Slog AM: AOC Grills Zuckerberg, an Update on the London Corpse Truck, Japanese Hotel Robots Probably Watched You Sleep



There's not really any way for PSE to "switch to renewables" in the context of residential natural gas delivery since there is, alas, no Thunderdome-style pig gas to replace its use in the NG appliances you or your landlord own.


I could not imagine having to sit there and take lip from someone like AOC. The condescension, the faux intellectualism, those terrible fashion choices. It would all be too much.


Your PSE complaint doesn't make any sense. If someone is paying PSE for natural gas then they need to switch to something else.

@3 Aww, don't worry baby, you have zero chance of ever being called to testify before Congress.


Don't lump generation x in with the boomers when it comes to retirement and savings and shit. I'm just as fucked as the millennials are. The baby boomer generation by and large fucked over EVERY generation after them.


The quickest and most effective way to reduce fossil fuel consumption is to increase the cost. People will use less dirty energy and cleaner alternatives will become more competitive. Of course that will hurt poor people more than rich people but pretty much anything we do will hurt poor people more than rich people. There will be riots and so forth (see France & Ecuador).


One wonders how Mark Zuckerberg is expected to describe all data flows into Facebook with some sort of truth filter to answer sophomoric questions from an overrated congresswoman who thinks she is more profound and clairvoyant than she could ever hope to be.


Zuckerbook is raking in billions of dollars a year so it shouldn’t be too much to ask that his publishing platform adheres to some basic standard that we would expect of any other. Surely they have some sort of review process for ad buys as i have never seen any ads for raging stallion in my feed despite being a target demographic. Why should it be too much to ask that a multibillion dollar concern screen political ads before accepting cash to publish them?


wow, #3 and #8, are you guys triggered or what?
I just watched the clip alert to condescension, faux intellectualism, attempts at clairvoyance or profundity and I just didn't see it.
I saw an extremely intelligent, poised WOC grilling a very powerful man who attempts to hide behind a cloak of innocence.
Also, she seemed to me to be very well turned out in that black suit accenting her perfect skin with just a hint of decolletage. Just perfect, really.


@7 That will help some. Not nearly enough, but some. There are far too many "poor" energy users compared to the number of "rich" energy users. You're good at science - do the math.


@11 you're not thinking big enough. Jeff Bezos alone is worth 110 billion bucks according to google. Tax away half his money and that will pay extra 8 bucks mentioned for almost 7 billion electrical bills. And still leave Bezos with more than enough to pay for his most awesome treehouse on the moon.


Darn you PSE. I find it annoying wearing sweaters in the house to save money.


@12 I guess that I'm not explaining myself very well. There are good things that we can do with half of Mr. Bezos' money but the goal is to dramatically reduce energy use per person. Subsidizing the energy use of the poor (however that is defined) won't move us toward that goal - quite the opposite.


@10: She's never going to fuck you dude.


Well pardon me
if i prefer AOC
to the bumbling
stumbling powermadd

Also -- the GOP lawmakers who invaded the soundproof locked NO-recording-devices-of-any-kind-allowed! investigation room in the basement of the House to decry the Constitutional Process (Impeachment Investigation) taking place therein need to be reminded -- there were Republican members of the committee IN THE ROOM ALREADY.

When you're losing The Game
if you can shut it down
you just might win!

See: the handing of the Presidency to Gee Dubya bush by Republicans
see also: the Illegal Invasions of Afghanastan and Iraq
and the mess we're STILL FUCKING IN.


Speaking of Powermaddened Billionaires
Zuck's gonna fuck up Democracy if he can
just make a few Billions more.



@10 Damn, you're thirsty.


Hey Nathalie -- First, the Social Security retirement age is 67 for people born after 1960.

Second, what on earth makes you think GenXers will be retiring at 65? Plenty of us get to look forward to working until we drop dead.


@10 -- AOC IS H.O.T.T.T.
Fucking Smart, too.
[Therefore, Terrifying to Neolibs and Cons
and Verminazi.]

If it just doesn't work out betwixt me and the
former Mrs. Bezos,* who knows?
Perhas I'll give AOC a Jingle....

*I'm insisting on a PreNup
but she'll have none of it.


straight guys fighting over women’s fashion feels like the dystopian hellscape conservatives warned us about when we were fighting for gay marriage though it’s arguably a small price to pay i guess



Where may I purchase some of this "Wild Stallion" of which you speak?

