I don't trust the judgment of anyone mixing that collar with that sweater with that undershirt.


Whee--yet ANOTHER grinning charter member of the neo-fascist Party of None! No thanks. Go, Kshama Sawant!


It seems like Egan Orion might be a phony progressive. Color me shocked.


Why do you keep echoing Sawant’s talking points? Your slanderous framing of Orion as a Republic bought of by corporations is such BS. The Stranger is Sawant’s Fox News. Orion is a strong progressive on every issue. Sawant is an extreme ideologue that is good with a bullhorn and self promotion and lousy at showing up for District 3 and passing legislation to improve people’s lives. It is time for her to go.


He is so ridiculous, please vote for Kshama. Kshama has proven herself to be an incredible leader who is anchored deeply with integrity and compassion.


@4 If Orion is a progressive on every issue, then the rich Republicans packing his campaign coffers must really, really want Sawant's scalp.

At this point, it seems like your GOP fat cats would shell out donations to even Hillary Clinton, provided she were running against Sawant.


@4, why is it all you Republicans are illiterate?


Kshama Sawant sure motivate donors.
Drain the Sawant!





Has Der Stranger ever looked into where Sawant gets her money or are you hacks just content to ignore that most of it comes from outside the city? Your marxist is going down and theres nothing you can do about it.



He dresses like that so his Republican backers won’t think he’s too gay. It’s camouflage, like wearing a sweater vest and crocs so his parents will think you’re just his roommate when they come over.


@10: The candidate who refused to take our Democracy Vouchers, and has the most money from outside our City of any candidate, is the only one who truly represents us and our interests.

(Also, the information she allows a socialist collective from Brooklyn to dictate her every vote is why we have such a burning need for a Memory Hole.)


Rich, are you scared???

Kshama is sitting herself right now. Her band of incessant complainers are, well, inconsolable.


@12 no no, the biggest crime here is that this guy got $500 from some unnamed republican. Certainly not the thousands that shamalama's cult raises from...somebody.


I'm not a witch! I'm you!


Kshama's peeps are nervous. Ain't seen this many pro-Sawant comments in never.


Egan Orion has run a credible, responsible campaign. He has not resorted to ad hominem attacks, and he has more or less accurately represented both his and Kshama Sawant's views. In every interview I've read with him, and at the debate earlier this month, he put forth credible proposals. Is he a brilliant savior, a perfect candidate? No. He's not held office before, and he'll make his share of mistakes. He's on a learning curve--but he's a pretty darned good candidate, and he shows promise of being a good, solid council member. Rich and Stranger staff: you're digging for dirt, for the scare tactics, for anything to stop his momentum. Egan has nothing to earn this hatchet-job. You support Sawant: fine. No problem. It's your life, your paper, and you support who you want. But this cheap-shot tar-and-feather garbage is beneath contempt. I support Orion, and your article only makes it even more clear how important it is to do so. #4: yes!! The Stranger is Sawant's Fox News. Disgusting cheap-shot journalism dressed up as an expose.


the goofiest looking sweater since Rick Santorum days.
Contrast that with Sawant, who always looks composed and smart, knows how to rock a scarf.
Important signifiers.


I can only speculate that he woke up late on St Patrick's Day and lacking anything green of his own, grabbed his roommate's sweater.


So you have to, at some point, look around and see who else is agreeing with you.

When the people who supporting you and donating to you are rich republicans, slumlords, big corporations, and Trump people who say stuff like "drain the sawant," it s time to reevaluate your position


Good to know the woke left is okay with judging people of their appearance (and clothes!) now. But it’s kind of misogynistic to say Sawant “looks composed and smart“ because she can accessorize... Its the same as gushing about how “articulate” Obama was.


Haha, Sawant is going to lose. From each according to her ability and all that.


Oh honey... I’m sure he’s just another horrible Seattle progressive. Truth is, I’d support a dead opossum rotting under the floor boards if it had the slightest chance of beating Sawant (and not just because I believe it would govern better).


@20 & @21 kallipugos: Agreed and seconded. I fondly recall Dan Savage's fitting contest to make a definition for Rick Santorum (back in 2003), and he has been a laughing stock ever since. But you're right----ohhh, that sweater---ugh!


@25: Methinks your MAGA cap is on too tight. Seek medical help if you start leaking vital neurological fluids.


I'm voting Egan because he is one of the most precious looking men I have ever seen!! heart eyes


Yes, it's true. It does seem that a number of Republicans have contributed to Orion's campaign. So have a number of other Independents, Progressives and Democrats. Perhaps there is such a movement to support him is based more as a vote against Sawant than for Orion. Whatever. Painting people with an "R" as the only ones to be supporting Orion is a bit naive.


Okay, Sir Toby, I challenge you to defend the proposition that Sawant is in any way "unfit for office".
With Trump a very strong argument can be advanced that the man is unfit for office on the basis that he is mentally unsound - his inconsistency, his prevarications, his incoherent ramblings, his rages and inappropriate behavior.
He is ethically unfit- his self-enrichment, his nepotism, his narrow transactional approach to all political issues foreign and domestic.
He is unfit on the basis of having any appropriate understand or training for the office as illustrated by his complete lack of understanding of the American system of governance or historical precedent.
I could go on, but the indictment soon becomes tedious.
By contrast, Sawant is eminently "fit"- qualified, experienced, responsible and accountable, with not a whiff of corruption about her.


@32: How about you describe all of the progressive legislation she has advanced during her current term?


@34- what an unusual metric to use.
How about you contrast her with an office holder who has "advanced progressive legislation"?
Do you honestly think that Mr Orion will be successful at advancing progressive legislation that runs counter to his paymasters at Amazon? nonsense.


