New Vape Ban Details: Pot Terpenes OK, Bubblegum Not So Much



Stop putting junk in your lungs.

Stick to all natural air with micro-plastic dust and oxygen which burns out your cells.

(no, seriously, stop)


Thanks for the update. I've long avoided the flavored vaping products because I believe whether it's cannabis or tobacco your smoke should taste good. A crappy steak can taste alright with enough salt but you're probably not getting a good meal. That being said, a lot people's livelihoods are being upturned by the hysteria being generated. The ban would only be temporary if it went into effect though so I would encourage people to consider the non-flavored options in the meantime. Call it a compromise.




The ads will all tell you that vaping is healthy, a way to quit smoking. The latest studies indicate that it’s even harder to quit after you switch to vaping. And vaping kills you a hell of a lot faster, too.

Why are these stupid ads on TV?

Why did the FDA allow JUUL to make specific health claims about a product that had not been tested in a proper clinical trial to see if those claims were even remotely true?

JUUL’s board of directors belong in prison. They’re not medically licensed, and yet they practiced medicine without a license when they released a product they claimed would facilitate smoking cessation.

Hers a tip, kids: don’t take health advice from people who don’t know a fucking thing about human health.


Complete bullshit. This SUCKS. We've been vaping using the same watermelon flavor for 6 years and we're fucking fine. BOTH my husband and myself. This is not going to solve anything.


Also, THERE IS NO TOBACCO in tobacco flavored vape juice. It's just another "flavor." Utterly and completely asinine.



Enjoy watermelon flavored popcorn lung.


“Evidence has emerged” from industry sources that want to sell you on a bunch of crap to keep you buying. Fuck you, Ian Eisencrap. I hope you get sued up your ass for claiming your product is safe without actual scientific evidence.


Funny how quickly liberals rail against government intervention against a industry that puts people's health at risks by making bogus and untested health claims in this one case. This kind of crap is exactly why we see tobacco companies as evil, and this is exactly what tobacco companies did when people started to realize how dangerous their products were.

Oh wait, since it is something liberals personally like, access to oily fruit vapor it is an inalienable human right, nevermind.


"Banning stuff always works!" This message brought to you by a 1919 prohibition supporter


Apple lemon cotton candy twist Vodka killing 1,000 people per day OK.
Mint flavored vape, illegal.
Jesus Fucking Christ we are witnessing mass hysteria. By the way an "outbreak" is 4 or more people with the same illness even if there is no causal link between the cases only a correlation. There is currently Zero proven link between vaping and these mystery illnesses.
Abundance of caution my ass


Did the author even read the proposed draft rules (see link below, Item #8)? The draft rules say the following:

"No person, including, but not limited to, a person licensed under chapter 70.345 RCW or chapter 69.50 RCW, may sell, offer for sale, or possess with the intent to sell or offer for sale flavored vapor products or any product that he or she knows or reasonably should know will be used with or in a vapor product to create a flavored vapor product."

" “Flavored vapor product” means any vapor product that imparts a characterizing flavor."

" "Characterizing flavor" means a distinguishable taste or aroma, or both, other than the taste or aroma of tobacco or marijuana or a taste or aroma derived from terpenes or terpenoids derived directly and solely from marijuana or hemp plants..."

"A vapor product does not have a characterizing flavor solely because of the use of additives or flavorings or the provision of ingredient information."

As written, the draft rules allow for 2 exclusions. 1. If it tastes like marijuana (IE: something like Grand Daddy Purple) the flavor additive is allowed and 2. If the flavors are derived directly from cannabis or hemp terpenes. It also clearly says a vapor product does NOT have a characterizing flavor solely because of a flavor additive.

In short, you can basically drive a Mack truck through these exclusions and the flavors will still be available as long as the flavors added taste like marijuana or the flavors come from marijuana terpenes as the author describes. I'm not certain why everyone is glossing over the first exclusion which was likely included because at the molecular level there is no difference between a terpenes that are plant/food derived vs. marijuana derived terpenes.


Ah yes, I remember back in my youth when I took that first drag of a cig, I thought, this tastes so yummy I think i'm going to smoke for the next 30 years. I'm really starting to hate both sides in politics. Liberals used to at least stay out of your personal life.