The Reactions to the Katie Hill Story Come Down to Politics



Wow, this ain't it chief. She should have released a statement saying she would step the same day Duncan Hunter does.


Any elected public servant or politician who can't control their libido and refrain from a workplace affair while in office shows poor judgement and deficient impulse control to a disqualifying degree. Zero sympathy.


The leaker of the pics could easily be any current partnyr or ex of the husband or lover(s). Jealousy and greed are equal opportunity sins. Piling on the husband at this point seems premature unless there’s more info



I hope you hold Trump to that same standard...or would it take an ex releasing the piss tape for you to change your mind?


I'm no lawyer, but leaking these pictures to the press doesn't seem to meet the definition of revenge porn. And given that it uncovered ethical violations in congress, isn't likely to be prosecutable.

The woman was terrified of Hill IN HER OWN WORDS. Hill apologists are undermining their own credibility.


The current occupant is utterly beyond the pale. His judgement and impulse control are not even worthy of discussion. His character should have disqualified him long before he even ran for office. Unfit to serve as a human latrine.


@2 -- Geat comment. "She [Katie Hill] should have released a statement saying she would step [down] the same day Duncan Hunter does."
And we shouldda traded one Franken for a trump.

But, on Reality TeeVee, trumpfy's A STAR!!!

Franken'll be back in time for 2024 I hope.
We lost a pretty good (too handsy for the times bro) Pol.


Huh. This is almost the perfect Katie Herzog piece. It attacks a liberal woman and dismisses the notion that women aren’t treated equally. It suggests the left wing is just like the right wing. It gets key information wrong. If only she could have suggested the sexual misconduct hadn’t happened or was a feminist exaggeration, it would be perfect.

Rep. Hill’s staffer worked for her campaign, not her congressional staff. That’s gross, but it’s not against House rules. At the start of #metoo nine politicians resigned, not nine federal lawmakers. The only one whose conduct seemed vaguely consensual was the anti-choice lawmaker who paid for an abortion. When you look at the record, Democrats take misconduct seriously and force people out fast. Republicans don’t. When resignations come, the conduct is geneerally over the top, illegal, bizarre, or all three.

I hope Katie quickly gets her high-paying job writing right-wing talking pieces dressed up as feminism. Too bad there is so much competition, mostly from people slicker than Katie.


Either coercive sex using power imbalances is wrong, or it isn't. You don't get to pick and choose based on gender and political wishes.

Hell, the fact that Hill basically came out and said "this is the fault of people who caught me doing improper things, but not my fault for doing them" should prove that she is unfit for any kind of responsibility, let alone congress.

And yes, to proactively soothe the stupidest among you, Trump is not fit for office either.


@10 You seem to have bought into the ex-husband's narrative wholesale. Not even Katie Herzog did that.


"I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but guyzzzzzzz"


Lol apparently the hot sexy bi girl that Katie Hill was sharing with her husband had the same tattoo that a restaurant-goer wore on his t-shirt that got a portland restaurant canceled as racist.


That quote from Moira Donegan is pure gold: "See, we have to hold powerful women to a much lower standard of conduct than powerful men, because equality."


I see no one else is willing to point this out so I'll be the bad guy: that bong was filthy! Doesn't anyone clean their glassware anymore...are we barbarians?