Step on the crack and youll break your mommys back.
Step on the crack and you'll break your mommy's back. STEVECOLLENDER/GETTY

Seattle will replace the Cancer House: Fire Station 31 is bad. There's mold, and many firefighters who worked there got cancer, thus the name. The city has decided they will replace the Cancer House altogether instead of renovating it. "The Durkan administration plans to move Station 31’s firefighters into tents and trailers at a temporary site in their service area while their new structure is built," writes Beekman at the Seattle Times.

Mitch McConnell writes an anti-Trump op-ed for the Washington Post: He writes that "withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria is a grave strategic mistake" but doesn't mention Trump's name once.

New text messages reveal Boeing knew about the 737 MAX's aggressive failures in 2016: and then "unknowingly" LIED TO THE FAA ABOUT THEM. Boeing execs have known about these text messages for months and failed to present them to the chief attorney for the Department of Transportation. It's not looking good for Boeing.

John Kasich's down to ITMFA: “I say it with great sadness. This is not something that I really wanted to do. ... But this behavior, in my opinion, cannot be tolerated," Kasich told CNN today. Buy a button, John!

The investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails is finally over: It only took three years and a presidential election to get here. The findings? 38 officials are cited for violations and some will face disciplinary actions. The violators are current and former State Department officials but they are currently unidentified.

Conservative media swarmed on this story today: Hillary Clinton told David Plouffe on “Campaign HQ” that Russians are "grooming" a certain 2020 candidate—Tulsi Gabbard—for a third-party run. The quote:

“They’re also going to do third-party again. And I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians, they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far...”

And Tulsi's response via Twitter: (Is it just me, or does "join the race directly" sound like something Russia would say to Hillary Clinton?)

Today’s bad money news: Seattle Hospitality for Progress (hoteliers) dropped $50K on mailers for Seattle City Council candidates Jim Pugel (D7) and Heidi Wills (D6). Meanwhile, the firefighters reported $9K for over 45K postcards supporting Wills and Egan Orion (D3), and another $3.2K on 15K postcards for Mark Solomon (D2), all of whom suck. Real estate developer H. Jon Runstad and real estate attorney Judy Runstad, both Republican donors, collectively dropped $10K on People for Seattle PAC. Republican donor Douglas Howe chipped in $5K. People for Seattle also reported a $45K expenditure for TV ads supporting Alex Pedersen. Real estate broker David Young dropped $5K on Moms for Seattle. Dino Rossi donor Gwendolyn McCaw added $2.5K, bringing her total support up to $4.5K. All told the Moms brought in ~$19K today.

Today’s good money news: UNITE HERE spent $2K on online ads for Andrew Lewis, who’s running in District 7. Seattle Council Member Lisa Herbold reported a little over $3.5K in donations. The Stable Homes initiative, a Federal Way ballot measure that would secure landmark renters protections south of Seattle, is out-raising its competition, Safe and Affordable Federal Way. Stable Homes is run by WA Community Action Network, and Safe and Affordable is run by the Rental Housing Association (landlords). The tenant protectors have raised over $170K. The landlords have only raised $40K, with $33K in debt. Funny to see a tenants rights groups with the big money (for now) in a ballot race.

This is bleak: "Detectives believe Everett man stomped on woman, killing her"

Opening Paragraph of the Week: From NBC News:

As 1 in 5 American adults wonder how to pay off their combined $1.6 trillion in student debt, Sallie Mae executives and sales team members wrestled with a different question: Between meetings, how should they spend their time on their five-day paid trip to the luxury Fairmont resort on Wailea beach in Maui?

Send it: The trip to Wailea was "in part to celebrate a record year of $5 billion in sales" for Sallie Mae, says their CEO Ray Quinlan.

What's the fastest way to escape the Big One on foot? We've got new maps for that.

A final suggestion for the weekend: Pray for Medina.

Rich Smith contributed reporting to this post.