Kathy Griffin is complaining? That's rich.


Here's a Thousand Words on Why This Isn't a Story
by Katie Herzog


@2 she should just have a weekly column "Why this isn't a story —by Katie Hot Take Herzog."


"In fact, while movies have become more violent in the past 30 years, violence has actually dropped."

Has far right violence dropped? Nope, as a matter of fact it has increased a lot along with normalization of extremist discourse in society. Trump's policies, his toxic rhetoric, and the rest like this video are contributing to a climate of violence where many feel threatened by these lunatics (brown immigrants first).


The greatest slaying is the wholesale death of brain cells in America!


Today, Nancy Pelosi announced that there will be no votes on impeachment for the remainder of the Congressional session.

Cue Dan Savage: “Ohh, Pelosi is so much smarter than all of us! She’s playing 14 dimensional chess! We’re just too stupid to understand it, but whatever she’s doing, it’s brilliant!”

Me: Shut up, Dan. She isn’t playing chess. She’s playing “Will she or won’t she?”

This is about teasing you so she can keep you on the edge of your seat, unable to look away, and so transfixed that you’ll vote for any corporate Democrat she endorses next year (and not for one of those radical DSA types), without having to do anything risky herself (like impeachment). She didn’t impeach o Bush, not after Iraq, not even after Hurricane Katrina. She’s not going to impeach Trump, either.

The lady’s not for turning.


Dammit, where's that fucking alligator, already (there's got to be at least ONE)?!? Let's END this bullshit!


shit. I already sent thoughts and prayers. Is it too late to get them back?


@6 pat L: I'm all for making America THINK again (what the hell happened to "It's the Economy, Stupid"?). Ousting the electoral college would be a good start.


"Even still, while this video is violent and tasteless and gross and I can imagine that if The Stranger was one of the outlets targeted, I might be upset.." But it didn't target me specifically, so NBD, why's everyone up in arms about it?

Because @5 is correct.


Actually Ms. Herzog, had Trump not acted like a 12 year old whose video games were taken away every chance he got and if he stopped whining that the press is out to get him when he is the one who brings the negative news on himself to begin with.
Had he not engaged in such behavior and continually attacked the media who he thinks should be his propaganda arm then someone wouldn't have made this video!
It is his incitement the brings about things like this, so yes, he does bear responsibility!

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