🚨What's Their Issue?🚨 Shaun Scott Vs. Alex Pedersen



That was Pedersen's response? I used to think he was just vague, empty and ineffectual. Now I think he's garbage.


Should we elect a child with zero experience, or probably the single most experienced candidate this year? Hmmm.
Alex Pederson has a Masters degree in Public Policy and Management from U Penn.
Shaun Scott has a BA in history from UW and made some movies or something.
"Alex Pedersen has an impressive resumé. From working for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Clinton administration, and then an extensive foray into the private sector, to working for multiple city council members"


What good is experience if your positions suck?


Also, calling a 34-year-old black man a "child" is, um, problematic. Hmmm.


To correct Candidate Scott, It is "literally" legal to build apartments and condominiums in Seattle. However. He does not know much about housing, and it seems zoning either.


Alex Pederson is a fucking tool. All you need to know about him is that his sign is on the front lawn of every NIMBY homeowner in Wedgwood. The same people who created a committee to fight a bike lane and who think it's bad for local businesses if more people are able to live near those businesses.


Nathalie, do you read your own paper? This article from Slog on September 10 shows that Shaun Scott is against upzoning the U District.


@9 The Ave is not existing single-family zoning though.


Which is better, inexperienced but knows better, or experienced and should know better but doesn’t?

Look, if you’ve been doing this for a long time and still don’t get it, you’re either willfully ignorant or you have a physical inability to learn. Either way, you shouldn’t be in City Hall. And your old boss didn’t get it either, and he shouldn’t have been in City Hall either.

Scott clearly understands zoning and police relations with District 4 residents. And he’s right about environmental policy. Even if he’s new at this, at least he isn’t letting ideology blind him the way Pedersen is.


Pedersen's is running a campaign from the 1990s to basically join the council we had then to run the city we had then. He is a really pleasant person but totally devoid of any substantial ideas on how to accomplish anything. While I am sure he has been a good gofer for various entities he has worked for his goals if elected to the council are to answer constituent emails quickly.


I was


I was at an Eastlake forum the other day. Walked in not knowing who I might vote for. It was obvious Scott doesn’t bother himself with learning much about policy. Saw his resume online earlier today. It is obvious he doesn’t bother himself with keeping a job for very long. So calling Pedersen


Calling Pedersen a gopher because you support the candidate who’s almost in his 40’s and can’t manage to stay gainfully employed seems like a bad joke. Scott also gets a lot of pretty simple policy stuff wrong. He scared me off for good when he got some commonly known federal policy wrong in an attempt to compare Pedersen to Trump. It was a cheap and also dumb attempt that left Scott looking pretty stupid when the audience members started calling him out. His local policy grasp is even more questionable. I’ll take Alex for 1990’s before I vote for anyone as allergic to getting policy right as Shawn.


Shaun Scott selling himself as an environmentalist is pretty stupid since he admits he doesn’t bike. He cannot name a legitimate bus route in the district he’s running in. He has spent more campaign contributions on shoving fossil fuels into the ether via Lyft/Uber than all the rest of the candidates throughout the city combined. If he knows better I cannot tell. Alex Pedersen is the only viable option for anyone who actually has any real stake or interests in district 4 or any part of the rest of the city Scott will screw up like he seems to have screwed up most of his other brief jobs. Jobs he can’t seem to get many previous employers to vouch for his performance on. To the point where one previous employer, Pramila Jayapal, sent him a cease and desist letter.


Laptop on the bar is poor form, Shaun.


"Pedersen is opposed to changing single-family zoning. While he supports transit-oriented development, he would like to keep it around urban cores."


Pedersen uses waaaay to much Botox to serve on the City Council. He looks like a Stepford Wife when he smiles like that.

I mean, what if some foreign dignitary drops in to visit City Hall and sees this kind of rictus?


Gotta love the criticisms of Scott implying he has less grasp of policy than Pedersen in light of this: "Pedersen is opposed to changing single-family zoning. While he supports transit-oriented development, he would like to keep it around urban cores" and "I don't like the idea of sort of one-size-fits-all, blanket, top-down approach to zoning. I think it should be done strategically near transit frequent, reliable transit" from Pedersen.

There's now more land with access to frequent transit outside of urban villages, mostly zoned single family 5,000 (or larger) than inside. (Can't post an image here, but the map is on page 56 of the city's Urban Village Indicators Monitoring Report, available online).

His position is either woefully ignorant or willfully deceptive.

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Shaun Scott seriously wants us to consider abolishing the police? Granted, the city council's been working diligently to shrink the force back down to 1970s levels with its outright hostility to SPD. We have half the number of cops of similar size cities as it is. But to abolish them outright? That's just nutty. When there are no cops around to respond to emergencies, what's the end game look like?


@22: It's also not true. Pedersen is a liar.


Because Sawant wasn't destructive enough... Let's just destroy the entire city! I don't think Seattleites realize how much their going to be forced to pay when Scott rolls out AOCs 'New Green Deal'


Can Shaun Scott provide supporting evidence that Alex Pedersen does not believe in climate change, as he stated in this piece?

Alex states this is patently false: https://m.facebook.com/158038494349843/posts/1415805581906455/

I am alarmed that Shaun would make such a strong accusation without basis. I welcome his response.


@26 Does it matter whether he believes in climate change or not if he is "against transit measures and bike lanes"? His entire district was voting for the ST3 measure and he was against. Out.Of.Step.