Try the juicy Sears Parking Lot Ribeye.
Try the juicy Sears Parking Lot Rib Eye. Bogdan Kurylo/Getty Images

Bye-bye flavored vapes: We hardly knew ye. The Washington State Board of Health unanimously approved Governor Jay Inslee's ban on flavored vape products. Vapers galore showed up to protest the vote on Tuesday. The ban comes after a slew of vape-related lung illnesses and a smattering of deaths. Vape flavors have not been proven to be related to these illnesses. However, the thought is that kids like flavors, and banning the flavors will make kids less likely to vape. The vapers at the meeting chanted "shame" over and over. Vapers unite?

Some #RVGate updates: For those who aren't tuned in to this shit storm, someone towed an RV and left it in front of Council Member Lisa Herbold's home. It was spray-painted with "Dori 4 Gov," in reference to KIRO Radio's Dori Monson. The Seattle Times tracked down the RV's owner: a young couple with a baby on the way. The woman bought it for $1 in Mountlake Terrace and meant to clean it out so she and her boyfriend and their soon-to-be child could live on an RV parking site. She parked it temporarily, by coincidence, in front of Herbold's house. She returned later in the day to find it graffitied and surrounded by television crews.

Dori Monson the Fool: Do KIRO Radio and The Dori Monson Show feel like assholes today? They tweeted this video of a self-professed fan of the show spray-painting the graffiti.

Pay workers! Detained immigrants in Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Tacoma facility want minimum wage for labor they do in the facility. That would give them $12 an hour, a whole lot better than the $1 an hour they make now. The Trump administration weighed in. They were unhappy about Washington State trying to "interfere with federal immigration enforcement.” The case, however, will continue.

A frosty morning: Temperatures are dipping below freezing this morning in some South Sound cities. There's a Freeze Warning in effect until 9 a.m. Temperatures are hovering just above freezing and in the middle 30s here in Seattle. It will be an overall warmer day than Wednesday.

Toxic ex attempts to kidnap woman: A 25-year-old woman called 911, whispering an address into the phone. Her ex-boyfriend had shown up. He was attacking her and trying to kidnap her. She escaped momentarily, the ex rammed his car into the front of the building near where she was hiding, and then the police showed up. The ex drove away, led police on a high-speed chase, and ultimately tried to carjack a minivan. Here's how that played out for him:

Cool, cool, cool, totally fine: Our idiot baby for a president has defended his decision to pull aid from the Kurds in Syria—a move that is causing death and destruction to an entire people—because... wait for it... "they didn't help us in the Second World War." Where were the Kurds in Normandy, Trump asks. This whole thing is gibberish, but go to 2:00 minutes on this video to hear the quote:

Speaking of the death and destruction Trump is causing in Syria: Turkey is continuing both air and ground assaults against Kurdish groups. There have been nearly 200 air strikes. Death tolls aren't confirmed; Turkey says 109 Turkish fighters have been killed; a different group has confirmed only 16 Kurds have been killed. Turkey's operation, according to Trump, is a "bad idea."

Two men involved with Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine investigation arrested: The foreign-born men were associates of Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. The men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were asked to helped Giuliani with investigations into Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The men were arrested Thursday on campaign finance charges. They were slated to appear for a deposition in front of the House as part of the impeachment inquiry but weren't expected to show voluntarily. This changes things.

Nestle goes plant-based: The company is making vegan alternatives to bacon and cheese. The products will be sold next year.

Want to feel bad? The National Audubon Society has released a report that pegs 389 types of birds that will go extinct if the climate warms three degrees. Many of those birds—64 percent—can be found in North America. Birds are the literal canaries in the coal mine for climate change.

Wife of US diplomat killed British teen with her car: She has invoked diplomatic immunity to flee the United Kingdom after the fatal crash. According to police, the woman was driving on the wrong side of the road when she killed the teenager. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, has criticized the use of diplomatic immunity in this instance. He made idle threats to try to extradite her. Okay, not to make this about a TV show and not to spoil a TV show, but this is giving me very strong end-of-season-one-of-Succession vibes.

Video of me trying to parallel park: Parallel parking wasn't on the driving test in California (where I grew up), and I'm really bad at it!!! But not actually this bad. This is a video of someone in Vancouver, Canada, trying to park.

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Who is selling parking-lot meat in Michigan? Homestead Steaks is apparently a company that keeps setting up tents in Michigan parking lots and selling steak. It got an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and "customers have described the meat as 'grisly,' and 'foul smelling'"... and one customer "claims he was charged $289 for the $25 box of meat." One of the biggest complaints from people who have bought this parking-lot meat is that they can't return it easily since the return policy is "three days to the tent you got it." The tents move constantly, so they're hard to track down.

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