We're waiting for the Saints to throw the Hail Mary pass!


Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day and (Canadian) Thanksgiving.


So the left is clutching pearls now over violent videos? How hypocritical. It's disturbing content for sure, but nothing to get upset and outraged about that merits protesting, given how jaded our society has already become from the filth from Hollywood and video game makers. You can actually think of this video as a tribute to free speech.

The video is in this article:


@2: And Columbus Day as well, for those who what to give reverence to the famous explorer.


Does White Orca have white privilege or do orcas not see color?

Happy mattress sales day!


@3: Don't lump video game developers with the pedophiles and rapists who run Hollywood.


@3 All attacks on the press, in effigy or otherwise, are as anti-American as it gets and flag one as an enemy of the Constitution, foreign or domestic. You may blink in gutless wonder at the spectacle, but each day the world spits in the honest eyes of truth and threatens journalists with the worst fates, leaving us all blind. Step it up you passive Farquad and see how narrow your Ivory Tower sits from the eroding cliffs of our democracy.


@7: Burning the American flag is far more worse and depraved, but both are protected speech. The erosion of our democracy is not happening as a result of free speech.


we all by now the president is an incel 8chan troll but if your reaction is to roll your eyes when the cult followers of the most powerful person on earth lol at the president killing congressmen and members of the press when we have already witnessed the violent potential of his flock, you are part of the problem


I’m going to support indigenous folkx today by buying some tax free smokes, tax free gas, some M80s firecrackers and blowing my paycheck at the casino. I’ll finish the celebration off with a five dollar steak.

What are you all doing besides being woke on Twitter?


@6: So noted. Good point.



The thing is, it's not protected free speech, it's a threat.
Yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech, and neither is this.


raindrop is right, the correct response would be for the media to counter with their own videos encouraging violence.


@12 I don't know if its protected speech or not. Under what law would you prosecute the producer? I certainly haven't seen anybody anywhere calling for sanction as such.

This is not a question of law but of taste. But why is anybody surprised? You don't have to spend more than a few minutes in the darker recesses of the internet to recognize that Trump's fans spend a lot of time fantasizing about doing violence against hippies.



I'm not calling for anybody to be prosecuted, unless of course this video inspires violence.

There is a pretty good chance it will do that though, so I guess we'll see.


No, not all victims of Trump in that disgusting video were simply logos. Several bodies had the faces of Trump’s political opponents. Logos is horrifying enough, faces of perceived enemies is a further step into Hell


@12: That criterion is public safety. Tell me how an animated meme vid threatens public safety. Its's actually years old and no-one has lost life or limb over it.



What is worse, burning a patterned and colored fabric that represents the sacrifice of those that died to uphold freedom of expression and safety from being thrown into a gulag or chopped into pieces alive with a bonesaw in an embassy, or turning your back on the very principles those colors and lives and sacrifices themselves?

Keep on igniting straw men so you can placate your cognitive dissonance and awkwardly dismount the next floor performance in your mental gymnastics routine. These people are cowards and their act is one of silencing Galileo; if they do not like the evidence they simply find solace in killing the messenger.


Transient orcas in Puget Sound? Has anyone tipped off Dori Monson? He'll put the arm on that crowd.


What @2 said.


what struck me about that video is how buffoonish, how amateur it was. Christ, is 'white' culture so impoverished this is the best they can do?
Trump got busted using a Queen song, along with Prince and the Rolling Stones music.
I thought country music was their go-to choice?
A lot of modern C&W seems jingoistic and anthemic enough to use, so I really wonder- isn't it good enough?
Why are those right-wings cretins using pop culture and why are Republicans so utterly pathetic at creating a culture for themselves?


“nothing to get upset and outraged about that merits protesting, given how jaded our society has already become from the filth from Hollywood”
“The erosion of our democracy is not happening as a result of free speech.”

