What the Outrage Over Egan Orion's Search for an Egg Donor Missed



Do we have a Katie Herzog's Shitty Take countdown clock yet that we press start on after every shitty thing some dipshit centrist does because I think it's regular enough that it would be reliable.


Lmao they MS Paintcanned his undershirt to red in the latest video with the 91% (AKA top tenth of one percent) statistics based on a troll from a guy whose wardrobe consists of his dad's wide-legged Dockers and friends' second hand-me-downs. Troll level: over 9000


I've seen conversations surrounding the controversy that is surrogacy before, as well as the clarifications regarding the practice in the US, involving a name that is far more well known than Egan Orion: Kim Kardashian. This occurs every time Kardashian and West want to have another child via surrogacy, with people throwing out judgements left and right while being misinformed about the topic. (And no, I don't give a damn about Kardashian, West, or any of the extended family, I just abhor ignorance-based snap judgments.)

There needs to be more of a general information campaign unrelated to these controversies so people become more informed about the practice.


Oh, I remember Dae Shik Kim Hawkins. He's the guy who wrote a big fat pack of lies in the Atlantic portraying Find-It-Fix-It as some sort of dystopian app rich people use to target poor people for execution.


He's an extremist hack "activist", exactly the kind of loud voice who only makes the city worse and pits people against each other. He says outrageous things to attract attention and get people who share the same enemies as him to donate to his Patreon.

And of course, he cares very very deeply about Seattle's longtime issues... after moving here in 2014 to ride the grift after finishing his undergrad degree in Honolulu.


@1 Don't be so fragile.


The Revolution eats its own. Off with their heads!



All of the GOP's Command Centers are infested, breh


Next thing you know the looney the left will attack inter-racial marriages.

Oh that's right, they already are.

The intersectional left's new motto: Segregation now, Segregation forever!


This leaves the solution as either a random egg lottery or aligning, once again, with the fundamentalist right.

... Says the guy carrying the surname Hawkins.

Thoughts. Thinks. Thunks.


The gang procreation mindset, really.


I said it before and I'll say it again: Egan Orion is just plain Gary Ridgeway creepy! Ew!

@8: Obviously you flunked history. What's your reading comprehension, below the fifth grade level? That idiotic MAGA cap really should be an embarrassment to you as well as a serious health hazard.




not again, Katie...

Come on


@11 BEHOLD, A MALE COW: I meant the other @8 (for some reason, there are two @8's), the trolling Ghost of George Wallace, who commented ahead of you. Carry on.


Dae Shik Kim Hawkins uses POC bodies as weaponized political props on the daily. Not sure who is better at it, Dae or Mudede.


I prefer the Mudede version of this article, actually.


Reproductive preferences aren't anyone's business but the couple involved. Most of ya'll have your preferences too (or why not adopt the children most in need instead of making more in your image?), it's just that no one cares.

Why on Earth he went shopping for donors on Facebook—in 2018(?!), however, I don't get. Facebook is trash. Nothing good can come from sharing such a personal choice with that platform.


Maybe it was the Mexican boyfriend's idea?


The tackiness of 1/ the way he phrased the question, 2/ that he posted it on facebook and 3/ the idea that mom just needs brown skin for the kid to pass for “mexican” aside, surrogacy is a routine, legal and highly regulated medical procedure. It’s nbd, but the post was still gross. Aren’t there agencies that do this for people??


It seems like the controversy could have been side stepped completely if his partner had posted and he just used his platform to promote his partners post ... Still seems like something to be cautious of broadcasting on FB when you're a politician.


[quote]Dae Shik Kim Hawkins, however, says he stands by his claim that Orion is “like a modern day slave owner attempting to force breed at a slave auction," even if his partner was Mexican.

“It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change anything,” Hawkins said. “None of that was mentioned in his original post. And like Egan said in his follow-up, words matter. There’s a racialized history around the type of rhetoric he used in his original post looking for an egg donor. And that’s what I was pointing out, and I stand by those words.” [/quote]

Fuck you Hawkins. As a white man, you obviously don't know shit about slavery. This reminds me of Trump talking about lynching.

Oh, what's that. You are black? It doesn't matter and it doesn't change anything. That wasn't mentioned in his original post. Words matter.

Seriously though, what a fucking dick. Jesus. Orion wrote all this before he was running for office. This was a message sent out to his Facebook account, it wasn't a fucking press release. It was meant to go out to his friends. Only a paranoid crazy asshole would think this is any way similar to slavery, or is any way a real concern. Seriously, he wrote "Latina, Italian, Spanish Woman, fine if partially white or black or Asian or Native American or Middle Eastern". How the fuck is that "a designer baby" or anywhere close to (African American) slavery. He barely even mentions black, and has it in the same category as white.

