Slog AM: The #RVGate RV Owner, Trump Shifts Syria Blame Because "The Kurds Didn't Help in WWII," Michigan Parking-Lot Meat



Buying 'meat' from random meat-sellers who drive around in little meat trucks -- what could possibly go Wrong? Who needs the socialistic USDA?!


What, no mention that it was Seattle's very own Ali G, Matt "Spek" Watson, who first spotted the RV outside Herbold's house and Tweeted a photo of it accusing Ari Hoffman of putting it there? Now he's trying to launder money to apologize for his fuckup.


People buy an RV in Mountlake Terrace and have it towed to West Seattle? BullShit on that. They had it towed to Herbold's street to make a statement.


@1 Sexist much?

@4 If you actually read the story, you’d learn that the woman’s grandmother lives nearby.

Any word of an apology from Herbold for accusing Ari Hoffman? And is there truth to the story floating around that Herbold rents out that home and actually lives in North Bend? Nathalie, put on your detective hat and find out.


For reasons passing understanding, the one car I was ALWAYS able to successfully parallel in one go was a 1984 Crown Victoria station wagon I used to drive for work called Big Blue.


The American woman involved in the fatal outside RAF Croughton is married to a spook. There's no way the State Department will let her near a UK courtroom.


@1 Troll better or GTFO


At least we didn’t elect the uninspiring candidate because this is so much better and more clearly more peaceful for everyone.


@Uno -- Women do not equal men because parallel parking is what separates us menfolk from the womens.

Proving Men vastly Superior to them.
Plus, I can lift heavier things than most women.
Never tire of all the Winning, I don't!

GO trumpfy, Go!
Di-rect-ly to Jail.

(Or, just Start a War
[they're only just Brown folks.].)


@10 -- unlimited election spending on adverts means calling all Opponents Shite means, Why (the fuck) even Bother?

Propaganda WORKS.
Which is why (the fuck) they fucking DO it.


Jesus fucking christ. Nixon left office over 40 fucking years ago. Are journalists SO goddamn lazy and brain dead that they can't think of ANYTHING other than Watergate when a political scandal appears? Do journalists have to score zero on originality and creativity to get hired?


Go see a star war


@14 #RVghazi doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s yours if you want it


@13: I would imagine she would not, since that would literally make no sense....


"That's not what your mom says when I fuck her in the ass."

That's why I keep coming back to Slog. Zingers like that.


A local meat company occasionally tries to sell me meat from their van... which is pretty creepy. I think they are making legitimate deliveries in the neighborhood and then the workers are trying to make a little extra money off the books.


I have to say, though not original or on topic in the slightest, there is a simple and innocent charm in #13's retort that made me laugh.

The internet is truly a whimsical place.


@19 -- and who does't Love a little street meat?!


If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding!!
How can you have any pudding if you doooon't eat yer meat?!


I wish that car jacking video was a bit longer - since one of the people they pulled out and surrounded was the innocent owner. I hope and assume he was the one out the driver's side and quickly recognized (and that the dog was restrained). An amazing scramble of officers that piled on the other guy...


Leaving the Kurds to their horrible fate sends shocking waves to the Middle East and beyond. The Russians want their agent to show everyone that the US cannot be trusted. Letting the Turks do the dirty job is also likely to further erode NATO, one of their main goal.
Such supposedly irrational, hasty decisions by our beloved leader are likely to increase once they realize Trump’s time may be running out.



Seriously. This inability of ours to reference new and emerging scandals in a more interesting and creative manner is itself scandalous! I propose we brand it.... #Lazygate? #Dumbghazi? I'm open to suggestions.


On the death of birds from the October issue of National Geographic:

"Researchers compiled data from multiple studies to estimate the number of birds in the U.S. and Canada killed in a year as a result of human activity."

Stray Cats. 1,768 million birds killed per year.
Owned Cats. 764M
Building Strikes. 624M
Cars. 213M
Power Lines. 55M
Other. 7M
(Communication towers and wind turbines)


@26: Yes, and? Your point? Those statistics apply to those variables. The study conducted by the Audubon Society concerns the effect on bird life if the global temperature rises 5.4 degrees.

