City: Cop Acted Appropriately When He Killed a Man Who Was Pinned Down By Other Cops



Not that it has anything to do with the shooting, the guy had just ran across Aurora Ave. endangering multiple lives.


"Pick up that can"


officer “is taught to place his firearm against the individual’s head to prepare to fire a contact shot.”



I hope to not be around when the people decide to stop obeying our Police and start disobeying in mass.

They can lock you up for a short time without cause and in some cases longer and the best you can get is some money back from a lawsuit that goes to pay the lawyer more than you. They kill your brother and the best you can hope for is he is fired and he won't join another police force nearby; just maybe they might charge him with something and he/she will still get such a low sentence that most people will think they got off.

Madam Justice has fallen down and the scales no longer matter it's all a matter of who you are and how much money you have.

Mark my words; when the people get tired of obeying law enforcement and they start rising up against it... it start a bloody war that will not end well. TV will only keep them quiet for so long; as you can tell with the climate change protests.


I was lazily watching an episode of whatever that goofy Tom Selleck cop drama is and there was a storyline where a cop had shot someone. Selleck was consoling the traumatized officer and cited a statistic saying something like 95% of police don't ever have to discharge their weapon in the field their entire career. Obviously you've gotta take a statistic cited within a fictionalized crime drama with a grain of salt, but if it's even close to accurate, the fact that this guy has not only shot, but killed on multiple occasions is pretty freaking nuts.


If a guy's hands aren't "controlled" why are you putting a gun within his reach in order to stick your muzzle on his skull? If they are controlled how's he a threat to use a weapon?


I was under the impression that the OPA /is/ the separate investigatory body referred to, they're not under SPD's umbrella.


“...Once he complied with commands by dropping the gun,...”

The video is out there, that’s not what he did.

I’m sad for his family that he chose to live a life that profited off the suffering of others. I’m sad for the officers that had to deal with a man that not only could care less about the safety of community members, and the safety of officers, but the heartache his bad decisions brought upon his own family.


People are upset at the cops, fair enough; but they followed the rules as written. But did you know, as the citizens of this fair burgh, you (I'm no longer a resident) DO have the power to change the rules?


Nancy Pelosi does not want to impeach trump because it may make us even more vulnerable and busy with our own affairs, because we cannot respond to the world's aggressive moves in the ongoing next tier of espionage that is cyberwarfare when are intelligence agency's resources are being spent and constrained by investigations.

However, we do not have the luxury of being passive in terms of containing the criminal and corrupt entanglements and attempts for multinational neo dutch east india company regional control irrespective of language or geography, based solely on the most superficial itches they readily tickle and scratch with automation; propaganda is automated first before the assembly line worker. We must catch up and upgrade our information assurance infrastructure to secure our elections.

Let Congress vote on impeachment. Those senators that vote not to follow the Constitution will be held to task, such that the peopoe will pressure them to represent their constituency now by outraged democracy demanding action.

The purpose of the right to bear arms is as a necessary deterrent to safeguard the collective freedoms and rights of the masses and to protect them from annihilation. It is not for those rights to be infringed, but it is for the consent of the governed to study and apply cooperative potential solutions, be it mass education and firearms training and responsibility in church with martial arts and survival skills, and to be licensed to operate and safely store your firearms, as well as not having any DWI convictions or such violations of trust that would place arms of mass impulsive destruction in just any adult's hands unregulated. That is the policy of arms salesmem, not proud arms owners. It is and is always a deterrent to Tyranny, not an excuse to attack in fear like Luke Skywalker's failure in the caves of Dagobah.

Impeachment must be up for a vote. Not to hurt or punish Trump supporters, but to chain his unfettered tendrils of corruption and which of his cronies come forward to walk the plank with him, when his time comes to be voted out of office legally, insofar as we can secure our results from the talking heads and the Dewey Defeats Truman press and Big Tech collaborator asshats that gave a man who seriously asked why he couldn't just use nukes incredulously the football. Contain him and follow Constitution, and for the sake of uprooting the cells of conspiracy, profiteering, and commoditization sending our human capital, ecosystems, fresh air, clean water, and very endagered species into the meat grinder.

We must address the anxiety of all our people and remember that these are our countrymen and women, folk, otherkin, whatever. If they bleed red, white, and blue in their veins then we should be able to unite the parties in modern day cooperative ideas to address optimizing our people instead of always tearing each other down and walling ourselves off from our futures being devoured from existence like so much Langoliers. Steer away from these rocks.


Are we not men?


10 no they don’t


If the perp had obeyed Police instructions from the get-go (in other words, when the cops pull you over, it's not an invitation to a foot race, stupid), none of this would've happened.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

For those who dozed through Citizenship 101 and need a refresher, a viewing of comedian Chris Rock's "How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police" is in order.




Much like Philando Castile.