@29 and 30 Well-said. Good points. And Rich: support Sawant if you wish: fine. But suggesting Orion is a stealth Republican--indeed, one with Trumpian sympathies--is absurd, wrong, unfair. Orion has more or less run a clean campaign, free of trashy, vicious attacks. Why can't you and The Stranger do the same?


@30 Really?
"Say what you will about Egan Orion, he did manage to win The Stranger Front Page endorsement! Sawant must be kicking herself, anyone could have purchased that ad and she blew it, didn't act fast enough."

Except campaign finance law expressly states that you must state that it is a paid ad. The ruling isn't in on that one yet. Or the "Not funded by PAC money" statements when PAC money is very obviously involved.

"Well today she doubled down on her insanity and proposed eliminating the Navigation teams."

You mean the Navigator teams whose boss has twice admitted since July that they are not referring hardly ANYONE they move out of encampments? That they have nowhere to move them? That they no longer giving 48-72 hours notice? That they trash people's belongings and tell them to move? Move where? With what?

It's a tactic. Use that money on housing humans instead of moving them from site to site. Even the Reach group left the Navigation teams because of how they were treating the homeless. She is not far off the mark on this one at all.



It's solely The Stranger's responsibility to ensure that political ads it runs comply with campaign finance law. They get no out because somebody bought space for a non-compliant ad. As the kids say "That's on them".



"Orion has more or less run a clean campaign, free of trashy, vicious attacks. Why can't you and The Stranger do the same?"

Clicks, lad, clicks.


Rick Smith How much did Sawart pay you to write that one sided bias article?


@34: You’re seriously claiming we should not evaluate a legislator’s performance by the legislation she has or has not advanced? What should our metric be, her Scrabble scores? (You’re looking pretty desperate, you know...)

@38: Show work or no credit. Also, if you do substantiate your claims, explain why the city should not sweep every encampment, every time, in the interest of public health.


@32 Show you she’s unfit for office? How about instead we Showbox you. Better still, we should start calling her Million Dollar Showbox Sawart as a reminder of how unfit she is for office.


Someone told me Egan doesn’t like puppies.


I don't think Egan is a closet Republican and that's why there's a secret plot that Republicans want to fund. Republicans are less "donating to Egan Orion", and more donating "against Kshama Sawant".

Also I find it ironic that The Stranger uses this "they gave him money ergo he's their pawn" line while running ads for "Egan for Seattle" - by your own logic you should be Egan's pawn, yeah?


really disappointing to see y'all forgot the foremost principles of woke progressivism: never make fun of someone’s ugly sweater or compliment a woman’s scarf


Sawant drowns a kitten every morning.


There is a clear pattern here. I like to call it the Egan Approach to PR and Leadership: the 3 pronged flash (trademark pending).

Be politically ambiguous and stay attractive! Use marketing speak to duck and dodge the issue. Similar to the build your own racially ambiguous baby campaign “Think United Colors Benetton” that Egan launched among his friends on Facebook last year, searching for a surrogate to start his very own family. Appearance and agenda is what counts!
When an issue is pressed, ignore requests for comment. Repeatedly. From multiple sources. The time that could be used for response should be spent reminding people how Sawant doesn’t respond and bouncing around the comment sections of Facebook. Never mind the fact Sawant actually does respond to people but just not harassment or bullying. Use those terms in reverse about her. Clever!!
When stories are published and there’s a call out about not responding, respond! Otherwise let it go. Excuses about outlook and old macs, follow up emails, anything goes! The response only needs to follow one pattern. Distance, deflect, repeat. Stay politically ambiguous! Those corporate donors and PAC funding? No! Just say you’re supported by the people. If you can’t read the data sources that say otherwise maybe they can’t either! Make humorous self-depreciating comments before the bullies can have your neck. Ugly people do it all the time. Make jokes about how people will probably call you a “corporate shill”. Tricky! Republican support? Nah. You are a progressive liberal. Say it again. Keep saying it until it sounds believable. Say the money is from mysterious house parties. You never asked for any of this! Done.

While Sawant was in office putting in work for the people, this guy was filming himself and taking selfies traveling around the world as an “eco tourist”. He was busy turning a grassroots event into a corporate takeover and claiming success for growth, somehow forgetting the corresponding population growth in the city.

And now he’s busy using those tricky Facebook ads that are supposedly not allowed on Facebook because of the whole Russian election interference shit, but hey! Of course Orion’s campaign is ready to give facebook a bunch of ad money to run their illegal shit. They’ll just pay a fine for it later if necessary, it’s already in his corporate backed budget.


@47 blip: I'm really being more in agreement with kallipugos (re Rick Santorum) here than being judgmental over fashion choices. The photo of Egan Orion does remind me a little of the famous Santorum sweater vest, however. What I really focused on (leading to the ugh) was his ultra-conservative haircut, beard, and overly confident eyes.


Remember when Sawant was at the DNC telling voters to ditch Hilary and vote for Jill Stein? Pretty cool, yeah?


When I realized from your article how little one had to contribute to Orion's campaign to be (mis-) labeled as a "rich Republican," I just had to go back to his website to donate another $400 to make it an even $500, thus "rich."
Thank you.


Yesterday Hillary Clinton disclosed that Jill Stein was and is a Russian Asset (just like Tulsi Gabbard). You follow the bread crumbs: Sawant = Stein = Putin = Kremlin = Putin = Stein = Sawant.


Dude looks like Santorum's sweater Santorumed a Tickle me Elmo


@28 Err of Stupidity: Speak for yourself. Egan Orion reminds me of Gary Ridgeway, and not in a flattering way. I take it you have actually heard of the Green River Killer? Eww.
@53: Seriously, dude. Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before you lose all your remaining brain tissue.

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