Slog PM: Sanders Promises to Get "Very Vigorous," #RVGate, 26 Rotten Cores



No one congratulated Mike O'Brien when he gave birth to a zombie junkie invasion.


It's so considerate of the Dewey Decimal System to classify cattle mutilations, UFOs, Bigfoot, spontaneous human combustion, the Loch Ness Monster, bitcoin, ghosts, ESP, levitation, faith healing, numerology, and every other form of balderdash and hokum under 001. That way, when you go in and start to read a library, you dispose with the crap before moving on to the rest.


It’s older than you think. Soundgarden released a country/punk hybrid called Ty Cobb all the way back in 1997.

The best thing about getting old is, everything that seems new to younger folks is really just a rehash of stuff you’ve already seen.


@2 and right next to 000 computer science. Can't argue.


@3 speaking of which, we're rehashing devil-worshipping cattle mutilators now? What's up next, McMartin Preschool II?


@3 ...and Meat Puppets II came out before Soundgarden were old enough to vote.

Maybe C&W and pop drifted away from each other briefly while we weren't looking? There was never much separating them when Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, late Johnny Cash, etc etc were in commercial radio rotation.




He needs to bow out gracefully and take care of himself, if not for his own sake then for the sake of his family.

Nobody wants to see him clutch at his chest and drop dead standing at a campaign podium. But I guess his massive ego won't let him relinquish the spotlight. Sigh. Apparently, he's as full of hubris The Donald. In addition to his age and health, that's one more reason he shouldn't be President.


All this Bernie Hate.

He's fought for Progressive Values for
fawking Decades; no one else even comes close.

Yeah, let's hear it for the Centrist
who's gonna hand it all back to el trumpfo.

Excellent Plan.


@1 snappy, actually funny comic comment from the right wing troll! Fucking finally connected with one. Congrats, buy yourself a Budweiser/Mountain Dew/tears of an immigrant toddler torn from its mother or whatever the fuck you people drink to celebrate.


@9 I'm probably center left, and out of Biden, Warren and Sander I'm with you, give me Bernie all day. Good man, smart guy.


@9: Nobody hates Bernie. Just that Bernie supporters typically extrapolate anyone's lack of Bernie worship as hate.


His body and the universe are telling the Bern it's time to relinquish the stage. And the people who keep urging him on (or whining about him possibly exiting) are not doing it out of concern for his well-being or the well-being of his family.

Okay, all you bleeding progressives on the Bernie or Bust team, why don't one of you pick up the baton and run for office? Or are you all just "comment-only" progressives?


@9 I'll admit I don't have the full details, but I sort of doubt Bernie's heart attack was caused by yet another secret centrist plot.


What a shame, Bernie won’t be able to run out of other people’s money and bring back rationing.


Sanders says: the fossil fuel industry knew “climate change was real” but instead of acting it had “built phoney thinktanks, put stooges on TV and lied over and over to the American people about the facts”.

"What do you do with the executives who destroyed the planet to fill their own pockets? When I’m president, you better believe we’re going to bring criminal charges against them.”


I think Bernie really should drop out and retire to one of his three homes that all good Socialists should own while bitching about everyone's carbon foot print.


Seattle had a "traffic czar?"

And they were getting paid $195k per year???

Can I apply for the now vacant position?

I'm totally qualified: I'm impacted by traffic as a driver, a pederstian, a cyclist, and a tranist-rider - each category at least once a week.

And as a driver, I contribute to the traffic!!!

I think I'd make a compelling candidate for the position.

Besides, based on the complete lack of results delivered by Mike Worden, it's a slam-dunk that I'll be at least as good at the job as he was!


What, no mention that it was Seattle's very own Ali G, "Spek", who first spotted the RV outside Herbold house and Tweet a photo of it accusing Hoffman of putting it there?


"The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me "

" just 20 fossil fuel companies, some owned by states, some by shareholders, have produced 35% of the carbon dioxide and methane released by human activities since 1965. This was the year in which the president of the American Petroleum Institute told his members that the carbon dioxide they produced could cause “marked changes in climate” by the year 2000. They knew what they were doing."


"[A]dvertisements by Shell and Exxon create the misleading impression that they’re switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy. In reality, Shell’s annual report reveals that it invested $25bn in oil and gas last year. But it provides no figure for its much-trumpeted investments in low-carbon technologies."


@21 & 22

Global warming Tourettes?


@20 I wouldn't call Spek Seattle's Ali G. Yes, he's almost as ignorant and arrogant as the Ali G character, but Ali G was at least funny.


@23 You deniers are going to get creamed on climate change in 2020 as Republican constitutencies in agriculture country (mid-west, SE) are getting hammered and it's plain obvious your kind has been lying to the public for decades.
Extreme ‘Flash Drought’ Hits Farmers in the Southeast

Conservatives with a little common sense at least pay lip service to the issue but rear-guard extremists like you are probably too fucking stupid or old to give a shit about anything but themselves.


@25 Tough morning? Step outside, the weather is actually quite nice.


@26 fuck off, stupid troll


ExxonMobil CEO dismisses electric vehicles: ‘What’s the point?’

what a surprise? Is the dude panicking a little or something?



Nevermind, all them

The Climate's

Go, Kochs!
Klean Koal


"Family on SC vacation pulls 44 pounds of cocaine from ocean"

Wow. Just like winning the Lottery!
Next time, maybe don't tell THE MEDIA.