That’s right. Our only two parties, winner takes all political system has a lot to do with it. Now add lobbying, corporate contributions (and a supreme court decision that corporate have the right to influence the government just like any individual,) cutting shady deals with foreign governments during presidential campaigns, further deterioration of public health and safety standards by watering down environmental standards and authorizing addictive “medications,” blocking a supreme court nomination for a year or more, selling weapons to other nations without approval, showing the world we have no problem deserting our current allies, and so much more.

Hollywood has little to do with it, if anything it has been tamed since the 1970’s.


@23: Dude, it is a goofy meme video made by some bored weirdos out of an existing movie scene. I don't think anyone is claiming that it is supposed to be judged as a cultural high water mark but you.

Seems like next you are going to break the news that Hot Pockets are not to be considered fine dining.


@24: Hollywood and the media both reflect our politics and pop culture, and also drive our pop culture, which in turn, drives our politics. Certainly some politics is orthogonal to pop couture, but not all.


@20 is correct of course, comparing a) the destruction of a common, therefore replaceable, object invested with symbolic meaning to b) inciting hatred and violence against the fourth estate, the needed institution for a functioning democracy, is fucking dumb.


"That criterion is public safety."

According to the supreme court categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats, and commercial speech such as advertising.

This video could meet up to four of those categories.


@23 It's not white culture, it's commercial culture that most often amounts to a reduction of culture to the least common denominator in order to maximize return on investment. That and conservatives minds aren't the most creative around anyway due to moral bankruptcy and a certain aversion to upsetting the status quo. I mean it's not a matter of chance that most artists and academics are liberals/progressives.


@29: I count zero. Maybe if CNN or someone else pressed for an infringement on their logo, but that's a stretch.

It's simply in bad taste, like all gratuitous violence that's all. Like that play depicting the assassination of GWB.


I don't think we've seen the last of the Gates/Epstein story. Gates is trying to put it behind him with this disclosure but there is evidence they were closer than he's letting on. There's a major scandal at MIT right now because of donations Epstein brokered to the Media Lab after his convictions some reportedly using Gates' money. It appears that MIT and Gates knew that Epstein had to keep the donations "anonymous".


All that really matters is what a judge thinks.

Hopefully it won't come to that, but you never know. If the next Mass shooter provides a link to the video in his Manifesto, then I guess we'll get to find out.


So. No note on the biggest story of the last few months?

That, thanks to the insane corruption and or incompetence of Trump, the US is forced to frantically relocate one of its most important strategic bases in the Middle East? Yes. Ä°ncirlik airbase (my one time home), where we house crucial strategic forward deterrent - called nukes for the stupid motherfuckers in here - is in a panic redeployment mode.

Trump has handed Turkey and Syria and (most of Northern Iraq for that matter) over to Putin. All so Trump could move soldiers into Saudi Arabia to "defend" the worlds second largest supporters of international terrorism at the behest of one of his son in laws business partners - good 'ol journalist murderer Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The pentagon is claiming hey are just moving the bombs themselves. But anyone who knows anything knows that 70% of that base is essentially support, intelligence and security for those weapons.

Anyone who still supports Trump is indeed a traitor to American interests. No question.


"It's simply in bad taste, like all gratuitous violence that's all. Like that play depicting the assassination of GWB."

So in your tiny syphilitic mind there exists no distinction between the elected leader of the most powerful nation on earth who controls the most powerful $693 billion annual military budget and intelligence apparatus on earth... and a local theater production with a budget of less that 100K?

Fuck. You are quite literally the biggest pile of retarded dog shit in here.


@35: No, I'm saying there is no distinction between a goofy meme video made by some bored weirdos out of an existing movie scene, and a local theater production with a budget of less that 100K.


raindrop @ 26 and beyond
Can you give us specific examples as opposed to soundbites and sentimental observations?


Not going to lie, I thought k-pop was a korean boy band so imagine my surprise when I find out the dead one was female.



"Seems like next you are going to break the news that Hot Pockets are not to be considered fine dining."

War declared.


Prof @ 34
Yes, wouldn’t surprise me if all that was planned way in advance by the Russians. I suspect next step will be “sanctions” which will “force” Turkey to further align itself with Russia.
This will also deteriorate NATO, the Russians main goal in installing Trump as our president.
Yet as long as he is supposedly “anti-abortion” the local cheerleaders won’t stop dancing to the tune of Benghazi.