You are looking at apples and they are looking at oranges.

These people have no political ax to grind. They are, and always have been, concerned with birds and their habitats and as such have spent the entire existence of their group studying birds and the environments in which they live.
Here is the actual study:


My point, and National Geographic's, is just to show how humans are currently contributing to extinction of birds.


@29 which has nothing whatsoever to do the Audubon’s data of the effects of climate crisis in bird population decline and probable extinctions.

Christ. It’s like explaining to a smoker why quiting smoking reduces cancer risk and have them squeal that they already have heart disease so why bother. Gee. Because smoking worsens the risk for that, too.

All factors to secure and protect our environment are interrelated, dumbfuck.

You already have thousands of animal species on the precipice of decline and extinction. So. Let’s not do anything about climate crisis because... we’re already too stupid and lazy to do anything at all anyway? That’s your stupid argument.

You understand that ecosystems are not little separated bubbles, right? That animal and plant life on this delicate rock are interdependent. And we’re animals too. Right?

Jesus. Climate crisis deniers are literally stupider than anti-vaxers.


@26 is correct. There's even an hour long CBC show about it, in which they show how some urban buildings with glass window coverings put nets out to try to keep the birds from dying when they hit, and the lights from cities confuse them.

But it's the cats. Stop taking them to the vet, you're just helping kill birds.


@30, What makes you think I'm a climate denier? What Audubon says is serious but it is a prediction, what National Geographic says is what is happening now. It's not a forecast.

"All factors to secure and protect our environment are interrelated, dumbfuck."

Well no shit and and that's my point. This is another contributing factor. I doubt people will stop owning cats by the end of the century. There is talk about it in New Zealand and Australia. Cats are having devastating effects to their indigenous birds. Why you insist on name calling I can only envision you frothing on you keyboard or phone.


@all - Sad JackKay (Kayjack?) has finally lost all of the little relevance it had.
lease try not to poke the corpse. Also, I humbly submit the time-honored internet advice:
Don't Feed the Trolls.

OR as Mark Twain put it: Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

@ Birds. This ongoing tragedy may be more than most minds can take. The deathtoll alone has already been catastrophic, only to multiply evermore. :>( Steel yourselves, the worst is yet to come.

Still, won't anyone think of the Plankton?!? Already down 40-50% in some areas...

@31 - Cats also keep the RATS in check in this here port town. You want another Plague breakout?
Yersinia Pestis FTW!!



What's wrong witha little Bubonic Plague, anyway?

It's vastly similiar to Let-'Em-DIE! Republican's "healthcare" Plans. STILL waiting for Hair Furor's better, cheaper faster Healthcare Plan... I know, he's been So Busy tweetering, belittling, and keepin' up with the FOX™ plus inciting the verminazi to Riot, here and there, there just hasn't yet been any real Time for We, the Peeps.

(Sorry! -- sometimes, I just forget MY place in The Food Chain which is in the dumpster).


@1 Zapped: Parallel parking is no problem for me in my classic 70s VW. Watch out when I'm pushing a shopping cart at Haggen's, though.
@7, @17, and @28 Lissa; You and your carnivorous lop just plain ROCK.
@11 & @12 kristofarian: You ARE being sarcastic again, I hope.

Hey Trumpty Dumpty, Fred and MaryAnne MacCleod Trump were the problem during WWII along with Adolf Hitler's out of control fascism. It's a shame your parents weren't irretrievably sterile.


@14 Urgutha Forka: How about Ukrainegate?


"Cats also keep the RATS in check in this here port town. You want another Plague breakout?"

At the expense of birds? Sure, why not. Wish they would do a better job. We still have plenty of rats.


When your cat brings home that flea that spreads said Plague you will let it sleep in your bed.


@38: I apologize for my tart reply. You're not wrong about cats. I always kept mine indoors for that reason as well as for their own safety.


@37 -What's on YOUR dinner plate tonight? Will it be Rat-atouille or Menudo Rattus? MMmmm!

Oh, and I'm immune to Plague, doncha know. My CCR5 protein pair has that special evolutionary alteration. Joke's on you.