Bill That Would Require Alcohol-Detecting Devices in All New Cars Should Become a Law



There should also be mandatory implimentation of technology that causes cell phones to go dark inside a car - using a so-called smart device is just as distracting as driving under the influence. But even though the technology is easily implimented, it will never be legally mandated.


"An accident is the energy of the resting weight of a vehicle plus the energy acceleration adds to that resting energy. In short, the faster a car goes, the more it weighs. "

0/10 - See me after class.
Charles' physics teacher.


"If we require emission tests on all cars, then we should require the same universalism for breathalyzers."

We're stopping required emission testing here in WA in 2020.


I remember being 16, when I started driving myself about 25 miles to high school. This was in the rural south.

Not long before, mandatory insurance rules came in to play. We were extremely poor, and did not comply.

I never got caught for that, but another family member did. He lost his car, and thus his job, and thus the rest of my family ended up paying for him for quite a while.

This will be another thing for cops to use to finance local government on the backs of the poor.


Where I live I'd estimate, conservatively, 20% of all drivers on the road are impaired. If drunks couldn't start their cars, we could probably put off any new highway projects for a few more years.


If only someone would install a passive detection system on Chuck's laptop to finally put an end to his drunk sloging....


So what if someone was a little tipsy but had to get their child to the hospital from a snake bite from way out in the middle of nowhere, or other such life and death scenarios.

They probably don't consider such things, as the theoretical possibility of a drunk driving accident is worse than a real potential tragedy at hand. Better to be pious than real I guess.


@6 wins the dipshit of the day award as usual, in this case for the glaring typo in his one sentence post accusing someone else of being drunk. Well played, as usual.


I can still have an arsenal of guns in my car though, right?

I really don't care if they made this a law or not, all I'll say is:

1) They'll find a way to make poor people and minorities suffer more and pay more for it than rich and privileged white people, and,

2) They'll never function nearly as ideally as proposed. Say hello to tons more court cases (guess who pays more for those too?)


giving additional power to the state is not the answer to all problems.



Unless you're a Marxist.


I'm with Phoebe this one time; in an Emergency,
you're pretty much fucked regardless of degree of inebriation.
Maybe the car might notify the Proper Authorities, who could
keep an eye out -- or give you a much-need lift to the Hospital.

And no, running outta Booze is (most likely) NOT an emergency.


“4,000 tons of metal and plastic”

That’s a lot of tons.



In a Marxist view "The State" doesn't exist so by definition you're wrong.


Roughly 1,142 Ford F-150 pickup trucks or 11 Boeing 747-100s.

So I’m not sure what Chuck drives... but if it’s that big, and he’s driving it, it needs to have a lot more than a breathalyzer hooked up to it.


Either that, or Chuck “understands” “motor vehicles” about as well as he “understands” “assault weapons” and should resist the temptation to tell us how either of them should be regulated by the state.


This post is almost 100% correct, but:

The Koch brothers did not do everything they could to stop Phoenix light rail. In the final months of the campaign the Koch money dried up; the total investment was trivial compared to what they invested in killing light rail in Nashville. Indeed, the yes on 105 campaign was assuming they'd be on the Koch gravy train and as such did little to cultivate local donors; they suffered from a real $$ shortage. I'm not sure why; it could be that the Koch people decided, correctly, this was unwinnable and as such a waste of money, but whatever the reason, they certainly could have done a lot more than they did.


They should put an interlock on Chuck’s keyboard to help put an end to his drunken posting.

This will never pass and if for some reason if it does it’s going to get challenged.


I'm 100% behind Our Dear NoSpin's proposition. I drive between two work locations, usually on the arterials, and one of my pet peeves is the drivers who are stopped 20' behind the car in front of them, which causes cars behind them to block the intersection, because they are looking at their phone.



If there were a way jam cell phones in cars (except for 911 calls and maps) I would be totally in favor of it.


I never though much about drunk driving until I lived in Anchorage for a few years. Tough to read about drunk drivers wiping out school kids walking on the sidewalk on a weekly basis.


Not spending too much time outside the City it always catches me off guard when bars have parking lots.