If you're going to boycott a business in Seattle based upon Republican donations, you might want to start with Dick's.


Forever proud to be gay Republican.

(and God bless Ronald and Nancy Reagan)


Look, there are are thousands of cheez-eating fuckers twice as pretty and twice as smart ready to take his business' place. Why promote someone who has demonstrated their contempt for you already, not just with words but with MONEY? MONEY that came from said "community".


@ Raindrop - the alleged "proud republican" - hiding in anonymity?
Doesn't seem so proud to me.


@4 I'm sure his friends, family and colleagues are well aware of his political leanings. I know a few gay conservatives, not Trumpists, but folks who are generally socially liberally, fiscally conservative. They're some of the most open minded people I know, unlike ideologically rigid leftists.

It's probably the perpetually-outraged-mob he's avoiding and who wouldn't? They're a scourge of intolerance in today's society.


You should not care,
Unless you are willing to see stores, institutions, and people you like boycotted because they're democrats.

When you are making policy, always assume that you will become victim of it someday.


/rant begin

Wealth and privilege make it easier to ignore the plights of those less fortunate. Wealthy people don't have to worry as much about discrimination. Wealthy people can get great healthcare anywhere. Wealthy people can get abortions even if they're illegal. Etc.

Republicans stand for different things at different times, but the one thing they never change is ensuring wealthy people: 1) Stay wealthy and, 2) Become even more wealthy through lower taxes and less regulation. The poor and the unfortunate and the underprivileged can go fuck themselves. Preferably away from where wealthy people are. Politicians use not-so-secret language to let the wealthy know that they'll keep the poors away from them and also do everything in their power to make them wealthier. Politicians are explicitly selfish and greedy that way. They have to be explicit so their supporters will know where they really stand, but their wealthy supporters are implicitly selfish and greedy in the same way. They make big talk about how much they care about the needy but they don't put their money where their mouth is (except for making nominal donations to charity that are more about tax-free deductions than about helping the poor). Wealthy and privileged liberals and other non-conservatives often fall victim to this mentality as well. All you have to do is go back to the last presidential election and hear liberals talk about hoping Donnie Trump gets elected so that "revolution will happen" or to "teach the DNC a lesson." Never mind that the election of a republican will further destroy the lives of minorities, no, it's more important to make a moral stand, even if that stand annihilates the poors they claim to care so much about... at least THEY'LL be ok. Point is, everyone is greedy and selfish. Everyone. Wealth and power simply magnify those characteristics. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That's why a gay business owner would vote republican. He knows HE'LL personally be safe from anti-LGBTQ discrimination. His wealthy minority friends will be safe too. The less fortunate gays? Terribly sad and all, but all those tax cuts his newly elected politician just gave businesses like his will surely help ease his sadness.

/rant over


No, we don't!


@8 Funny, I know wealthy people (and by wealthy, I mean assets well over a million, high income earners), and none of them think like that.

Maybe you should get out more and make new friends, meet new people.


It might be hard for some in the activist community to understand but not everyone let's their genitals and how they like to play with them determine their politics. They're often called "adults".


I bet you don't know them as well as you think you do


@14 I'm related to a few of them, so yes, I know them well. All decent people. Envy is such an ugly characteristic my friend. Seek help.

By the way, even the New York Times is reporting how the rich are increasingly becoming solid democrat voters, poor districts increasingly republican.

" In The Atlantic, Yascha Mounk, a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins SNF Agora Institute, characterized these progressive activists as:

Much more likely to be rich, highly educated — and white. They are nearly twice as likely as the average to make more than $100,000 a year. They are nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree. And while 12 percent of the overall sample in the study is African-American, only 3 percent of progressive activists are.""


@8 thank you


Just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you really know who they are. And people can still be decent and selfish at the same time... most people are.

Who said I envied any of them?

As for the rest of what you wrote, not sure what the point of that was.


Fuck the Gender Justice League. I'm a 25+ year queer activist and I'm fucking DISGUSTING by whiny faggot liberals who bitch and moan about Republican homophobia, but never have a bad word to say about the Democratic Party's homophobia. Patty Murray voted for DOMA and y'all liberal fags have been nothing but kind to her ever since. My enemy is HOMOPHOBIA, no matter where it comes from. Y'all are just self-promoting partisan hacks.


I think that the Democrats should continue down the road to moral and ideological purity of their side. Nothing says "Seattle" like organizing an online mob to consider protesting a small locally run business.

Democrats really are the moral leaders of our time.


Republicans are horrible people, and Thumper's was a terrible place. I can't speak for Union. But I do think it says something that he has left the party.



"Democrats really are the moral leaders of our time."

It's hard to top "grab em by the pussy"


@21: Really, saw a lot of great drag performances at Thumpers. Or maybe you were just ordering well drinks?


@22: Donald Trump was a true blue democrat until he hijacked the republican party. So you can't blemish the GOP with his quotes from those days.


That's ok, he's got plenty of quotes that blemish the GOP from these days too.


How about putting a cigar in your intern’s vagina in the Oval Office... I’d say actually doing that tops saying much of anything.


Or... how about giving us both Don’t Ask Don’t Tell AND the Defense Of Marriage Act.


Raindrop dear, Thumper's had a horrible restaurant with a wonderful pianist (RIP Marge), and a long bar that did not lend itself to drag acts. Perhaps you are thinking of the Brass Rail/Connection, with its equally horrible restaurant but much larger bar?

Kidding dear, why do you have a problem with a cigar in a vagina where there was mutual consent? And what sort of profile in courage would you have presented in lieu of DADT and DOMA? Have you forgotten the political climate in the country at that time? We all know that Republicans are horrible people, but we didn't suspect that their dementia was that far along....


@28 "but we didn't suspect that their dementia was that far along...."

You were barely in your 20s during the late Reagan years, Dear, so we'll forgive you for not paying much attention to old men on TV at the time.



Ignoring your whattaboutism...

Dude, the guy @20 said "Democrats are the moral leaders of our time" to which I replied with a reference to our current president. You know, the president "of our time," not the president 20 years ago.

Try to keep up.

And yes, Raindrop reminded us that Donnie said that a while ago but if you need a refresher on some of the immoral stuff he's said and/or done in the last couple months, I think you're gonna be more than satisfied.


@30 - That's fair - my only point being that Donald was never an organic classic republican.

@28: Yeah, their restaurant was poor, but there was some drag vocals - not performances like at the Re-bar. I liked it because it had lots of space to mingle around. I think the house vodka was Monarch, which is a blemish on any bar.

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