I surfed this floatie back to Seattle.
I surfed this floatie back to Seattle.

A dramatic White House meeting regarding Syria and Turkey: Nancy Pelosi described Trump as having a “very serious meltdown" during the meeting. Trump reportedly called Pelosi, the highest-ranking and most powerful elected woman in American history, a "third-rate politician." Although it might have been a "third-GRADE politician." The details are wild.

After the meeting, Pelosi said she is praying for Trump's health: God bless. She also said "all roads lead to Putin" with Trump.

Who is living in all these downtown luxury condos? We don't know because many of their identities are secret, hiding behind limited liability companies (LLCs). A new report on Seattle's luxury real estate market argues that many of these condos could just be places for the ultra-wealthy to park their cash. Meanwhile, the city desperately needs more (non-luxury) housing.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is getting her own action figure: Eventually. There's a Kickstarter. This was trending on Facebook today because of the culture war or something.

There's been a lot of WeWork-related news while I've been tanning on the Gulf of Mexico, let's catch up: SoftBank and JP Morgan are reportedly submitting separate bailout proposals for the company in the next few days. WeWork has started abandoning plans for new developments and buildings. (The building next door to Stranger World Headquarters appears to be continuing construction, according to the last time I walked outside.) Landlords across NYC are getting spooked on the impending WeWork collapse. Goldman Sachs says it lost $80 million on the company.

Despite all of this, the Port of Seattle and the Washington State Department of Commerce announced a PARTNERSHIP with WeWork today: I clutched my pearls when I read the news, but the Port of Seattle, WeWork Labs, and Maritime Blue (an initiative from the Department of Commerce) are teaming up to create "the first Washington state maritime accelerator." GeekWire reports that the program is funded by the Port of Seattle, which makes sense—it's not like WeWork can fund it. More from GeekWire:

While there are a few maritime accelerator programs out there, WeWork says this one is the first in Washington state. Accelerators are a common vessel for connecting investors and entrepreneurs in the tech industry but somewhat rare in other areas.

Mushroom picker found alive: She got lost for three days while picking mushrooms. It's unclear what kind of mushrooms she was picking or if she met the Cheshire Cat after falling down the rabbit hole.

CASE dumped a bunch of money into cable ads today:

District 1 | Pro Phil Tavel | TV Ads | Oct 18 – Nov 5 | $100,800
District 6 |Pro Heidi Wills | TV Ads | Oct 18 – Nov 5 | $101, 550
District 7 | Pro Jim Pugel | TV Ads | Oct 18 – Nov 5 | $100,800

And yesterday CAPE bought a bunch of digital ads and print mailers for all the progressives: Except Sawant, lol, cowards. Also, that’s $125K in digital ads against all conservative-leaning City Council candidates save Orion and Sattler.

Speaking of, a Sawant spokesperson claims to The Stranger, via text: “Since the news of Amazon’s $1 million donation, over 225 people have contributed over $11,000, with our biggest day of online fundraising yet on Tuesday. Interestingly, 25% of that comes from tech workers, including workers at Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Lyft.”

Sawant needs the donations: As of this morning, she only had a little less than $8K on hand.

Read "one of the most astonishing letters in diplomatic history": Trump! Loves! An exclamation! Point! (To be fair! Me! Too!)

Your! Ballots! Will! Soon! Be! In! Your! Mail! Seattle! General election ballots were sent out today in King County. Ballot drop boxes open tomorrow—for those of you with speedy mailpeople who have already filled your ballots out. Vote this way unless you're a billionaire who loves billionaires or Jenny Durkan.

A trailer trash fire: First, Rob Lowe goes on a safari in a Lifetime Original Netflix Christmas special. (None of the following trailers are endorsements.)

Did you know there's a new Lady and the Tramp? The uncanny valley here is TOO MUCH.

Mrs. Maisel has a new trailer: I'm with Emily Nussbaum, this show is grating.

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