I'm not thrilled about a lot of the challengers, but the idea that we'll magically solve homelessness by doing the same things we've been doing with the same representatives can't inspire much confidence.

What are their actual plans? How come that hasn't come out of this election cycle? I don't even see much past platitudes are in their platforms. I think we get another 2-4 years of nothing.


Goldy’s back?


Why do we want Big Business at the table if we win? They never invite us to their table!


How is Amazon supposed to help the junkies get a sweet studio apartment in Ballard and what is the price point for a junkie to get housing?


Goldy's a shill for Nick Hanauer, made fabulously wealthy in large part due to hi early investment in...what was that company's name?..yeah, Amazon!

Nick's been on a "I'm filthy rich, but I'm woke" campaign for sometime now. And his "Pitchfork Economics" spiel is a warning to the Billionaires that the peasants are coming for them, so hand it over before the blood flows.

Luckily, Nick's own treasure is secure. As he so unironically notes on his Twitter profile: "Not a Billionaire!". (The poor thing.) He wouldn't pay any of the taxes he'd like to see Seattle home and business owners, renters, or consumers pay. He doesn't live in Seattle.


“ They never invite us to their table!”

Get a decent job then.


svejk @6, quit being a jackass and lazily impugning people's motives. There are worse things in the world than the fact that Civic Ventures exists as an advocacy organization, unless you want all political activism to only be practiced under a vow of poverty.

If you don't like the policies Goldy is advocating for, tell us what policies and why. Some people might actually agree with you, even though we'll still think you're a douchebag.


@1: “...the idea that we'll magically solve homelessness by doing the same things we've been doing with the same representatives can't inspire much confidence.”

Bingo. Goldy conveniently omits the flat-out demonization of Amazon by our City Council during the EHT debacle. He also fails to note our Council refused to consider any voices who dared disagree with it. This led directly to their tardy discovery that tens of thousands of Seattle’s citizens had the unmitigated and unforgivable gall to sign Referendum petitions, and thence to panicky repeal of the EHT. Still, even after all that, our Council ignores any contrary input, e.g. The Showbox debacle. Blaming anyone but our current Council for this impasse is victim-blaming at the finest.

Likewise, Goldy’s recounting of the $15/hour minimum wage ignores CM Sawant’s collusion with big business to dilute “$15 Now for Everyone!” to “Not $15, Not Now, And Here’s A Tip Credit.” (We citizens had filed a $15 Now Initiative, but she wanted credit for the legislation.)



Love to see how many people think they are closer to needing corporate welfare than public assistance.



@6 Yeah, attacking me in the comment threads has always proven an effective tactic, so keep it up!


Agreed, @13, very insightful post of the day!


@13: We’re just considering the source.

Please do let us know how your spiffy new slogan, “To ensure change, vote status quo!” works out for you. Current polling data — not to mention primary election results — do not exactly look promising.

(Any word on if any of CM Sawant’s “volunteers” have ever paid a month’s rent in District 3? Or even in Seattle? Washington State?)


@17 -- Excellent idea.

Removing the Money Changers
oughtta free up acres and acres
of housing. Just think -- if we had
Zero Billionaires and NO Homeless
how awesome that'd be.

Especially with all the Climate Refugees
soon to be looking for a Livable Climate
somewhere anywhere where they just
might Survive.


@18 Be sure to let us know what the price point is for apartment rent for an unemployed junkie with a $2000 a month habit, currently living in a tent under I5 surrounded by needles, human shit, and stolen goods.

I only ask, because it seems none of the “houseless neighbors” crowd has an answer.


Fuck it, every last Amazon employee can kick rocks. Amazon doesn't have some type of stranglehold on ingenuity. Seattle was fine before Amazon and it'll be just fine if they leave. Now please tell me how shitty it was in Seattle when the entire country was in a recession like I didn't live through it.


@21: Microsoft at least had the courtesy to build its campus(es?) in the suburbs which didn't impact the city core as much as Amazon did with soaring housing and rent costs.


'Remember, it was in the heat of the “head tax” debate that a who’s who of local business leaders published an open letter begging City Council members to set aside the tax, and instead, “engage us in more dialogue.” The co-signers even offered to “help convene our city’s business leaders, labor leaders, and Council members, to collectively design a plan that works for all groups.” You know, just like they had done on $15.

'But we’re now a year and a half since the tax was repealed… and crickets.'

Amazon continues to support Mary's Place, and our City Council has indeed done NOTHING on any of the issues the EHT was supposed to address. So why does our Council get no blame here, Goldy?


Goldy sucks!!


Remember the Good Old Days?

Back when Big Biz hired strike breakers to bust the
heads or whatever got in the way of their Bully Clubs?

"If We Want Big Business to Come to the Table,
We First Need to Beat Them at the Polls"

So, beating them in their Sky Scrapers
may not be the right ploy, at this time?


@27: In Goldy’s worldview — which, to be fair, he shares with every current member of our Seattle City Council — legislatos do not reach out to constituencies, do not foster dialog between differing constituencies, and do not suggest solutions based on any such dialogs. Legislators most certainly do not negotiate, and they NEVER, EVER compromise.

If those actions do not take place, it’s the fault of we citizens who work full-time, for not going out of our way to engage Council Members.


I like how Goldy has reemerged from obscurity all of a sudden now that the socialist status quo in seattle is being threatened by people who dont want to step into piles of human shit on the sidewalk. The stranger's desperate shilling for sawant has gone into full overdrive, meaning she's hopefully about to get her ass handed to her.


Good God... I thought Goldy had died.
How disappointing.


@29 I wonder how much it would cost Seattle to properly audit Amazon's books.

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