Bombs: "Apparently no one at the NRCC took a second to think whether sending congressional offices suspicious looking packages was a sound idea, which sounds about right."

Perhaps the good folks down at the Nationalists, Reactionaries and Career Criminals Club is merely Softening up Security, for when derr Leader releses the Kraken (that's the signal)(that's just what I heard) and all Hell breaks loose. Look for it live, on FOXTV. Remember -- if it ain't on FOX, it cannot not be Real.


Hmm, looks more like a spork.


"WeWork' former CEO "Adam Neumann made comments such as 'I hope you’re going to have fun on your vacation [maternal leave] while we’re here working.'"

'Cause havin' a baby's nothing, if it isn't all fun and games.
But let's add a little Guilt to the equation, shall we?
Just to make it even more interesting.

"Medina Bardhialso said that an HR official referred to
her planned maternity leave as a 'problem' in need of a 'solution'... "

As in, a Final solution?
Onsite, late-term-abortion-type solution?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but it seems
to me all this Fascism's gone a little Too Far.

Remind me to never apply @WEwork.
Especially if i become pregnant.


Was WEwork woke enough to include Daycare in its
failed Business Plan? Perhaps that oft-dreaded
Maternal Leave might have ended sooner...


Jay Inslee looking so f'n sexy as that firefighter and Batman!!


@5: You can tell how indefensible Hill's actions with her staffer were since no left-friendly news outlets even bring them up, despite those actions actually being why she stepped down. It is all just about how her evil ex forced her to abuse her power for sexual gratification, because women have no agency or any responsibility for their actions, apparently.

Hill certainly isn't taking any it appears, since she is blaming the fact that she got found out rather than blaming herself for taking the actions she did. The whole "power imbalance" part of sexual impropriety in the workplace seemingly does not exist when it is a democrat or woman.


According to the LA Times, Rep. Katie Hill posed in pictures nude with a campaign staffer, had a three way with her with her ex, and other sorted details. Then she blames Red State and other right wing outlets for taking her down and her ex for revenge porn. Then she has the gall to deflect the blame on misogyny and the culture objectifying her sexuality.

How could anyone who refuses to take an inventory of their moral character and address their failings be an effective representative of their constituency in Congress? They can't. They never do.


Amazing how the Stranger hasn’t reported a word on the worst anti-gay murders in the past 40 years in Seattle. The killings of two young gay men in 2014, men who were leaving R Place on Capitol Hill, gunned down by Ali Muhammad Brown because, by the killers own admission, they were gay. Finally going to trial this week in King County.

When two lesbians were murdered in South Park (and not because they were gay) The Stranger gave their cases multiple reports by Ei Sanders (yeah Pulitzer!). But a religious fanatic deliberately targets gay men in Capitol Hill and not a word?


9: Maybe they want spare us the red meat that attracts right-wing shit posters like you.

Please. Like you give a flying fuck about the gay victims.


@8 You're making a case there, but it's not the one you think you're making.


@9 "Crime committed" is news. "Defendant convicted" is news. "Trial begins" is not news. "Trial will begin next week" isn't even news of upcoming news.


@5, @7 You really think that Hill deserved what she got? I'm not going to defend her actions either but it deeply disturbs me that her abusive ex-husband is allowed to harass her for the political benefit of conservative media outlets. For some reason we can lock kids up for texting nudes but revenge porn is perfectly fine.


@14: She resigned, so I guess she feels she deserves what she got. That was her choice, despite her insistence that she is not capable of making choices and everyone else is responsible for all of her actions.

But that is an entirely separate issue from anything the ex allegedly did. Both of these shitty garbage people can be shitty garbage people independently, doing shitty garbage things.

I know believing this makes the complexities of the world easier to grasp, but not every situation has a shining knight and an evil dragon.


@16 Yes both people can be shitty but I feel like saying the woman should just keep her clit in check when she's trying to reconcile for her actions makes the story sound a bit one-sided.


Women in power have libidi. Who knew?


@8 - *sordid details.
"right wing outlets [...] and her ex [using] revenge porn."
So you're in -favor- of the not-quite-Right Wing and male ex-partners using revenge porn? What sort of monster ARE you?!?

@11 - Right? good lord.

"Trump & Nigel Faringe" -- the irony of Trump campaigning against candidates in other countries:: he's sure to give them a serious boost. Trumpo is quite obviously insane to people who aren't afflicted by the American 'wing-nut' virus.. eg. the rest of the world. So he's really doing Corbyn a huge favor.

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