Asking for a friend of course!


Condescension, faux intellectualism, sophomoric questions, assuming you are profound and clairvoyant.
Mmm, you guys certainly know yourselves.


@13 - Wait till you hear about the inconveniences of global climate change! :D

@10 - Yep, their our triggered little raindrops alright. They so obviously condescend to women, it's amazing. We let them stay around though, they're cute.

@3,8 - Yeah! That android Zuckerborg sure IS condescending! And talk about poor fashion choices.. Whatta schmuck! Shame that you two are so put off by a Latina from the Bronx doing a better job in Congress than either of you could imagine doing. I mean, you got a problem? Go run for Congress. -- You don't like how AOC does verbal judo and pins that plastic-faced twerp to the ground? Doubt you could do better, or would even -want- to do that; but think:: You really desire to live in the dystopia run / backed by a Zuckerdouche? REALLY? AOC is doing you a goddamn favor. Have some respect.

PSE - I don't think Nathalie has a gas stove... I mean, what 'renewables' can replace that? Electric=>Heat is the worst energy conversion you can make, so don't tell me "electric stoves".

GenX - Oh, no we're well fucked too. We'll just get to go down that terrible road first. You Millennials can watch us to avoid the pits & quicksand we fall into. Or, you know, let's team up and make a better world.


Treacle dear, you must not be familiar with the new induction/convection ranges. Some friends of mine have one - beats any corny old gas stove out there. I, on the other hand, have a 1962 electric range and I like it fine. A good cook can cook on anything.

And to everyone: My father entered the work force in 1950. Every decade or so the powers that be would call everyone in, tell them that Social Security was doomed and they should save half their paychecks. He never bought into it. Between Social Security and his defined benefit pension, neither he nor mother suffered for money in their old age. They didn't leave us anything, except for a house, but that's OK. They paid our college tuition, and that was more than enough.


Let's all just take a moment to remember Donald J. Vesuvius Trump IS A BOOMER.

He,, that walking, living, breathing corporation,, is the last revenge of the Baby Boomers.


@13: You do pose an interesting question. Which is better?

A. You really desire to live in the dystopia run / backed by a Zuckerdouche?

B. You really desire to live in the dystopia run / backed by a AOCdouche?


"... the modern miracle that is fracking. Natural gas is still very inexpensive compared to electric heat. Clean, inexpensive and reliable... " -- Shorline Dave

All quite True --

until you Factor In the Environmental Costs --
"Externalities" in Corporate Speak --

which the so-called 'right' never fails to
never include.

Ever drank from a well-Poisoned Aquifer?
Not to worry --
you (we) Will.


@28 - oh my dear Rainderp, how I pine for the days you were funnier. You're not even really giving us enough to exercise our chops on these days. But I suppose we never really asked that of you.

Let's agree on terms first: DOUCHEBAG, /ˈdo͞oSHbaɡ/, n.,

And to answer your poorly posed, faux-dichotomy "question":
Yes, I would readily live in AOC's femtopia... in heartbeat.

@26 - Catalina, you are right! I have not! And yes, of course a good cook can cook on anything. Even open flame. It's more the energy-conversion factor I'm worried about. Electric-to-Heat is the worst one. Did modern induction stoves outwit that math somehow? Maybe. I am curious!
Also, house Hot Water Heaters are largely natural-gas. It would be a -terrible- waste of energy to convert those to electric. Not even slightly sensible. Maybe we could adopt forward-thinking Rwanda's solution and convert to biogas..?


@2 is very off base. We can be like BC and require all new residential buildings to run off of zero emission heating, such as renewables and electricity, and individuals can replace their gas furnaces with electric heat pumps.

Nobody will thank you for destroying the planet.

The main method of dealing with this is actually to end all fossil fuel infrastructure depreciation, incentives, deductions, and exclusions with zero exceptions. The increased revenue from that could be used to build solar powered tiny houses and condos for the homeless. Or given away to corporate donors who buy off our politicos.


Seattle Freeze: A while back a regular commenter posited that Seattle has always attracted the socially unskilled (my words, not theirs). From prospectors, to loggers and fisherman, to the Boeing boom of actual engineers, on to the influx of software engineers. Apologies if I butchered your theory whoever wrote that, but that's the takeaway I agree with.

There may still be a hit of Scandinavian culture still hanging in the air and stir in a whole lotta grey... Either way you don't have to be a native to perpetuate a cultural environment.

