Eden for Humans Is in Southern Africa. We Are All Bushmen.



Life expectancy for bushmen is 45 years.

I'll take the Coke and an xBox please.


And the cancer, and the neurodegenerative diseases, and the dementia, and, and...


Gotta wonder what their homeless rate was...


We've come a long ways.
It's just too bad there aren't enough homes for everyone.


@2 Grandma and Grandpa both lived into their mid-90s, eating well, driving, traveling, and playing Pinochle every Thursday with their neighbors of 60 years.

It’s all in the genes.

“And the cancer, and the neurodegenerative diseases, and the dementia, and, and”

Yep, those generally aren’t a problem when you die at 45.


Imagine an EMP or a rolling blackout infrastructure cyberattack takes out your electricity, sanitation, and running water. How long would YOU last without your creature comforts and amazon prime and dead smartphones and GPS?


@6 I’ll have to stream that movie tonight on my iPad while I take a dump on the wife’s heated Toto toilet seat.


@ 7

Enjoy your heated dumps while you can. You're the star of the show.


@6 Sanitation and running water would pose a real problem, but I think anyone born before 1985 would be absolutely fine without a smart phone. Assuming I didn't die of cholera, I'd enjoy the break.



Near the pink elephant car wash, I spied a lad nose-deep in a book across the crosswalk.

I raised my fist as we passed, shouting, "Down with screens!"

I caught the sharpest edge of a grin at the edge of his face and he perused with renewed dogged fervor.


ixnay on the edge-stay


Privileged white people have a rich history of going to underdeveloped areas, spreading their magic sky daddy fairy tales around and forcing the people to either conform to those beliefs or be butchered, and then subsequently enslaving the indigenous people and treating them as sub-human.

When they're not still doing it today in the shadows, they're fantasizing about it.


Happy Halloween Charles,
I've seen "The Gods Must Crazy" twice. First when it was released in the theater and recently on DVD. To be sure, it's not a great film but I enjoyed it. A guilty pleasure and fond memory.

BTW, I'm perfectly fine with all of human ancestry emanating from the Southern vs. the Eastern part (Olduvai Gorge) of the African continent. As far as the San people being the tribe primarily responsible for that, it's of no consequence to me too. I just wouldn't call Southern Africa Eden. First doesn't mean best. And, I am not a believer in human hierarchies. I just am glad we're around, warts and all.



Um, the Spanish are white Europeans, not Latinos. The Latinos, that is, the brown-skinned indigenous people who were assimilated, exterminated, and/or put into a caste system based on european race and skin color, primarily under the guard of white europeans. Your whataboutism is basically saying that the white europeans who forced the natives to speak Spanish instead of English were somehow the same as the indigenous Latino people who invited them to reinforce their own oppression. Your thinking is twisted and inconsistent. This is all colonized land.





The Reconquista and Christian conquest of the Iberian peninsula occurred in 1492, along with the conquistador expeditions of primarily white Castilian Spanish knights. While there may have been some conquistador conscripts of Moorish or North African origin, none stand among Cortez, Pizzaro, Cabeza de Vaca, etc. My own Spanish landowning great grandfather who raped my indigenous Maya great grandmother worker on his plantation, who bore my illegitimate grandfather who lived as a Maya man, had deep green eyes, fair hair, and skin that shone pinkish red in the hot Yucatan sun.


I'll not profane his good name and honored deeds in juxtaposition with the uncouth newspaper clippings of your glory days.


Good evening, sir.


Shorter @13,

"Yeah but everyone else was doing it, so I figured it was ok."


The problem with your interpretation of this news, Charles, is that Europeans and Asians are not pure Homo Sapiens, they're hybrids with Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo Denisova, both of which expanded their range beyond the African continent hundreds of thousands of years before Homo Sapiens evolved at all, let alone expanded outside of its initial geographic region.

The inversion of colonial perspective remains, at least-- the San are the people of Pure Blood, while Europeans and Asians are the mongrel product of sex not just with other races, but with other species.

@404 I liked Feebs a little better before his scrip expired.





@23 If you weren't here, Feebs, you wouldn't be checking the comment thread.

It's a weakness of yours, friend. You don't know when to keep your mouth shut.