Kanye West's IMAX Movie Jesus Is King Is Manipulative, Pretentious, and Incredible



Seems pretty deniable tbh


I can't make up my mind: Is Kanye West the Phil Collins, the John Cougar Mellencamp, or the Pat Boone of contemporary garbage music?


Delusions of grandeur and progressively more religious oriented delusions are classically bipolar. The only attention this guy deserves is that of medical professionals.


Who cares? He is an unashamed evangelical Trumpanzee. Fuck him!


The opening of this article is inaccurate and should see a fact-checker. Yeah he's been more vocal about it lately, but Kanye has always been a Christian. There was no "conversion". Try revisiting his 2009 hit, Jesus Walks. His faith has always been one of the main themes of his lyrics.