Slog PM: What's Happening with Seattle Magazine? Is Bernie Sanders Quitting? Who Killed Joshua Brown?



Snow in Snoqualmie? Can't be, global warming and all.


@5 You've got to work a little harder than that these days, Feebles.


The trolls are breeding like rats, apparently.
Or is it Veminazi?


Never forgetchyur Rs.


I love Bernie dearly, always have, but at this point he should probably endorse Warren and call it quits. He may recover physically (and I fervently hope he does) but I don't think he can ever recover politically. People will always be nervous about him.


"Another black man dead. And now three black men are heading to prison (they will not get hugs or 10 years). We should just give up at this point and release the white woman before more black men end up dead or in prison." (Mudede)

"Police confiscated 12 pounds of marijuana, 149 grams of THC cartridges and $4,157 in cash during a search of Brown's home..."

What? As I understand the story, a cop walked into the wrong apartment, thought some guy eating ice cream was an intruder in her home and shot him dead. Poor reaction on the part of a trained officer. Under the law that applies to all, that's manslaughter (?) and ten years in prison sounds about right. I haven't followed the story closely but from what I've read, it was a tragic accident. Would the cop have reacted differently if the ice cream eater were white? I don't know. Somebody told me that she was a bigot. It's true that people - including cops - of all races are afraid of young black men and stereotype them as violent.

Most of the time - the vast majority of the time - when a young black men dies violently, it's because he was shot by another young black man. I don't understand Mudede's reaction. The subsequent killing of witness Brown just sounds like another drug deal gone bad.

The most dangerous thing to a young black man is another young black man.


I like a lot of Bernie's ideas just fine. But he just had a heart attack and he's 78 fucking years old. He's done. Move on.


Either Bernie quits before the voting starts or Biden gets the nomination, Hunter crap be damned. He has too many rich donors and delegate opportunities. Warren’s the only one who can stop him now, but she’ll need the Bernie people all in to make the groundswell happen.


Huh. Dreamguyz good, Bikini Baristas bad?


Just saw a billboard on the Ballard Bridge for

Love the video. You go, Sal! He's like the piscine answer to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.


Bernie needs lots of rest if he is to follow his doctor's orders to heal his heart, which is incongruous with running for president.


Bernie, you didn't hafta go quite that far to prove that you, unlike Fake Prez, actually Have a heart. We can see it in your tirelsess Decades of working for We, the People.

Thank you for moving the 'democratic' party back to the middle.


Mentioned this in a thread a few months ago, but will do so again... Both Bernie and Handsy Joe would be older upon taking the oath of office than Reagan was upon leaving it. And even Warren isn't all that much younger, though I think she's the pretty obvious choice among the three of them for a multitude of reasons. Feel like it's gotta be either her or HJ at this point, hope tu fuck whichever one it is can bring it home..


*hope to fuck, of course


With me, it’s Bernie or bust.

I did in fact vote for Jill Stein in 2016. I’ll do it again in 2020, if Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot.

There will be many others such as myself.

Yell all you want, I don’t fucking care.


@12 Numerous polls have shown that Biden is the second choice for Bernie’s voters. Why are you assuming they’ll all go to Warren?


"When is Bernie dropping out?"

Bernie raises the most money in Quarter 3 (All from small donations), Bernie has over a million unique donors, (more than any of his opponents. Bernie has a large grassroots network that made 1 million phone calls in a 9-day period.

It is going to be enjoyable to watch the reactions when he wins it all.


I have complete respect for Bernie Sanders but he'll be 79 this time next year and the average life expectancy for men is around 76 years (and going down). Of the three democratic frontrunners, only one of them should be reasonably expected to live out a term or two. Think about people you know who are around 80 years old and consider that the presidency is one of, if not the most demanding jobs on the planet. How many of them do you think can handle that?


@21, Bernie voters backing Biden instead of Warren either don’t actually believe in Bernie’s philosophies, or they’re sexists who don’t want to vote for a woman.


@21 I call bullshit. Biden is the polar opposite of Sanders.


Why are businesses destroyed by an internal electrical fire required to have a GoFundMyAss again? If they obey the law they are correctly insured and all that shall shake out.
Unless they need cash flow for certain, ahem creature comforts, that require cash.