It is pretty fucking obvious to anyone who has even the slightest bit of empathy that he preferred a baby that looked like his partner; nothing more, nothing less. Even then he was flexible -- that is the whole point of the second part of his post. He could have cut it off with Latina, Italian or Spanish", which was obviously his preference. My guess is if he had, there would be no issue. But instead, because he continued -- because he actually wrote that he was flexible -- he is accused of the most horrid of crimes, being “like a modern day slave owner attempting to force breed at a slave auction".

Holy shit, Hawkins -- find a real issue. Seriously, do you think this is a real problem? Do you think that white people are lining up, trying to get sperm or eggs from people of color, so they can design just the right shade of baby? Do you think that in any way means that he is unsympathetic or ignorant of the historic plight of African Americans? Give me a fucking break.

Orion just wanted a baby that looked like him and his partner. I'm not saying I would do the same, but that isn't such a weird thing. It happens all the time. Partly it is to prevent the awkward stares you get from assholes ("Oh, is that your baby? Really?"). He was simply asking for that, and then made a joke about the whole process, being fully aware that it was weird. Of course it is weird. The whole sperm donor thing is weird. Being a gay father is weird. People will judge. Assholes will judge. People who are prejudiced will say stupid shit. Hawkins has already done that, and the baby ain't even here yet.

Fucking assholes. There are real people doing really shitty things, yet we can't even discuss race because of assholes like Hawkins. If you look white, then why the fuck would you open your mouth? Seriously, my kids are half black -- raised by an African American woman whose ancestors were dragged to this country in chains. But they look fairly white, and if they bothered to bring up anything about race -- despite the fact that they have a very interesting perspective, and can provide some insight -- they have to dance on eggshells because some asshole might jump to the wrong conclusion. So they do what so many other people do -- just keep quiet. As a result, the country doesn't progress -- we get more isolated. We lose sympathy and empathy for those who aren't within our chosen circle.

Good job Hawkins (and the rest of you assholes). You aren't helping the cause of liberalism one bit. You aren't making this a better country. At best you are simply wasting our time while we discuss bullshit issues. At worse you are making things worse.


Well, I'm a Sawant supporter and I confess I have had a little fun with Mr Orion's lamentable taste in apparel.
But Jeeze, I don't see anything wrong with his decisions regarding his personal life. That criticism seems way out of bounds.


Once again, the intersectional tower collapses. POCs attacking gays again. Remember who voted for Prop 8?

Also, regarding the human desire to have offspring who look like you... look up on YouTube: “Mohammed Ali BBC Parkinson”


@21 kallipugos: Is it just me seeing a creepy Gary Ridgeway resemblance in Egan Orion and his agenda? Or is it because it's so close to Halloween....? I agree, though, on leaving Orion alone about his personal life.


Thanks Katie for once again adding the detail and nuance necessary to fully grasp the situation. To Dae Shik Kim Hawkins: This is what weaponizing racism looks like. You're using the call-out/outrage culture tactic of condemning someone as racism based on a single Facebook post that had additional context that you left out. The context absolutely fucking matters. And it scares me that you clearly think it doesn't. What an outrageous jump in logic you make when you equate a gay white man and his POC partner with slave owners, for simply looking for a surrogate who would help them have a baby that looks like them. The only disgusting thing here is the egregiousness of the narrative you've created. When you leave out facts in order to make a point you're the one causing harm.


"Dae Shik Kim Hawkins, however, says he stands by his claim that Orion is “like a modern day slave owner attempting to force breed at a slave auction," even if his partner was Mexican."

Sure Dae Dae, there is no difference between paying someone who chooses to be an egg donor versus raping a black slave.

I wonder what the Twitter brigade would be saying about Egan Orion if he had said he wants a white baby?


Do the tiniest bit of research and you'll find that that Australian couple did not abandon a baby.


And he can’t just adopt because his dna is so important to pass on. I’d rather elect a gay dude who hangs out in bath houses than this assimilationist, hetronormaluzed droid.


Why can't Amazon supply the Egg, incubator
and campaign Funds?

Are they not a Modern Corporation
(maybe the Baby'll look like Jeff!)?


Yes, Dae, words do matter. This is why calling a gay guy trying to have a kid who looks like him and his partner "a modern day slave owner attempting to force breed at a slave auction" is so hateful. While Egan apologized for his clumsy wording, you doubled down on your hateful rhetoric.


Orion is not a good candidate. Anyone who repeatedly changes his names shows a degree of flakiness. But apparently he turned the pride party into a profit making enterprise so he must have some skills. Sawant should take her class warfare back to India, they need it there. Here not so much. Just enabling a bunch of homeless drug addicts. Though I do agree on building housing and providing services, just make work a requirement.


The white lady who’s so busy apologizing for the the racist she completely misses the misogyny. Typical.

And the winner of tonight’s Miss Misogynoir is Katie Kallme Krazy Herzog.