@9 Excellent point. Where are the Facebook ads for porn, booze, cigarettes, etc.? It's almost as if they can control whose money they take. Would they run a Zuckerberg hit piece?


@12 okk so what happens when you run out of the $55 billion?


@32: You're the one who slipped into foolishness with the overused and tiresome dystopian schtick. But please, do continue.


@36 - ... No! YOU are...Pbthbthbththtpbtht!
Have you even being paying attention to what Doucheberg is doing? What Facehook is doing? God man, read a magazine article once in awhile. And no, not just "Martha Stewart Living"


Every generation had it hard and couldn't afford shit like rent and a trip with friends at the same time. Yeah, other generations had to have roommates (often multiple roommates) in order to keep a roof over their heads. They had to pass on concert tickets because a tooth needed to be taken care of instead.

Saving money is HARD for every generation unless you were born a trust fund baby. Saving money requires no longer confusing what you want (we all want stuff we can't have or can't afford no matter how old we are) with what you actually need. Saving money requires setting spending priorities and sticking to them.

You want a quick formula for saving money? Cook your own meals. Brown bag. Even at this stage of life (because not all Gen-Xers or Boomers are inherently wealthy), when I need money for a big expense on the horizon, that's what I must do. It never ceases to surprise me how much money there is leftover at the end of the month when I avoid takeout, delivery, fast food, restaurants, cafes, bars, overpriced fancy coffee drinks and smoothies, It is literally hundreds of dollars. All that shit's expensive and no matter what our age we're all blind to how much money we waste on it. Choose wisely how and where you spend money on food and drink. Convenience here comes at a very high cost for everyone.

Prices and costs go up for EVERYONE, not just young people. Better get used to it now because it will happen with great regularity for the rest of your life. Welcome to adulthood.


Treacle dear, I don't bother my beautiful mind over things like efficiency. I just know that induction is even responsive than gas, without messing with your internal air quality. You just have to have flat-bottomed pans that a magnet will stick to.

I would argue that a heat pump water heater is every bit as efficient as gas (if installed correctly) but I am not a fan of whole house water heaters. If I were to build my dream home, I'd have a tankless electric hot water heater at every hot water spigot. The amount of water that is wasted waiting for the hot water to arrive is a Christian disgrace!


@37: Government regulation of industry is vital, but let's at least have our CEOs questioned by intelligent professionals for the committee instead of letting over-their-head showboating house reps or senators who embarrass themselves in front our business and technology leaders and the nation.


@33 Great suggestions!

@38 -- "Every generation had it hard and couldn't afford shit like rent and a trip with friends at the same time."

WWII Vets, for instance. Well, other than the GI Bill that pretty much gave us a (now-diminishing) Middle Class -- free college and home loans (depending on Race); oh and the poor Boomers, who's college we, the people financed (returning us $10 for every dollar invested, because educated folk [used to] Earn More Money), and which could be paid for with a fucking part-time Job.

Is it unusual to hear of Kids, these Days saddled with student loan Debt of Staggering proportions, having to delay children/families / buying Homes till the loan hopefully gets paid off?

(And we currently have this chickenshit governmental move of not honoring a promise of loan fulfilment, should College Grads take on certain, society-enriching occupations -- teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, that sorta thing (a little fuzzy on the details, apologies), the loan's supposed to be paid IN FULL! if/when the Grad paid on it for ten years. But they're Fucking Stiffing the Grads.

What do we gain from these things? A few people at the top have fallow homes scattered about the Planet and Mega Yachts, and a few million multi-millionaires?

Why the two-tiered Society?

The peasants -- and there's A FUCKOVALOTOF'EM -- will have their Limit, you know. (btw -- I wouldn't suggest pitchfork stocks, and this time).


And Yeah, I'd live an an AOCtopia in a heartbeat too.
Prenatal care, natal care, early/late childhood care
so Parents could Go To Work and be Productive and Happy
and have happy HEALTHY kids because everyone has HEALTHCARE.
(And the Billionaires are still filthy Rich.)

There's more -- lots more!
See: Senator Sanders' Platform.
We may not get it all
We may not get it Day One
But we'll know how to get there.

Oh. The humanity.




Will dear, just like your Highly Theoretical Solar Array, I am suspicious of your claims about British Columbia vis-a-vis natural gas. Might we have some proof of that? If you are correct, I will gladly stand both chastened and rebuked.