Slog PM: Republicans Pull Stunts, Sawant Writes for Teen Vogue, a Ghost Fire in the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station



So, let me get this straight. Seattle's multinationally influential filthy rich fat banker cat oligarchy can stuff more Midas-touched cash from their global businesses into Tickle-Me-Egan's khaki pockets than nine percent of the rest of the country in a race with dire repercussions for the entire country in precedent, versus nearly half of Sawants national small donors for the cause?

And if Orion's Own are so concerned about the undue influence of outsider money in our politics, maybe they should support limiting individual donor contributions to $5,000.00.


RE: Brock Carroll, the guy running for school district representative something

A fireman AND a massage therapist. My gaydar is pinging loud and clear.


The GOP: Eating pizza while Rome burns!


Why are elevator announcements at Beacon Hill made by a young Scottish woman?

Not that I’m complaining.


"The Trump campaign is using beacons to collect
location information on attendees at [their Nuremoburg] rallies."

Yep. You can bet your bottom dollar trumpfy's strip-mining his credulous followers and cultists, just like he dreams of strip-mining America'a (North, South and Central's) Citizenry, at every oppotunity. You gotta remember, he's a shrewd Businessman. If they don't care, why should he?

"The U.S. House passed a bill that would ban 'crushing,
burning, drowning and impaling animals, among other things.'"

So, no more spearfishing?
Where am I gonna get my Mercury?

Can The Stranger call 737 Maxes "Death Planes"?

Mightn't that take The Stranger down like
Boeing's Arrogance* may take down Boeing?

*I was gonna say, like a 737 Max
but decided not to


I notice that Slog writers didn’t seem to mind when Jeff Bezos poured more than $2 million into the same-sex marriage referendum. Corporate money only matters when you dislike their opinion, I guess?


The Insane Clown Posse hits Capitol Hill. Were they trying to rescue the Republican members of the Intelligence Committee being held hostage in the SCIF?


Could you imagine what The Stranger would be saying if the GOP held closed door impeachment hearings on Obama when he was President?


@11 In this case, there isn't a special prosecutor appointed to investigate and determine facts. The House committees are filling that role. In any criminal proceeding, this part of the process is typically done behind closed doors. One of the main reasons for that is to limit the ability of hostile witnesses to coordinate their stories. About 1/4 of House Republicans are participating in the hearings.

There will be public hearings in the House as soon as the initial phase of the investigation is complete. And, if the House votes to impeach, the trial in the Senate will be televised. Mr. Trump and his representatives will have ample opportunity to confront and cross examine the witnesses against him.


@11 Nice try comrade but they did that repeatedly for Benghazi so you don't really have to imagine. And, fuck you anyway, but, yes, of course Democrats decried it at the time. Politics!


@11 you know clinton was impeached 20 years ago, right? Might be a better place to start than your talk radio-addled imagination if you need a demo though I feel like “closed door hearing” is pretty self-explanatory


@9 Spending money to support civil rights good. Spending money to install yes men on the city council to rubber stamp zoning changes bad.


If the city council flips to the center-left, and it seems as if it will, then the far-left will have a built in excuse narrative upon which to lay the blame and stoke outrage to fuel their bids in the next election.

This narrative gives the far-left a place to hide the real issue: public perception has trended to: the city is rapidly going to shit; and far-left public officials make sound and fury and spend money but have been ineffective. Maybe the Bezos money is a camel-breaking straw, but the core issue is that tens of thousands of left-leaning Seattelites are looking for stronger leaders who might function more to represent the majority's concerns and vision.

If it flips, the big bad wolf didn't steal this election as much as put the wind lightly at the backs of a majority that feels ignored by Sawant et al.


Hey guys, did you know a guy named Greg Pence is in the impeachment inquiry hearings? Wonder if hes related to the vice-president? If so maybe hes trying to railroad trump so the vice-president can take over? Good thing the republicans barged in to see what he was doing.


@13 And also when the select group of Republican senators met behind closed doors to put together the tax cuts for the wealthy bill so that McConnell could rush it to the floor for a vote without any review, debates or amendments. I'm sure all the proud (boy) conservatives were cool with that.

All the conservative whiners will have their chance to review the testimony when it comes up for a vote in the house and a trial in the Senate, but they don't get to stonewall and make self-serving speeches about conspiracy theories before then. Mid-term elections have consequences. Get over it.


Deer PC206er -- the GOP lawmakers who invaded the soundproof locked NO-recording-devices-of-any-kind-allowed! investigation room in the basement of the House to decry the Constitutional Process (Impeachment Investigation) taking place therein need to be reminded (as many, above, have) -- there WERE Republican members of the committee IN THE ROOM ALREADY.

But their low-brow tactic appears to have worked quite
well on the low-Information cult who whorships them.

You were Well Played.


@11 you mean like the closed door hearings on Clinton?

There are decades old rules that witnesses are supposed to be interviewed in a way that can stay classified. You know that no court or federal instigative hearings are totally public and open, right? How the fuck would you investigate crimes if witnesses could be exposed to anyone? you know. Like every mafia investigation in fucking history.

Not only that At least 12 of those republican dipshits (a redundant distinction) who stormed that meeting to disrupt a lawful investigation could've entered that committee anytime they wanted because they sit on relevant committees, including the Oversight or Foreign Affairs committee.

Paul Gosar of Arizona, Mark Green of Tennessee, Jody Hice of Georgia, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Fred Keller of Pennsylvania, Carol Miller of West Virginia, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Steve Watkins of Kansas, Ron Wright of Texas, Lee Zeldin of New York — all this treasonous stunt pulling dumbfucks could've been in there if they wanted.

The whole thing was STAGED to intimidate witnesses.

All these worthless mindless fucks should be locked up for contempt and if they were not protected by their obscene status as so called "law makers" they would be.

Christ. You people are stupid as shit.


Does Matthew Whitaker ever wonder why he's a FORMER U.S Attorney General? Oh, that's right. He's a RepubliKKKan. D'uh.

@5 pat L for the WIN!
@11: Seriously, dude. Your idiotic MAGA cap really should be an embarrassment to you as well as a health hazard.


@4 Trust us, no one was surprised that you would take the side of, and defend, a violent racist using violence for political gain.


@22 Greenwood Bob: Just as I was conjuring up a fitting retort to @4, you so beautifully beat me to it. Bravo and seconded.

I swear, mail-in voting ballots have become absolute no-brainers over the past 40 years. Check Big D all the way down. And the return postage is paid for, too! What's not to like? Get out and vote, people (yes, you, too, complacent "meh" sayers)!


Are Diamond and Silk WWE characters, or the most recent porn stars that the president has paid to screw him?