@37: You're asking for granularity when I don't know your premise. What part of @26 do take issue with?


It seems to me that if Congress wants us at war in Syria, it need only take a vote and declare war. Short of that, I say bring the troops home (wherever they may be). We should not be the world's police force. Colonialism went out of fashion a long time ago. These third-world tribal conflicts should be allowed to play themselves out without first-world interference.


@43 Oh. Look who's the frilly dress hippy liberal all of a sudden! Boy, you're sure singing a different tune than a scant few years ago when a hunt'n and a kill'n turrists was all the rightwing rage! Remember when the mere thought of a potential coup in Turkey, a NATO nation, had you clutching your pearls and flag and declaring Obama's foreign policy a disaster! Now suddenly. "Turkey? What Turkey? Who cares."

And now it's "colonialism" to honor the deals we made allies that fought and died for US forces against terrorists for thirty years! Oh. My. Doesn't take much for you switch sides.

Yes, they should be allowed to play themselves out without first-world interference. Unfortunately Russia and China don't see strategic proximity to the worlds largest oil reserves that way, Sport.


@10 - Shows how much you know. M80s are illegal everywhere now. THANKS TO THE LIKES OF YOU!, Captain Asshat McNumbnuts.

RE@7: Will no one rid me of this meddlesome commentard?

@16, 19, 31 - "The phrase is now used to express the idea that a ruler's wish can be interpreted as a command by his or her subordinates." --- When murderous violence snuff films against the media+others are approved by the President and shown at his Winter Palace, AND news of such vulgarity magically "leaks" out, one can presume this as a clear encouragement & request to the unhinged members of his "base" who have already demonstrated a propensity to murder. Expect more. I'm sure you'll be quite happy when news people are actually killed, Chad Raindrop.

To Wit: "Although nobody, even at the time, believed that [King] Henry [the 8th] directly ordered that [Archbishop] Becket be killed, his words started a chain of events that were likely to have that result.[11]
Moreover, since Henry's harangue had been directed not at Becket, but at his own household, the four [knights who murdered Becket] may well have thought that a failure to act would be regarded as treachery, potentially punishable by [their] death.[12]"

"History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes". Trumpty Dumpty is foolishly playing a familiar role and intentionally invoking violent chaos in this country.


" I'm sure you'll be quite happy when news people are actually killed, Chad Raindrop."

Yes. He's conveniently forgotten the bad taste assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Trump's business partners the Saudi.

For which Trump immediately responded to by selling billions of dollars of hi-tech weapons to the Saudis. Which they have yet to paid a dime for, BTW.

Trump's a real "freespeech" advocate, alright.


"No, I'm saying there is no distinction between a goofy meme video made by some bored weirdos out of an existing movie scene"

Which was PLAYED by the fucking president before an audience, you dimwitted puss brained loser.


@45: Why weren't you outraged before, this vid has been around for years? Just because we're alerted to it now, doesn't mean we shouldn't have been outraged years earlier even though we didn't know about it.

Sounds absurd? Yes. So is spending so much time on this catnip for outrage junkies.

Nevertheless, because of the frenzy, it would be prudent for Donald Trump to personally tweet his denouncement.



Your prayers have been answered, as some merciful soul pulled the plug on my last account, ostensibly for commenting a bit too prolificly, saying a word they didn't understand, and challenging them to think. It was fun, but I will have to move my activism to a higher stakes arena better suited to my particular talents. That being said, don't poke the badger with a spoon or you might get taken away by the thought police too.


raindrop- give us some specifics, actual shows and movie scenes that support your theory.


The video was NOT played by the fucking president before an audience, you dimwitted puss brained loser, and it's been on YouTube since July 2018, where it has been viewed more than 100,000 times, so you're a bit late in clutching your pearls.

