Do pictures of Mark Zuckerberg where he looks like a human being simply not exist, or does the media just never use them because it is a pretty good running gag?


Narc Chucklefuck


Mark Zuckerberg is a herpe.


It's so funny, I thought his name was Mark Doucheberg. What's this "zucker" shit?

@1 - How could any such pictures exist? He's the worst 1st gen android I've ever seen.


Fine them the maximum amount, and then amend the law so violators can be charged up to $1,000,000 per violation. A billion here, a billion there, maybe Facebook will get the message.


Keep on it, Eli.


We must restructure the rule of law such that lawbreakers may not simply pay a pre-assessed risk to get out of jail, essentially free, such that they can merely budget away the initial post jucial penality in the mid-to-long-to-never-dogshit-fucking term and screw us all and endanger our very selves and identity beyond the body, making that all maket data for enslavement to material goods and likes and points of calculated dopamine. Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg, you reptilian swine equivalent. America made your cuck ass great, stop selling us out to global shitheads so you can take our collective human capital and run for the hills. We are all on the same blue boat and you cannot steer it without our feedback, consumption, and especially security. Know the power you wield and put it to cooperative and honest ends. Remember where you can from and the perverse and insecure spirit of material relative objectification we spawned from on television with ads and jingles and that power to create a world of perfect substance and achievement to the highest ends so we may cooperarively travel safely beyond this planet and sustain any danger to come with the amplified essence of a whole common good, competing as in the olympics peacefully to break records of civilization achievement, not to backslide into warlords and mob rule. It can and will be done if we are in this as one.


Even I want to punch that face. What a twerp.


Dragging Zuckerdouche from his office in handcuffs might have some minor impact on how they flaunt the law. Just kind of thinking out of the box here...


@9 - There's a German word for that!: Backpfeifengesicht


Safe bet is that the PDC caves and settles until the next time The Stranger shows Facebook flagrantly violating. Ho hum.


@11 you see Ted Cruz and Mark Zuckerberg in a face-punching lineup...


Thank you, Eli. Here's to sending Mark Zuckerberg and the entire Trump / Pence Evil Empire down in flames.


@13 - Why stop at those two?


As others have echoed...the extent to which the PDC is/isn’t doing the bidding of Facebook will be made clear by the legal action they take. A settlement of anything less than billions will have no impact, and not deter them at all. Take these motherfuckers to trial and make that shit Publix. Make them explain themselves in front of a judge. Why do we think a fine against massively wealthy corporations will change anything? They literally factor those costs into their business strategies. Damnit, it riles me up!


fb is Still too fucking big to . . .

They're awful, awful Busy over to fb;
Zucky's busy, making Billions, and don't
we all know Better (by now?) than to disturb
our Betters?

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