cabinet member, but only for a Democratic president), working for one of the Senate's most powerful members, is "frozen" by what may or may not have been a creepy butt touch, and only now feels the need to speak out?

Those of us in the real world, who do things like travel by public transit (including planes and trains), ride elevators, or stand in lines, all have to deal with unwanted and (hopefully) inadvertent contact. Yes, there are perverts out there, but there are also clumsy people, oblivious people, and awkward people. Not to mention weird situations that one finds inevitably finds oneself in.

In any event, it is the responsibility of the person who feels uncomfortable in an innocuous situation (like an awkward contact in a photo op) to call it out when it happens, and put a stop to it.


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