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Donald Trump has yet to watch a graphically violent parody video that depicts a likeness of him shooting and stabbing opponents and members of the news media, but based on what he’s heard, he “strongly condemns” it."

"The “unauthorized video” was shown last week “in a side room” at an American Priority conference at Trump’s Doral Miami resort, the event’s organizer, Alex Phillips, said in a statement. Trump was not present for the event.

“This video was not approved, seen, or sanctioned” by the event’s organizers, Phillips said."

"Phillips told the Times the video was played as part of a “meme exhibit” and was not associated with or endorsed by the conference “in any official capacity.”"


@48 - Oh, you can definitely believe I'm quantumly, retroactively outraged at that which I just learned about. I am in a constant "Joyful-Outraged" superposition, and I extend my brails fore and aft through time. Why aren't you outraged at this man's self-enrichment at our expense, as well as treason? NBD? Or you really wanted to the US to lose superpower status to the Russians all along? Good on ya! Incendiary Revolutionary!

@49 - Threats now? So much for a free-thinking freedom lover.
Pretty low budget for "activism" "talents" anyway, (but you just keep telling yourself that). Did you run out of bananas & lighter fluid to torch people's hair with? Vulgarian.



Threats? No I was referring to consequences I faced for expressing my free thinking. Is your hypervigilance so hair triggered? And if you wanted me to stop talking would you keep summoning me back with your puny jabs? Low budget indeed, I make more do with less. Good day, fellow dust mote.


@53 - I've been insulted by lesser dust motes than you, Mr. Soliloquy. Bon voyage! Good luck in "higher stakes arena"-land! May the road rise to meet your face, and your wind be always up your back!


@52: Because low blood pressure is far more important. I can only change the things I can, not the things I can't.

@50: What theory? You'll have to refresh my memory. It's been a long day. But please don't feel obliged to answer, because no one is interested in whatever it is besides you.


@49 Points deducted for self-dramatizing whinging after an account ban. And if you had real talent, friend, then you wouldn't need to do this for free.


Well... At least there was some good news today!
Bloomberg is going to save us all from Warren if Sleepy Joe can't do it.


@57 I suppose you're right, it's helpful to know which candidate the billionaires fear most.


" ... at Trump’s Doral Miami resort"

Well. That's a WORLD of difference. Dumb fuck.



Well. I revise my election forecast. If Bloomberg runs you can bet 100% that Trump will lose there, Sparky.


"Trump was not present for the event" is a WORLD of difference from "PLAYED by the fucking president before an audience." Dumb fuck.



If by do this for free you mean speaking my mind, I gladly put no price on my thoughts because my will cannot be bought, and you can keep the change.


@62 - Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


@63 You're the man now, dog.


@62 Apologies, Feebles, sometimes I forget you've got a dozen throwaway alts in addition to your main and your 404 hijinks.



@65 You need to stop seeing me everywhere.


@67 And you need to stop being a one-trick pony.



Ohh, Dude!! 4 Strength 4 Stam leather belt?


Level 18??

[Maximum vocal fry gasping] AUHG UGH


@69 That reaction is all you, Feebs. Care to tell us anything more about yourself?


'Why so upset? It's just a SILLY LITTLE JOKE. It's not like a lot of people on our side consider themselves Manly Men, think they're being wronged, collect guns, and revere Manly Men who, wronged for too long, settle things with their guns.'


@2 Templknight: Agreed and seconded: Happy Indigenous People's Day and (Canadian) Thanksgiving! And thank you for the reminder.
@9 blip: I am just as shocked and appalled as you are.
I would SO love to see Trumpty Dumpty get eaten by an alligator live at Ultra-Maroon-a-Lunatic while bending down for a putt. With film updates at 11.

Nathalie---I think you mean the switch to Standard Time on November 3rd. Fall back. At least we all get an extra hour of sleep.

I'm glad to hear news of southern resident orcas in Puget Sound.



Much obliged...intellectual property law, perhaps? It has to be better than a life of backend coding and bugsplatting and trying to make sense of another culture's algorithms forever. Oh wait, that's intellectual property law.

Dafuq is a feebs

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