Slog AM: Gun Lovers Want to Arrest Bob Ferguson, Kirkland's Dog-Poop War, Turkey Wants the Bomb



I, sovereign citizen, gladly these gun-humping yahoos in Yelm & beyond get themselves in an Ginormophant-sized heap of federal criminal trouble.
See how many Federal Judges fall for the 'sovereign citizen' shtick.
See what kind of crappy lawyers your gun-humper salaries buy you.
See how much you like those federal cell mates. it's 6' x 10' in there.
Good times in America.


No need to worry about our Bob Ferguson. He can handle it. He's probably loving every minute of it.


And what will emerge intact from the time capsule in 42 1/2 years? I'm betting on the Twinkies!


"They talked about potentially citizens arresting Attorney General Bob Ferguson. And also forming a militia."

Nah, if they formed a Militia (to keep them Slaves IN) (where'd all the Slaves go?!!) (Prison?) they'd fall under the 2nd Amendment's Well-Regulated status.

So, wheretf's my twin-flame-thrower Tank
plus Pocket Nukes
I wonder...

Q. Can I (legally) be a Militia of One?


Mexican military was defeated in battle by a Mexican drug cartel. Maybe that should be big news since Mexico borders the US to the south.


Boeing's reaction sounds like Cap'n Smith of Titanic: "Ladies and gentlemen! There's no need to panic! We're simply taking on some ice for the Last Night at Sea Party!"


@pat L -- those time capsule Twinks are Thee Original Twinkies, manufactured circa 1933, and will be just as 'good' in 2062 as they were c. 1933. Maybe better. Like Boone's Farm apple wine.

Q. "The real question is, if the U.S. couldn't stop Turkey from killing the Kurds, how could the U.S. stop Turkey from getting nuclear weapons?"

A. We re-hire the dick Cheney (or, if unavailabe, the dickless Dick Cheney, Jr), invade the fuck outta Turkey (on Thanksgiving?) (Why NOT?!) and then just see howtf it goes?

Almost worked before...

"Trump was 'surprised by the level of pushback' from his announcement that the next G7 summit would be hosted by his Florida hotel... "

The Emoluments Clause (unlike Santa) (sorry, kids) is REAL, Mr. Fake "president," so, eventually, you're gonna run into a little Pushback. I know, I know, it's only been a couple years, and Republicans have proven to be quite spineless in the face of installing far far FAR right Supreme Court "Justices" and Trillion point Five Tax Cuts (for the top one percenters club), but Rs DO have their limits.


Okay, last one: "However, Boeing has said in a statement that this was simply a flaw in the simulator, not an indication of a flaw in the plane."

The simulator is merely a metaphor for Boeing's Corporate Culture, ready (and willing) to take down Capitalism (Un-regulated corporate Capitalism) in the mad dash for Profits, at ALL costs. (Including OUR Biosphere).

Putting your biggest Stakeholders on your Board of Directors, Boeing -- your Employees -- might (just might!) convince US that you actually mean well.

Till then, have your Execs ride those 737 Maxes 'round and 'round the planet till you FIX THE PROBLEM.

(Too Darwinian?)


Turkey demanding nuclear weapons is part of a script written by Putin and sadly approved by our prez. The idea is to get US military out of that country and hand it to Russia. It will further destabilize NATO, high on Russia’s list, and already making US allies in the region and beyond very anxious.
Yet as long as we keep carrying guns and place women and minorities back where they belong the base wouldn’t care.


"Washington to debut new apple: The Cosmic Crisp
[any relation to Cosmo Kramer?] is the first apple bred in Washington."
[you don't know them E.WA farmers very well]

Whatever happened to our Red Delicious apple?
It used to be DELICIOUS.

Now, it's Beautiful (part of that beauty is the wax they slather on it)!

Why not bring back a delicious Red Delicious apple?
Have they totally ruint the Market for them?


“Taking questions from reporters about his canceled plans to hold the June G7 summit at his Florida resort, Trump appeared dismissive of a constitutional clause forbidding federal officeholders from accepting gifts from foreign states.
The president said, according to the pool report: “You people with this phony Emoluments Clause.”

Where are the constitution fetishists when they are actually needed?


@10 Turkey under its current government is a danger to NATO. If Turkey stays on its current course, NATO will either have to kick Turkey out, or liberate Constantinople from the descendants of the Ottoman invaders!


Anything is phony if it displeases the Chosen One.


I wonder what sins Dallas obviously committed to deserve God's wrath like that? Any follow up Nathalie?

@11 - I'm ok with new apple varieties. Do you want to Make Apples Great Again or something? (Wait, is it Make ^American^ Apples Again? Make Apple Pie Again? ..or "Ate American Apples Again, Mother!")

"how can the US stop Turkey from getting nuclear weapons?"
--- Easy, put the Mossad on it.

"passive-aggressively marking every left-behind pile with a yellow flag "
--- Is that actually "passive-aggressive"? Raising awareness isn't passive-aggressive. P-A is doing something really shitty to someone in retaliation. Making a point about ^their^ shittiness is not "aggressive". Those dog owners are being poopive-aggressive, imho.

@4 - Bjork was an Army of Me, so sure, you can be a Militia of One. Doesn't have the same poeticals about it, but whatevs, it's cool.


Boeing's claim that its simulator was flawed not its plane is obviously crafted by its legal team. With lawsuits stacked up and circling, it's highly dubious this will be an effective defense. Boeing's no doubt hemorrhaging money to a legal team that can't come up with anything better than this? Apparently its leadership thinks we're all as stupid as those at Fox News do or the President of the United States.


It's time to arrest and lock up the gun nazis, already. Go, SuperBob, GO!!! Time to call Checkmate on these bozo thugs.
@11 kristofarian: Blech--Eastern Washington is now pushing waxed fruit??
@16 Sargon Bighorn: Further proof that the 2nd Amendment, like the Electoral College, is grossly out of date, don't you think?


@3 pat L and @7 kristofarian: Who knew that Hostess snack cakes from 1933 would survive nuclear holocaust? Twinkies and Tang instant breakfast drink are going to outlive us all.
@10 CMDwannabe: I'm so ready for Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey and all their RepubliKKKan pigs to get carved up like Christmas hams and thrown to the alligators. Put GOP garbage in ITS proper place--and clean the swamp.


l might have sympathy for Boeing were they to put
their largest Stakeholders -- their Union Employees --
on its Board of Directors.

Till then, fly at your own risk.

Auntie Gee -- yep -- wax really makes 'em Shine!
It's sad that Beauty doesn't always equal Good Taste.

Also, they've recently discovered that nasty preservatives
+ high fructose corn syrup equals Plastic. Or was it,


(you realize, auntie gee, when someone Does carve up somebody else, they can point at your comment and say, well, it's what They always say/do! If you can change it up, a little, you have Plausible Deniability.

I know, trumpy says shit like that all the time
and gets away with it but derr Furor's goin' down
Way Down.


@18: Whether the misbehavior in question was the fault of MCAS or the simulator, one thing remains evident: Boeing sucks at writing software.


Poor Bob. All this acrimony. And it's over an initiative that the voters forced upon him. True, he might be enforcing it with a bit too much ardor for the likes of the NRA. But there are a few more odious voter initiatives coming down the road. And it will be all he can do to hold his nose and get on with his job.


@24 Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be a high-functioning sociopath, not an ignorant psychopath. Do try better next time, with a new sock-puppet.