Dreamguyz, because there aren't enough pubes in your coffee now.


Bernie will drop out (or drop dead) soon. 80 year old's don't bounce back from heart attacks. At least not on the campaign trail. Question is... where will the Bernie Bros go?

Meanwhile... Biden is getting bogged down by Ukraine (arguably more so than Trump... They were both shoe-ins for their party's nomination before someone blew a whistle. Biden... Not so much so now).

Sometimes I like to play a little game called "Who Benefits Most"... I'm giving even odds to the whistle-blower being a Warren supporter. Or maybe Hillary's team is playing a long game for a late entry... She's been "joking" about running again, (and we all know she has no sense of humor).


@30 not sure where you get your news (lol kidding of course i know where you get your news) but support for impeachment is approaching 60% less than 2 weeks in and trump’s approval rating is underwater in every battleground state, and we still haven’t seen the actual transcript of the call or any of the other transcripts his staff broke protocol to hide from the public

But yeah having a heart attack is probably going to be a setback for the sanders campaign


I was just speaking to who is likely to be running in the general election after the primaries. Are you suggesting that you think Trump is less likely than Biden to be on that ballot?

I'm sure Trump will be impeached. I'm also sure that the Senate will make very short time of dismissing the charges. Which voter base these events will motivate most is still in question.


you said biden is “getting bogged down by ukraine arguably more so than trump” - whether senate republicans are dumb enough to whistle past that graveyard is not even a question worth asking, but the belief that this scandal is somehow worse for biden than trump is even more graveyard-whistling, unless you think simply being on the ballot is the only endpoint that matters, in which case GREAT POINT albeit naively shortsighted


I wager that most Bernie support will go to Warren, as she has had the best optics on the campaign trail and cooperation with him. Whatever people in Texas might think of Warren, I happen to believe she will garner far more support from the Bernie bloc than Biden, and now that the party is united on the impeachment issue and galvanized with justified bipartisan anger, good luck sewing division now that Bernie's policies are on the lips of every candidate running against Trump in some form or fashion. Bernie will continue to be a devastating force for change in the Senate. His work is done and he will take on the role of martyr for the cause that is now championed by millions and their cumulative campaign contributions.

And it's so transparent how villified Bernie is in the mainstream media. If you can get halfway through the cloy orchestrated campaign soundtrack, there is far more truth than what is reported to his efforts:

Bernie or bust if you must, but remember that he is statesman with a crystal clear policy agenda and his entire campaign is based on moving our country forward, not being another self-destructive cult of personality.


I think that the more people ask what were Hunter's qualifications for a $50k a month "job" from Ukraine and a $1.5 billion "investment" from China (other than being Joe's son) the fewer people will be distressed about Trump asking the same question. (Didn't Joe know that in government you are expected to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, and that knowing his Son's (absolutely 100% legitimate) business ties with Ukraine and China, he should have recused himself from those issues?). Of course there is always going to be a base for impeachment. It was there before his inauguration.

The more interesting question to me is this: Assuming that Trump is an impeachment walking, and commits impeachable offenses on a daily, nay, hourly basis, why is this offense, one with lots of collateral damage to Biden, the one that concerns this (obviously) well placed whistle-blower the most... I think both Trump and Biden are the target of this whistle-blower... As evidenced by the damage it has inflicted on both of them.

And for the record, knowing the Senate will not remove him, I am completely for impeachment as a useful catalyst to energize "the basket of deplorables." So you can put me in that 60% (and I'm not unique among the Trump supporters I know in that opinion).

I also can't help but believe that every time a Democrat defends Hunter's profits off of his father's government position, they weaken the charge that Trump's kids profit off of their father's government position. (After all, what's emoluments for the goose, is emoluments for the gander).


Opps... 35 should have been @33 not @32.


I don’t see anyone rushing to defend biden beyond the acknowledgement that everything was legal and that there was bipartisan agreement at the time that the ukrainian prosecutor was corrupt. If we want to have a conversation about cronyism and nepotism in government I think most liberals would be on board but your head is up your ass if you don’t see what kind of problems that creates for republicans given the president’s reliance on his disastrously unqualified children for no other reason than because he can’t trust anyone else.

