Korochka in Lake City Has Closed



It's a goddamned shame to lose them. Nothing else on Lake City compares.


Can't pour a drink at 2AM but you can pull it. But that sucks. Too far away for me, multiple bus transfers it would take.


Correction: Korochka, not Korachka.

Anyway, looks like I'm not going to be heading over to Lake City much anymore. The shame is that I can almost guarantee you that, whatever the landlord decides to put in in Korochka's place, it will be less popular than Korochka was.


I’ve never heard of this place until now. I asked a friend of mine in LC & she told me she’d never been their either despite living a few blocks away & walking past it a few times. Have they ever run an ad anywhere anyone might have seen it?


What your LL did was illegal. Talk to an atty ASAP.


Hard to imagine what that landlord thinks will be better for him in that space. One of the stupider moves recently in Lake City.