Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is currently waging a humanitarian crisis on the Kurdish people.
Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is currently waging a military campaign on the Kurdish people. Drew Angerer/ Getty Images

The 737 MAX is taking to the skies again: According to the expert on all things Boeing, American Airlines. The airline said that it will start gradually phasing the MAX into its commercial flights on January 16. The Federal Aviation Administration, on the other hand, has not confirmed this date.

Nine-year-old charged with first-degree murder: An Illinois child has been charged with first-degree murder for lighting a fire in a mobile home that killed five people: three children and two adults. Investigators believe the fire was lit intentionally. This case has opened up a can of worms: Essentially, how young is too young to be charged with murder? Prosecutors will have to be able to prove the child's intent to kill in order to convict on first-degree murder charges. Do 9-year-olds even fully comprehend death at that age? Can they premeditate a murder?

Turkey is already mobilizing: Turkey's planned military incursion into the Kurdish region is starting. President Donald Trump has pulled American support from the Kurdish militia that helped the United States fight ISIS in Syria for eight years. The Kurds warned that this move would result in a humanitarian disaster since Turkey has no goal other than wiping out the Kurds. Other issues at play besides, obviously, the mass murder of an entire people, are that the Kurdish militia has a bunch of ISIS fighters held captive. It is not clear and has not been discussed what will happen to them. Additionally, the decision to pull out of Syria came after a phone call between Trump and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan also received an invitation for a visit to the White House. Exactly the deal Ukraine wanted: military aid, state visit.

BREAKING: Turkey is carrying out air strikes: There's panic in the region. Civilians are fleeing border towns.

A Goodwill tragedy: A semitruck backing into Seattle's Goodwill Outlet's loading dock killed a man. The man, who was not a Goodwill employee, was in the bushes next to the building. He was pinned to the wall by the truck and killed.

But wait, Boeing is still grounded: More Boeing planes have been grounded. This time, it's not the 737 MAX aircraft but the 737 Next Generation. Apparently, the Next Generations are having a hard time making it through this generation. Almost 30 older NG planes were found to have cracks in their wings.

Today is the coldest Seattle morning in about six months: After yesterday's deluge, the rest of the week will be sunny, dry, and bone-chillingly cold. Meanwhile, there is snow blanketing Eastern Washington, and Spokane schools are closed.

A clean fleet: King County Council member Jeanne Kohl-Welles wants to electrify all King County Metro buses by 2030. That's 10 years earlier than the deadline of King County executive Dow Constantine's current plan. Kohl-Welles is currently running for reelection. Her opponent, Abigail Doerr, is big on transit and said, “This is awesome. This is why I ran, to push elected officials to take stronger action. I think this is an election year stunt.” Kohl-Welles replied, “I would be doing it if I weren’t in a campaign right now."

The world is chaos and so are all of our sex lives: Look, 2019 is bad for so many reasons. I can't even remember all the bad shit that's happening because it keeps piling on top of other bad shit. But what's up, guys? Chlamydia is at an ALL TIME HIGH with 1.7 million cases reported. Gonorrhea cases have risen 5 percent, and syphilis, the sexually transmitted disease our fucking forefathers got, has risen 15 percent. Shockingly, the upticks coincide with public health funding cuts and clinic closures.

If that wasn't clear, here's this video:

Which reminds me of this video: Icons. All of them.

Can Russia just chill for a goddamn minute? A Russian spy unit has been trying to destabilize Europe for the past decade. The unit's name (very uncreative) is Unit 29155, and Western security has only just caught wind of it. No one really knows much about what's been going down, besides that it's annoying and we'd all like it to stop. Also, that the group was likely responsible for the attempted killing of a former Russian spy last year in Britain and stuff pertaining to "propaganda, hacking, and disinformation."

Senator lit on fire in Florida: A woman was smoking meth when she lit the Senator on fire. That's the name of a historic 125-foot tree. She had climbed inside the hollow of the 3,500-year-old cypress tree to light up, and the campfire she had lit to see better burned it all down. This happened in 2012. She was recently arrested again, in 2019 the year of our lord, for drug trafficking.

Hong Kong gamer penalized: Activision Blizzard, a gaming company, just kowtowed to China to preserve business interests. The company suspended an e-sports player for a year who vocally supported the Hong Kong protests in a live broadcast. The professional Hearthstone player was also forced to forfeit $10,000 in prize money. Now the gamers will really rise up.

I'm exhausted: Anyone else subtly grinding their teeth while reading this? Or just me while writing? This may just be a "me problem." Either way, I could use a brief reprieve. Here's a majestic deer securing a snack:

What is this? A crossover episode? Russian, North Korean State Media Team Up to Fight "Fake News."

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