what 100 story mixed income residential tower will we be building in Ballard where the block burnt down? I'm already missing the restaurant there


So, we pay a rich guy’s attorney’s fees, and get nothing in return. In exchange for the city not abusing any more laws to inconvenience him, he’ll sell to the highest bidder.

What was worth $1M of our money, again?


Why did we fight to save the Showbox? I never understood that, even though it was my own political party that led the effort.


Our tax dollars at work ! Yippee!


@3 I'm not sure either. I have a couple of decent memories of the place but many more of Seattle venues long gone with more attachment to local music history. It will be missed, but did it deserve to be an exception to the rules?


@2 - His money - his property. Sorry you are so triggered but this is business. Perhaps you ought to be upset at that brilliant PhD mind Sawant - the one with a "degree" in economics


Cue Kshama shrieking about what a huge "victory" this is for her 'movement'. Like losing money on each sale, but making it up on volume.


Sawant needs a new battle cry:

"When we fight, they win."


@5 He wins over 3/4 of his cases.


Here's hoping Historic Seattle, or whoever ends up with the rights, can't raise the $41M in time and we get to see that dump torn down.


It's done nobody is going to save it for $41 mil and no way the preservation board moves ahead and puts controls on it. Because, the city just placed a $41 million value on the building and if the board puts controls on it, Forbes is free to sue for the agreed upon $41 million value. The funny part will be Sawant and Herbold blaming everyone but themselves.


Have the Save the Showbox folks been doing any fundraising? Or were they simply counting on this all being sorted out through spot zoning and public funding from regressive taxes?


If you’re in politics long enough, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. This was one of ours. We should own it, learn from it, and not make the same mistake again,

Socialists should,not be in the business of supporting billionaire business owners. Why we worked so hard to keep this man in business in Seattle, I don’t know. All,I can say is, I think everyone by now realizes it wasn’t a wise decision.


Impressively, the city can still get sued for the full $41M, and Forbes can sell the building for a 44-story tower. All it takes is for the Landmarks Preservation Board to continue the bitterly obstinate path our City Council started.

@7, @17: Yes, those were my points. Gold stars to both of you, and you make take recess in the playground before the others do.

@16: If you believe for an instant anyone responsible for this debacle will take any responsibility for it, then the kindest thing we can say about you is, you haven’t been paying much attention. See @9 for a preview of the likely response.

@15: No, someone else will give it all to them, because they want it, that’s why.


think of all the homeless that could have been helped with that $1,000,000. that is the sad part of the story. thanks Council!


@19: To our City Council, the homeless are nothing more than livestock, to be trotted out as sympathy-engendering props when it’s time to tax our jobs to feed the Homeless-Industrial Complex. Other than that, they can all go die slowly on our streets, for all our Council actually cares.


Yes leftist city council, you have to follow the law too. You bash Trump, but are lawless yourself!



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