"Flavored vaping helped me quit smoking"

Sorry dumbshit. Vaping is just a douchier, dumber looking kind of smoking. You didn't "quit" anything.


I try, but these folks are just exceedingly difficult to sympathize with.

I do wonder if shop owners insurance would help to mitigate their losses?


Really won't solve anything now we'll have bath tub brew flavored e-cigs.

Prohibition has never worked (obviously) and never will.

... The white people thought their kids were dying before they just care to understand


I know at least a dozen people who quit smoking before vaping was even an option, and never went back.

Can we please stop pretending vaping is the only smoking cessation option available, or even a particularly good one?



I definitely get the impression this was as much about the flavored products appeal to children, as it was the recent spate of illnesses and deaths. And I've heard people dispute the appeal to children angle, though I've gotta say a clear correlation certainly seems logical.


@5 Agree. I quite 15ish years of pack-a-day smoking before vaping was an option and there's no way I would have considered it as part of the process, had it been around. Other than a system of delivering nicotine, they just aren't the same thing. Also, cigarettes don't taste like cotton candy. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.

(I could explain why I don't think vaping is a remedy to smoking for 10 paragraphs but I've taken us far enough into anecdote land)

Also, until these things started collapsing lungs I could've given two shits who sold them. Perhaps the FDA needs to reevaluate its relationship with these products.


@1 Exactly.
I can't understand the attraction of vaping - you're sucking in concentrated nicotine, which is a poisonous substance that has been used to kill people, while looking totally ridiculous. So weird.


I think we should let these members of the "vaping community" continue along the path they've chosen. Darwin, and all that......



Abortion and marijuana have been around for, studied, debated and legislated for hundreds of years. We're not at that many months yet for vaping products. This really doesn't strike me as draconian and unreasonable.


Damn fellas, save some ass for the rest of us!


@9 The dose makes the poison. Do you not drink any caffeinated beverages? Did you not know that's a poison? At high enough levels it is, just like nicotine. And consumption of reasonable amounts of caffeine is fine, just like nicotine.

The problem with tobacco isn't the nicotine. It's the tar. Just like the problem with coke isn't the caffeine. It's the sugar.


@13 Nicotine is a poison even In the tobacco plant, where it serves as an insecticide. What you're enjoying when you take the drug recreationally is the sensation of briefly feeling like a bug beginning to die.

(caffeine, fwiw, is added to the nectar of various plants, where it stimulates memory in pollinators. Your recreational sensation is that of a bug suddenly remembering where all the flowers are).


M E M B E R S O F T H E V A P E C O M M U N I T Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

If I steal Monster Energy drinks out of their lowered and/or raised pick up trucks is that a hate crime?



The human brain does not fully develop until around the age of 25 or so. This is why car insurance is more expensive for younger drivers, even if they are legal adults. Regardless of what the law says, physiologically people under 25 do not have all the neurons they will acquire over their lives. This of course doesn’t mean that or individual doesn’t have more brains than another, it just means that on average most young people exhibit very poor judgement because they’re physically incapable of doing better.

Tobacco companies exploit this. Packaging is in bright colors, flavorings are ones that wouldn't appeal to my 46 year old self- not much of a market for Captain Crunch flavored vapes in the soon-to-be-AARP crowd. It’s Joe Camel all over again.

Now, just as you would think it unconscionable to force a quadriplegic to run a 5K marathon, it’s unconscionable to force people with underdeveloped brains to resist advertising that is designed specifically to exploit their weaknesses and manipulate them. It’s like sending a serial rapist into a bar full of patrons whose drinks have all been laced with roofies and just shrugging it off, saying, well.... Darwin......


@13: Consuming ~100 eight-ounce servings of potable water in an hour might kill you, too, but water is necessary for life. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and should be used carefully, but there are no dire effects known from moderate uses.

Neither beneficial statement can be made about nicotine.


We are witnessing mass hysteria. The head of the CDC says the link is from illegal vapes. So let's ban legal ones..


I'm more happy about this, which has been needed for along time

The LCB is also planning on requiring all vape producers to disclose any kind of compounds, chemicals, additives, or cutting agents used in their products.


"The cause of the mysterious lung illness is unknown but could be due to any number of harmful metals, pesticides, or other compounds like vitamin E acetate which have been found in black market vapes." And this is going to reduce black-market vapes? I think not.

Besides, if they really wanted to ban something they knew was killing people at a much larger rate, they'd just ban cigarettes. Guess there's no vaping lobby yet?


@14 that is beautiful



You're wrong about nicotine. It's a mild analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It's as much a stimulant as caffeine (with similar vasoconstricting effects). It's been shown to promote mental health, especially in cases of early alzheimers.

What hasn't been proven about nicotine is that it's a carcinogen (because it's not -- it can, in certain circumstances where cancer is already present, act as an accelerant, but it does not cause cancer in and of itself), nor any other "dire effects from moderate use".

As for it being a pesticide, again, the dose makes the poison. Yes, it takes less nicotine than water to kill you, but you also ingest a proportionately smaller amount of nicotine.


The future of protest, folks: Don't take away my candy! Waaaaaa! OR my bug spray! Waaaaaa!

@13 - "the problem with coke isn't the caffeine."
No. The problem with coke is the levamisole. Oh, and the tiny enormous problem that it's manufactured by farmers under duress (even death) from guerilla paramilitaries to fund their operations because it is highly lucrative, thanks to its near-universal illegal status.
Coke cut with sugar is a fast-track to a sinus infection, son.


@17 - The problem with nicotine is that it's ADDICTIVE in small doses. And it changes the mind of the user so they create any rationalization to keep using it, under nearly any circumstances.


It’s so weird what is a community these days.

The vaping community? What?

So does this mean there is a community of people who chew grape flavored Snapple or mint chewing gum?

Fuck it, go move to Idaho and die of lung disease if you can’t handle a Washington’s public health code. This is a State here we protect consumers against corporate greed, and corporations like Juul are making bank by selling you idiots on the idea that there is a community that only exists to consume its product and pay it to kill members of that same community with the product they only exist to consume.


Nicotine is the most highly addictive narcotic stimulant ever discovered. Adding candy flavors is an obvious attempt to enslave children to a lifelong addiction, disease, disability and premature death.Should have outlawed flavors and added high taxes from the start.


Most of the kids that are vaping aren't using nicotine. The ejuice comes in many strengths of nicotine but the kids like to vape the sweet flavors without nicotine. Fun fact: drug addicts also vape their meth combined with ejuice. Virtually impossible to detect. How did I stumble on all of the above information? My own child enlightened me.


So your child uses meth?

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