While this spacewalk is indeed a milestone, it should be pointed out that 100% of space crime is committed by women, despite women being a fraction of the space-based population. Strung out in heaven's high, hitting an all time low, as it were.


Remember Mitt Romney?
The onetime Republican standard-bearer got up on the floor of the Senate yesterday and basically called Trump a coward. Inferred that Erdogan had given Trump an ultimatum that Turkey was going to invade and Trump caved.
Here is how the Wa Post characterizes it-
" But here is a U.S. senator - and a Republican one - suggesting not just that Trump got out-negotiated but that he basically got told what was going to happen and ran away. Romney is entertaining the idea that a relatively small country forced the hand of the United States and dictated to the supposed dealmaker in chief."
Interesting times.


So I guess Dancing in the sheets equals flattening the sheets?


“Proposals by Council Member Kshama Sawant and Lisa Herbold suggest either doing away with the team entirely (Sawant) or tying the future of the team to quarterly reports to track improvement (Herbold).”

These are the same two CMs who re-instated SHARE’s funding after it was found not to have met even the most basic accounting standards required to receive our tax money. So, SHARE gets our money with absolutely no accountability at all, while a team which actually clears encampments gets criticized because campers choose to return — to break our laws and imperil our public health.

Election Day can’t get here soon enough.



Hey now... innocent until proven guilty! 100% of space crime is ALLEGEDLY committed by women.

/Judge Advocate General - U.S. Space Force


Lost in the insanity of Mickhead Mulvaney’s felony confessions yesterday was the op-ed in the NYT from Admiral William McRaven, commander in charge of US Special Operations when they hunted down and killed Osama Bin Laden, that declared the US is under attack by Prezirapist Tr666p.

Even after the non-stop crime spree of the last three years, it’s shocking that a decorated US Admiral has acknowledged that the sleazy, illegitimate con artist squatting in the White House is an enemy of the American people.

Details and non-paywall links:



Didn't Mitt previously demonstrate some decency and call out Trump as an ass, only to recant and grovel once he was being considered for a cabinet position? DT should just announce Mitt's in consideration for whatever post it is the great Rick Perry just resigned from and see if that doesn't shut him up.


@6: True, that is an important space-distinction I should have made. All those years watching Space-JAG reruns have failed me. (Does anyone here still remember JAG, or should it be a Space-NCIS joke now?)

@11: While what Mitt Romney said to the senate yesterday may be true, we know for a fact it is true that Mitt Romney is still Big Mad that he was humiliated so soundly by Trump. So, salt grains and all that. Of course, I imagine if anyone stood up in front of the senate an accused Trump of just about any crime, it would be at least a 50/50 shot of it being accurate.


"Climate change is fuckin' wild, guys"

Certainly is and air-conditioning the outdoors is wildly fucked up.

The Qataris never seem to tire of providing more compelling reasons to boycott this world cup


KTUU in Anchorage is reporting that one person sued of their injuries due to the runway incursion.


BOEING meanwhile is getting into what is best described as "Super-Dooper" trouble:

Of course they knew they were sending up mass suicide rockets.


@13 Harm & Mac were on NCIS: LA last season and fans went wild, so yes, lots of people remember JAG.


The male astronauts were probably relieved they could let out a good trumpet fart, watch a game and have a beer before lunch without get harassed about their essential nature.


I don't know why you're trying to convince me to vote, I already dropped off my completed ballot at the drop box.

That said, I still have my ballot for my MP to cast, as the first NDP/Green/BQ coalition government takes power.


How can The Stranger ignore the fact that one of the Democratic presidential candidates is being groomed by Moscow to be a Russian asset?


@21: Do you believe that all Slog posts are written specifically for you? Do you still see Fnarf as a commenter on the site too? We all knew you were a compulsive liar, but I personally didn't think you were disconnected from reality that far.


I'm just glad to hear that Lululemon leggings and venti Frappuccinos have finally made their way to space. But I'm dying to know what they talked about on their little walk: Do you suppose they talked about if bootcut jeans will ever come back? Or the new the new Zumba instructor? (I hear he's hot, but is he straight?)


@23 - Actually, Fnarf is back and chimed in on the Katie's 'Meet a Former Democrat Turned Trump Voter' post the other day and he's angrier than ever -- ruminating in profanity and hyperbole.


Women, unliken men, do not go partially blind in space after prolonged zero-g exposure. They consume less resources, cost less to lift into orbit, and can reproduce without need for other male astronauts with preserved genetic material. They also show excellent emotional stability in the isolating conditions of prolonged free fall in a tin can. In short, they are the ideal space colonists.


Theodore, if you are going to talk about 100% of crimes vs gender proportions, etc, it would be helpful to be honest and point out that you are talking about exactly one person committing one crime. So 100% of 1.

Second why in the world is it relevant to the article that a different woman did something else?

And third the woman you are referring to has not been convicted of this crime so your word choice is incorrect. Her exhusband has accused her and she is being investigated. She might be guilty. But it's certainly not unheard of that people fight dirty in divorces.

I know (pretty sure, hoping) you are just joking, and "space crime" is funny, but it's still... exhausting... that three women do a cool thing for the first time and the first response is "other women do different bad things". Uggh.


I agree. Send them all.


The flight into and out of Dutch harbor is amazing and a little terrifying even in those little turbo props, there’s a reason the USCG stopped flying c130’s into Dutch years ago. You hug two giant cliffs then do a steep bank and drop right into a short runway, amazing they were ever able to get such a large plane in their at all. Anyways Penn air, that flies into Dutch has quite a good track record, things are bound to go awry every now and again The bearing sea is a harsh environment. Half the crabbing and fish processing industry would be lost without them. Here’s to hoping Alaska air ponies up the settlement cash.


@1 - What about all those unsolved space crimes? Or the space crimes we don't even know about? The unknown unknown space crimes, as it were? Didn't some astronaut steal a moonrock from the moon? Didn't one of them "borrow" his mission's Hasselblad camera for some 'venus vixen' shots? Isn't kidnapping a dog off the streets of Moscow and launching it into orbit (Laika, Sputnik), only to have it roast to death 3 days later technically a space crime against dogs? How about intentionally crashing your satellite into another satellite to make orbital debris, wittingly advancing the Kessler syndrome? Isn't floating a goldfish from a balloon into orbit a space crime?

I wouldn't go throwing around that "100%" figure too casually, sir. Not if I were you.

Sorry, busy! I gotta go... "iron some clothes"... ifyaknowatahmean! winkwink ahem. cough. nudge. ... wink. nudgewink. ... oh forget it..


@26 They’re also excellent hosts for future colonists.



Quite, for the next batch of female colonists. Hairs on a bobbin, old bunt. Hairs on a bobbin.

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