Picture the whale like this except not black.
Picture the orca like this except not black. RIEGSECKER/GETTY

Welcome to the dystopia: "Fake video of Trump shooting media and critics played at his resort" is a fun headline to wake up to. A group called American Priority (first red flag) hosted a three-day conference at a Trump resort in Miami (next red flag) where they showed a video edited to look like Donald Trump massacring his critics and members of the media. It was the church massacre scene from that movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Except Trump was Colin Firth's character, and all the people in the church had logos (think "CNN") instead of faces. The Trump-Pence 2020 logo was included. American Priority has said the video was unauthorized.

Seattle Police Department does trauma training: Before 2018, police were pretty much trained to save themselves and other officers in the face of violence and how to give basic CPR. Pretty useless when a trauma victim can bleed out in about 90 seconds and the first 10 to 15 minutes can determine whether they make it to the hospital dead or alive. So SPD is one of the first agencies to train its officers to treat victims while a scene like an active shooting is still ongoing. It's first aid that comes before the medics arrive.

A whale of a weekend: A pod of 40 or so transient killer whales was spotted in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. That pod, which feeds on marine mammals, is thriving. They even had a rare albino orca in the mix. I don't have a picture for you, but it's Ahab-levels of white. The southern resident orcas meanwhile, about 20 of them, were spotted in Elliott Bay.

Ugh, Daylight Saving Time: It's not ending for a little while! Don't panic. But it will happen on November 3. Plan accordingly. Even though our state legislature passed a law to eliminate the time change, it's still happening.

It might be a sub-60 degree day: The rain will start tomorrow.

There is a lot going on in Syria: I will do my best to get it all out there. First, President Trump has called to remove the rest of the US troops from northern Syria. That will pretty much level all of the progress the US and the Kurdish forces made in the fight against ISIS and cede "battleground gains to Damascus and Moscow." Russia, the New York Times discovered, bombed Syrian hospitals. The US troops are about to be between a rock and a... nother rock. Turkish forces are probing further south into Syria, and the Syrian government's forces, President Bashar al-Assad's army, is pushing into the north. It's a whole thing.

Assad and the Kurds have struck a deal: Last week, Trump pulled the US back from helping the Kurds and gave Turkey the go-ahead to get in there and do some killing. Now the Kurds, or the Syrian Democratic Forces, have struck a deal with President Bashar al-Assad that would let government forces into the Kurdish-controlled areas in the northeast for the first time in years. The SDF has no way to fend off Turkey other than getting help from Assad and Russia, one of the SDF leaders said.

Republicans are upset: They plan to rebuke Trump's decision to withdraw forces. Cool, I'll believe it when I see it. The plan as it stands is to force the administration to implement sanctions against Turkey. Senator Lindsey Graham, the ardent Trump lackey, tweeted this: "We are witnessing ethnic cleansing in Syria by Turkey, the destruction of a reliable ally in the Kurds, and the reemergence of ISIS."

Some quick hits: There's so much happening. I'm drowning. Are you drowning? Okay, let's get some of these out of the way:

Hunter Biden's employment situation: Has changed. Since it's impacting his dad's presidential bid. And the center of the impeachment proceedings. He will be stepping down from the board of the Chinese company BHR.

Texas police officer kills woman in her own home: A Fort Worth officer responding to a welfare check shot and killed a black woman in her own home when he fired into a bedroom window. The officer never identified himself as a police officer.

The NBA gets submissive: When it comes to Chinese eyeballs and Chinese pockets. The league is in China for profit, not to promote American ideals. The National Basketball Association is at the center of the latest censorship controversy in China, something countless American companies and cultural exports have dealt with and capitulated to.

The pope is a New Orleans Saints fan: Pope Francis accidentally tagged the football team the Saints in a tweet and included their logo. He meant to celebrate some newly canonized actual saints.

Assisted-living facility or underground fight club? A North Carolina assisted-living facility has come under fire because three employees were running a fight club there between elderly residents with dementia.

Bill Gates was buddies with Jeffrey Epstein: Despite assertations by Gates that he and Epstein never did business together and weren't friends, the two had many meetings. Gates went to Epstein's Manhattan town house at least three times, the New York Times discovered. Their relationship began after Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes.

This video is self-care:

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