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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Are No Angels



Re: Matt Damon... Jasmyne, have you lost your damn mind? In the first place, who gives a crap about the stupid "Oceans 11 through 209" franchise of dumbass movies... "Dogma" is at LEAST as entertaining, well-written and plotted as any of those snorefest films. And as far as Damon's talent & skill as an actor, all you need do is watch "Good Will Hunting" for which he was nominated as Best Actor at the Oscars AND the Golden Globes, and for which he WON the Oscar for co-writing the damn thing with your other nominee for 'talent-free hack', his buddy Ben Affleck. Not to mention a little Anthony Minghella film you may recall, "The Talented Mr. Ripley"! How many of today's current pretty-boy-flavor-of-the-month "actors" can you imagine pulling off that role?


What's amazing about Matt Damon is he can act on his own but also adopt most of Mark Wahlberg (the limited good and the amusing rest) without taking on the homophobic worst of him. Also, w/o going all maudlin over Boston's racist past like Marky Mark or Affleck.


Matt Damon 'cannot act'?
(THNX, @1!)

Here's "Judge" Kavanaughtiest Maxumus in
his sole performance on Saturday Night LIVE:

He's got My vote.


Dogma is on my list of top 50 films (a list of 10 is way too short). Alanis Morrisette is God. Could it get any better?


As 4 said, Alanis Morissette as God was such a fucking great casting call! The best


I'm Team Jasmyne. I saw Dogma and the only thing I really remember is thinking it a waste of my time. Have seen two or three Kevin Smith films since, and they've all followed form in generally sucking. I guess I've never actually watched Clerks start to finish, which I'm told I should do, but just can't muster the motivation based on my experience to date.


(though I do think Matt Damon's pretty good. @1 is right in that Good Will Hunting is a great film.)


You’re a miserable and bitter ass weirdo & I hope you get paid enough to mind the business of these men who you hate so much.

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