Anyway voting hasn’t even started for dems and biden is far from a shoe-in and meanwhile republicans are in a suicide pact with trump so your concern is appreciated but woefully misplaced.


If he drops out or loses the nom (more likely IMO) then the majority of his supporters will vote for Biden or Warren or whoever, just like the majority voted for Hillary. Some will not, but they never would've in the first place- that's what people keep misunderstanding. It's not like people who would vote Bernie protest against the other candidates and withhold a vote that the Dem would've gotten. They come out for a leftist because they agree with him and not for a liberal because they don't. If Bernie had not been running, they still wouldn't have voted for Hillary. Personally, I'll vote for whoever the nom is in the general, but as long as Bernie is in, I'll vote for him. And it doesn't really matter if he dies in office- I'm not voting for his personality, I'm voting for his movement and I trust he'l have a good VP pick- be it Turner or Khanna or Yulin Cruz, etc.

I do think impeachment hearings will hurt Biden- it reveals political corruption on both sides that people are sick of. And he is Bernie's age and has had brain surgery so I don't see why people aren't calling for him to drop out. He's way more of a liability.

I prefer Warren to Biden but I think effectively they will be the same once in office so I don't really care that much which of them it is. If Bernie does drop out (and I don't think he will), I'm not sure if I'll vote for a Dem candidate in the primary. I liked Warren better a few months ago before I learned so much about her. But in the general, I'll vote for any of them.



respek, westside.


@32 HAHAHAHA Just two weeks ago you were squeeeeeeling that impeachment was "nothing burger."


Actually... 2 weeks ago my prediction was:

"The House votes to impeach, the Senate doesn't do jack shit, Biden, also implicated in the investigation, drops out to "spend more time with this family," Trump claims victory, his base is so mobilized by what they see as an unfair attack on their man that they show in mass numbers on election day, while Hillary, sensing that moderate Democrats won't support Socialist/Progressive extremist Elizabeth Warren swoops in to save the day, secures the nomination, and having learned nothing from 2016, loses again."

It remains unchanged.


@41 You whack-loons from the Fascist Right are truly delusional.


I don't know. Things change quickly now, but I think @41's analysis is probably correct.

In fact, I think anyone who actually believes that a 2/3 majority of the Senate is going to find Trump guilty of anything is either delusional or has a childishly immature faith in the integrity of very corrupt & antidemocratic institutions of power.

Likewise, I agree that the exposure of how the upper echelons of power such as the Bidens use the reach of our empire to secure wealth and opportunity for their fail sons will hurt his chances. I think people will have two responses to it. Half the libs will see Biden as a poor persecuted hero. The other half will be disgusted with him. I think the Pelosis of the world will go for the first half. Anyone who believes that FBI agents are heroes or that Pelosi's golf clap at Trump was sarcastic (it was earnest) will probably see Biden as the underdog - but most of those people, though they defend Biden, will prefer Warren anyway, not because of the impeachment but just because she's Obama 2.0 (without the charisma).

So what you do is chip away at Biden's potential voter base without increasing anyone else's. Given Bernie's health condition, some libs leaning to him will now also go to Warren. This was unexpected and a real shame, but it happened, and it's natural that some voters will leave him and it will be harder to bring new ones on board.

The result- Trump stays in office and he runs against Warren. And Warren, being a thin-skinned nerd who flip-flops on many things with a history of being conservative doesn't do well in the general with anyone except those liberals who've been hard for her all along.

Does she win? I think it's equally as likely that she could win as it is that she could lose. She has no strategy for broader appeal than Hillary had but she also has less baggage than Hillary.

Again things could change, but the changes are not going to include Trump being found guilty in impeachment hearing- it blows my mind how many liberals think it will. Who are these two dozen Republican senators that you think are going to vote- in an election year- to remove a popular sitting Republican president from office? What fucking world are you in? Grow the fuck up.


BTW by correct, I meant about the impeachment. I don't think Hillary is going to jump in, honestly I don't. There's no reason- Warren can take her place. And I don't think Biden will drop out either but it is possible, depending on how things pan out.