He doesn’t look like a serious candidate. He looks like a standup comedian.


I'm having trouble making sense of this. To which accurate words did the reporter mean to refer?

Lester Black writes that Phil Tavel "pulled off a lawyerly trick on Monday of not outright lying--if you paid very close attention to his words, they were accurate--but at the same time, saying something that a casual listener could easily have understood to be Tavel claiming Stranger support for his approach to fighting homelessness"

He goes on to state that both Tavel and The Stranger believe that Tavel's and Herbold's approach to homelessness funding represents their biggest difference in policy. He quotes Tavel as having said, "the one thing The Stranger has said nice about me in this whole campaign process is that when talking about what is the policy difference between [Lisa Herbold and me], is that I actually got it right."

Are those words accurate? Did The Stranger assert that Tavel is different than Herbold in that Tavel has the right homelessness policy?


I don't get this post, Lester... Phil isn't saying that you endorsed him OR that you agreed that their biggest difference is on funding.

In fact, both Lisa and Phil are in agreement on one point -- and The Stranger as well -- that you all believe we need to spend MORE MONEY to address homelessness.

Quibble all you want on how they want to spend it, or if Phil wants to wait longer, or whatever, but they BOTH want things to be better than they are currently and to offer more services to those living unsheltered -- which is a win-win for District 1 no matter how the race turns out.


Thanks for article, good info. I met him like 3 times and he is SO NICE it took me a while to figure out I actually totally disagree with him on substantive issues!! 😆 yes yes herbold all the way.


i Never really understood the whole goatee with a bald head look. It just makes it look like his hair is migrating south,

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