Hello, please dont.
Hello, please don't. KAREN DUCEY/GETTY IMAGES

Boeing disputes pilots' text messages: On Friday, messages between two pilots discussing a 737 MAX 8 flight simulation were leaked. One pilot discussed how in the simulation, the plane's new flight control system was erratic. Boeing has come under fire because these messages could indicate prior knowledge of the plane's defects. However, Boeing has said in a statement that this was simply a flaw in the simulator, not an indication of a flaw in the plane.

Gun nuts want to arrest the attorney general: That's it. That's the story. Washington State gun lovers are pissed at new state regulations for firearms. They don't know what to do about it. In Yelm, a group got together to air their grievances. The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation have lawsuits cooking, but these men are itching for action. They talked about potentially doing a citizen's arrest on Attorney General Bob Ferguson. And also forming a militia.

Washington to debut new apple: The Cosmic Crisp is the first apple bred in Washington. Growers are so confident about the new apple that they've already planted 12 million Cosmic Crisp apple trees. The apple, red with yellowish spots, will be in stores on December 1. I'm marking my calendar!

The rain continues! I'm living for this moisture. My hair, on the other hand, has never been frizzier. Life is a series of trade-offs.

Although it might not be too bad in Seattle:

The new Space Needle time capsule is getting sealed today: It won't be opened again until the Space Needle's 100th birthday on April 21, 2062. There are 100 items inside and, I don't want to be a grouch here, but I'm pretty sure they all suck. Here are the first five, compliments of KING 5: a set of Forever stamps, a single share of Amazon.com stock, a poster signed by Pearl Jam, a mini Seahawks helmet signed by Walter Jones, and Twinkies.

Kirkland's dog-poop war: People aren't scooping their dogs' poop in Kirkland, and the city is fed up. With an influx of new residents comes an influx of new dogs, and some people have not gotten the pooper scooper memo. So Kirkland has started a campaign to fix the behavior, complete with passive-aggressively marking every left-behind pile with a yellow flag to show dog owners that "someone is watching."

Who is whispering in Mayor Pete's ear? It's Mark Zuckerberg! Marky Mark and the Privacy-Violating Bunch (still workshopping this parody name) has been quietly recommending hires to Pete Buttigieg's campaign staff. Zuck's wife, Priscilla Chan, even got it on it, sending along some of Mark's recommendations herself. Two of the numerous employees recommended by Zuckerberg and Chan are currently on staff.

Oh, is that all? Listen, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn't just want to clear the Kurdish people from his borders. He wants nuclear weapons—and he's not happy about being restricted from having nuclear weapons by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty he signed. The real question is, if the United States couldn't stop Turkey from killing the Kurds, how can the US stop Turkey from getting nuclear weapons?

Meanwhile, America pulls out: More than 100 military vehicles have entered Iraq from Syria as Trump accelerates the withdrawal of troops. People threw rocks and rotten fruit at the passing convoy.

Footage of all of us suffering inside: "How are you?" "Fine."

Trump walked back his G7 venue choice: Because of GOP criticism. Are… the Republicans finally growing backbones? Trump was "surprised by the level of pushback" from his announcement that the next G7 Summit would be hosted by his Florida hotel, the Trump National Doral. After Republicans and Fox News anchors criticized the move, Trump reneged on the decision.

Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter: He said in a recent profile that he has an account that follows 668 people that include several late-night comedians and politicians. He doesn't follow Trump. A Slate writer has tracked down Romney's account. The name? Pierre Delecto.

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They had to replace Emmett Till's memorial: The lethal beating of 14-year-old Emmett Till sparked the civil rights movement. However, people keep vandalizing his memorial in Mississippi. The historical marker has been replaced with a new bulletproof one.

Dallas was ripped up by a tornado: A tornado plowed through Dallas on Monday morning. It did considerable damage to homes, parks, businesses, and more. Six people were taken to the hospital. Another storm system will be moving through the same area later in the day.

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