Money talks? No. Money shirks.


According to a recent report by Erica C. Barnett, the Navigation Team is infective and "only about 8 percent of people the Navigation Team contacts when they’re removing encampments—128 out of 1,583—actually end up in shelter."

Yikes! Sounds like an even worse public-health issue if the Navigation Team is infective!


Why no coverage of the expanded second Lake Union runway for polluting noisy seaplanes that the entire district is upset over? I mean, are you not paying attention to actual issues here?

I thought you'd cover it in District 4, but you didn't


I live in District 6 and haven't heard any complaining about the seaplanes, which isn't to say that I'm not opposed to them (and the helicopter tours), but it's low on my list of concerns.


Where is there not a public safety or health issue with homeless encampments in Seattle? District 6 has atrocious example of terribly unsafe places. Why allow Strauss to continue giving this non-answer? The city has to respond. If there's no Nav Team (with their supposedly "wasteful" spending), then what?? Dan is O'Brien 2.0. Not cool.


Maybe Heidi will bring all of that experience running a golf charity to bear on the homelessness issue. Free putters for everyone!


So it’s the unknown guy versus Mob Ties McGee? I vote unknown guy. Even if he doesn’t know his political ass from a hole in the ground, it’s better than government by mafia.


Bounce Wills on her bottomless.


“Will they let public outrage dictate how they legislate?”

Well, if you are trying to get elected at some point you should probably legislate in accordance with what the people who voted for you support. Right?

I mean that’s the basic definition of democracy. We vote for people based on what they support and we expect them to take action based on those positions. Otherwise we can vote against them, they get removed from office, and we can get someone else in there.

If people are outraged they probably want something done and that’s why they are voting the way they do.


Why would Heidi Wills return your calls?
Do you really think that revealing that Strauss is an O'Brien-like softy on public camping is going to help him get elected in Ballard?


@8 - No more than Watergate meant that Nixon was pro-water.


Maybe Danny Boy can explain what programs he'll sponsor when there's the inevitable disease outbreak in a long-"unswept" encampment. Of course, by then, it's too late.



Oh, so you’d rather have a fucking mafia moll on the City Council?

Look, I’ll vote for a goddamn fire hydrant dripping with your dog’s diseased urine before I vote for La Cosa Nostra. Are you kidding? She’s actually running ona platform of vote FOR the crook.

It sucks that it comes down to inexperience versus moral bankruptcy, but that’s where we are at right now. There really isn’t any other issue that matters here. Are you worried that he won’t kick the guy on the sidewalk out of his tent? Well, if it’s that or have some thug in a pinstripe suit and a Sicilian accent threatening to kill your kids the next time you forget to pay the water bill on time, fuck it, I’ll BUY the dude on the sidewalk a nice tent. The worst he can do is cast a bad vote. She, on the other hand, will give it all away to the guys who eliminate the competition in a less euphemistic way,


Strippergate was only one of many, many instances where Wills exhibited incompetent and venal behavior when she was on the council. And she hasn’t gotten any better, or even really apologized for her conduct. Whether you take bribes in an alley, or in public like Wills and Trump, its still a bribe. She’s a crook, a liar, a stooge, and a moron. And we think she deserves to go back there?


Helsinki, Finland has provided a humane and healthy way for all to address homelessness. A housing first approach which benefits all and is very successful reducing homelessness drastically.
GREED causes poverty and people suffer because of greed. Prior to the 1980s, the previous 40 years, homelessness was rare and brief. Cheap rooms were available etc. Not now. That has ended due to corporatizing housing.
Housing is a human right, as is water, medical services and food it is international law which is violated by this political system.

How many more people must die in the streets because of greed and the cruelty of ignorance and inhumanity?


The city’s sweeps are wasting our money and causing more misery. The city is just driving people from pillar to post and doesn’t offer constructive resolutions.

The millions wasted could be spent on housing and services that enhance the lives of people. It would make the city a better place,

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